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Invoke Webservices Using SAP Data Services 4.2

Sometimes it is required to load data to a system working based on webservices.

For example for a requirement, where the downstream system is Oracle File Based Loader which demands a file from the storage Server as an
input, Web Services will be the preference for most of the users as it can handle multiple files from a single zip /archive file and load to many tables.

We would like to help you understand the simple steps to invoke web services through Data Services.

Steps involved.

  1. Create a Data Store for web services.

            Provide the link of the web services and its credentials as in below sample.


2.     Import the function to WS data store

A web service will usually comprise of many functions. The function which is needed for a particular requirement has to be imported to the
data store created for web services under its functions segment


3.     Create the Job

Create a job which will take care of the following things


The input details required for the web services can be declared as global parameters and prepare the customized columns as per the requirement. The below columns are the required columns for the sample given.


Create a nested /unnested column structure which is equivalent to the web services input data structure.


In order, to get the column structure of the web services, do the below steps.

Right click on the output schema -> New Function Call -> Select the Web services Data Store -> Select the web services function from the list which you need to invoke.



Drag and drop or key in the Input Schema name to the text box in the Input parameter Definition pop up

The success or failure of the function call can be verified using the return codes of the web services function. According to the error handling design you can divert the results to error tables.


Default return code for a successful web service call is 0.

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