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“Alert Moderator” better than “Report Abused” โ€“ Have You Used?

Every day we are getting new announcement for changes in SCN, most recent one would be Starting now: No more points for likes on comments/replies. Happy to see all the SCN Evolution.

Couple of days before I read the blogWhat kind of blog posts do we want on SCN? . After that thought of sharing about what kind of discussion we would like to see in SCN. But unfortunately today morning I reviewed the discussion Re: complaint against abap development mod and changed the view that fixing the root would be the best solution. Means train everyone not only about the rules, but also make them aware about the various kinds of violations.

Most of them noticed that one of the significant improvement in SCN which is “Alert Moderator” earlier referred as Report abused. I am hoping that promoting this feature would ultimately help not only my vision SCN Discussions but also entire SCN quality. Hence Through this blog I would like to share my view on new on Alert Moderators and how it makes difference in SCN quality.

Change Your Complaints As Suggestions

Still I have couple of contacts who were more active on Old SCN and never login new SCN. They are just more reluctant to accept the change. Even some of them not happy with the new features added in SCN. For all of them, I could say one thing that, we must need to embrace the change before complaining. I used to get bore for looking and working on same thing, whenever I saw something gets changed or newly added, I would be happy and I can also start from scratch as new beginning, this actually gives more energy and enthusiasm to you and at the end increases your contribution too. We are professionals and we need to train our self towards more positive approach.

After get into trial, If you need any improvement and not happy with already existing feature start posting your suggestion in Idea space. For instance take the same discussion Re: complaint against abap development mod , Nothing was wrong in this discussion, It is our right to get it clarified, when something went wrong. But the way used to express the feelings in the discussion went wrong. Not exactly sounds good. If The same would posted in Idea space would have more value. Is it ?

Even the tag “Alert Moderators” also one of idea suggested from idea space for SCN improvement.  Idea voted by more number of people, benefits get validated and finally implemented. Now it is available for all. This is how SCN works.

Alert Moderator – New categories

You can see the newly added categories inside the Alert moderator,  It is very simple English you can easily interpret and understand what each of the category means. It is very direct. I request all X million users in SCN to review this feature.


Why Alert Moderator

SCN is the open technical forum, anyone interested can create user and start to use SCN. How high our technology can grow, the same level misusing the technology also growing.  Last 6 month I have been extending my support in SCN as moderator. Moderation is not new for me. I am moderator for couple of LinkedIn groups, but the challenge in SCN is different. SCN has more guidelines and very professional technical forum. Since the day of beginning I had seen lots of violations cases. Some of them we can’t even imagine, how low level they done things. As a moderator we need to be more active and keep on assure the quality. Most of the time moderators could see such breach and actions have been taken immediately. But this is not going to help all the way. Because moderators can’t review each and every letter/word posted in SCN. It is you all the SCN users’ duty to report to moderators whenever you notice breach of SCN rules. This way we can make everyone including the reporter also to realize that what are violations in SCN. Hope Everyone loves these kind of the considerate member.

Alert Moderator feature is direct gateway for everyone to contact the moderators. You can use this feature anytime on SCN rules violation. This is implicit way of moderation by you all; After all it is all our responsibility to keep our SCN under perfect quality.

And other way when we are reporting, we are getting familiar with of all such violations; we were become more attentive of not making mistakes. Soon or later everyone become more perfect and more professional in SCN.

Failed To search

Out of all categories in Alert moderator, I like the one “Failed to Search”.  This is applicable for the people who take the things as granted.

SCN is very fortunate that has very talented and dedicated active contributors in all the forums. They are very sincere to answer the interesting questions passionately. But taking this as advantage some of them ask very basic queries or the generic queries might be answered more than n times in SCN itself. For instance, check the below


Simple search can give you the needed guide. Is it? This discussion is rejected under the category of failed to search. You may say that I am new hence I

We active contributors are happy to help in all the way, but why don’t we expect some basic effort from reporter side too. I request all the active contributors; please don’t entertain with these kinds of discussions.

Even I would like to post an idea of creating mission in SCN to promote the habit of search before post in SCN.

Just Use it

Like the above I mentioned, you can get clarified yourself with all the other categories, use it whenever needed and help the SCN moderation team. If you have seen any other scenarios, would like to add it also under the category of alert moderator, share it down below as comments, we will collect these suggestions and try to place on Idea space for further optimization of Alert moderator.

After all By educating our self of what not do ultimately helps to do only right things, this is the another motive for myself to write this blog and bring this new feature into everyone’s attention.

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      • Sure... I am asking for the option, because I can see there are many new people replied an very old discussion .. So I hope it would be better if there will be a option for this..

        So we can select this instead of general..

        • But I could say that, if the questions answered by multiple times by the experts in SCN and it became known generic issue and fixed n number of time. We could add this also under the "Failed to Search" category.

          because some troubleshooting issues even its replied earlier, wont suite for current system parameters of my landscape or the other SAP customer systems. Hence my opinion the option "Replied an old thread" won't match for all the scenarios.



          • My opinion is

            "Failed to Search" is used when an user posted a question without searching..

            Like as basic question..

            I am talking about that:

            An user find a thread which is already answered, but still he gives a reply and the thread is more than 1 year old. For any purpose user replies and very old discussion..

            Like as "Thanks for the Answer", "You make my day".

            This replies doesn't give any value..

            And also this replies doesn't comes under failed to search.

            That's because I have said the option..

            What is your opinion for that ?

          • thread is more than 1 year old.

            maybe an Ideas place suggestion for SAP doing an "auto-lock" on threads that are a certain age. Stops any new posts on them? The thread could then have a meaningful comment at the top directing user that thread may be old, etc.

          • Hmm... That would be better..

            but some time one new user gives a valuable reply..

            Which is very important for the thread..

            Generally moderator keep the reply the certain thread...

          • Hi all, I think lock them directly is wrong.

            Why not give a clue to the one in front, that the discussion is older than one year and if he is sure about to do that. Not while saveing, just right at the moment, when he/she hits the Reply-button.

            Could be something like that



            PS: forget the frames, I'm not a good paint-user at all ๐Ÿ˜›

          • People are really good at ignoring things, so I wouldn't be so sure about 90 %. But I like the idea. Put it on Idea Place, Florian. ๐Ÿ™‚

            @Colleen: Restriction of open threads and a nice reminding popup, that you have open threads pending are already created on Idea Place, too. Vote them up, if you'd like to help getting them inplemented. ^^

          • your quite optimistic. Something similar exists in SCN Support space, and still people posting numerous questions there during the day which do not belong to that space


          • Hi Dev and Colleen,

            Yes, we can think of what can be the best ways of controlling the reply in old discussions. If lock or the pop up doesnt help, we can atleast add one more category as Dev suggested "Old discussion ----------"

            You can count this in your idea  +1



    • I agree. I think there should be one more category "Duplicate Answer" or "No Value Add", to prevent duplicate answers to the same question. One person say, xxx,  gives a suggestion or a solution and the rest of all the replies are like 'I agree with XXX' or 'what XXX says is correct' etc. These comments add no value to the discussion, no new ideas or improvements. Just for the sake of participation ๐Ÿ™

      Fortunately, points have been dismissed for likes, so we can expect a little dip in the number of useless comments.


      • I have to say, I find those posts still helpful, because they give the sign, that that answer is pretty much seen as correct by a lot of people.

        What I hate more is reading the same answer again and again. If someone just points out, he/she would recommend the same as another user in the thread, it helps me making choices.

  • view that fixing the root would be the best solution.

    Part of this would be education or limits on number of open threads you can have at a time

    Maybe a big annoying banner going across the middle of their screen to irritate motivate them into closer their questions when resolved.

    • in the meanwhile when I answer to a thread I check the user's threads and when I see a lot of "not answered" or "assumed answered" threads I transform myself in a "irritating motivating" banner asking please to give feedback to the forum's users assigning "correct answer" ๐Ÿ˜† ... and (only) sometimes it works.

  • Well Steffi,

    I will post it in the idea-place this week.

    I also can imagine this feature with a fast search, in the moment a question is typed and it gives a clue to similar questions.

    If we can reach with a function like that perhaps 10 or 15 percent, we all will have 10 or up to 15 percent less double postings. That seem to be enough to give it a try, i think ๐Ÿ˜‰



    • Hi Florian Henninger,

      Thanks that you are going to place IDEA Space. This is what actually we want. The list of all violations, very simple and direct.

      collect all the suggestions for additional category like to add in "Alert moderator" and you can post in your idea. If one, 2 or all of our suggestions implemented we could sure expect 90%  of basic violations get reduced.

      Best regards


  • Jansi, thanks for posting this and reminding everyone about this feature (and new options there).

    I'm trying to follow "when in doubt - report to moderator" approach and also report the replies that clearly add no value (I check the reply times though to make sure two people didn't just send the response within the same minute, which seems fair game).

    I hope it's helpful to the moderators when we can support our report by additional information. If you feel the same, please vote up the idea to resolve the issue with report text limited to 255 characters.

  • Fantastic work Rani !! This is awesome blog & must give an insight of the 'Alert Moderator' to all users out there who have never used this or confused about it.

    moderators can’t review each and every letter/word posted in SCN. It is you all the SCN users’ duty to report to moderators whenever you notice breach of SCN rules.

    This is very well said and it is actually everyone's duty to keep this place smooth. I'm sure lot of active users do not hit 'Alert moderator' when they see something very very generic or something worthy to be reported.

    This blog would surely make all those users aware about this functionality who likes to report but haven't done yet due to any reason!!

    Besides, I don't know which category to choose when a similar query in posted more than once by same user in same forum ๐Ÿ˜•

    I use General in such cases & I think 'Duplicate' may be added.


    • Besides, I don't know which category to choose when a similar query in posted more than once by same user in same forum ๐Ÿ˜•

      I use General in such cases & I think 'Duplicate' may be added.

      That's "Cross Posting". ๐Ÿ˜‰ You'll find the category in the list, too.

      And there is nothing silly about that question. That's an emoticon, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ A leftover from my AIM time and it's meant kind of cheeky. *g* Like winking your eyebrows.

      • Really !! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

        I thought that should be used when a content is posted across two different forums.

        Anyway, Thank you for sharing this. One of my issue is solved without creating a thread ๐Ÿ˜†


  • Suggestion:

    To alert people to search before post, can SCN developer create a kind of notification (similar to tool tip OR auto drop down while posting a question/creating a subject to discussion )?

    Another way would be, keep autosuggestion while creating a subject. It should alert user that there are already similar threads available.



  • Hi Jansi,

    When we see a thread saying that a solution for a problem is to update using a SQL statement in a certain table, completely forbidden by SAP B1, should we "Alert the moderator"? With which reason?



    • If you don't know the reason then do not press alert.

      There is a "General" reason and you can/should add text to explain why you think that it is worth an alert.

      Why not adding an own reply to the discussion directly to explain that the previous answer is not correct instead of alerting a moderator?