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SAP Infinite Insight – introduction and overview, future plans and useful links.


Following on from Clarissa Dold‘s announcement about the KXEN acquisition end-2013, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce to you the latest addition to SAP’s predictive analytics portfolio: SAP Infinite Insight .

The majority of this information is already available through Clarissa’s blog and external PA Roadmap presentation. I started chatting about this topic on this discussion here: Starting with KXEN – [Updated with more info] but it wasn’t enough.

So the purpose of this blog is to offer an overview of the ‘solution brief’ including product positioning; a description of current software modules & deployment options; followed by some mention of future integration plans and tentative possibilities. Finally, a consolidation of useful resources (links etc) for your own on-boarding.

I’ve shown this type content during regional enablement workshops, so I’m hoping it’ll be of use to you too!



  • Let’s start with a positioning slide which describes some of the key benefits and features of this product. The key message here is that you don’t need to be a data scientist to use the tool effectively!

1 intro.png

  • Taking this differentiation further, we can call-out the specific areas where Infinite Insight has clearly gained a competitive advantage over classic data-mining vendors:

2 intro why.png

  • Infinite Insight is revolutionizing the way companies use predictive analytics to make better decisions on petabytes of big data. Their unprecedented solution approach allows line of business users to solve common predictive problems without the need for highly skilled data scientists.

3 model lifecycle.png

  • Infinite Insight is a suite of tools providing predictive analytic applications for the automated creation of accurate and robust predictive models.  These solutions replace the classic model creation process, which is manual, repetitive and prone to human error.

3 overview modules.png

  • Explorer is an extremely powerful data-manipulation tool, which allows the designer to create derived columns and row-values, effectively “exploding out” existing data into new compound variables and ratios. Lots of semantic definitions and transformations can be authored here into the dataset.

5 a explorer.png

  • The Modeler is the main workspace/module for mining activities: Classification, regression, segmentation and clustering. It generates statistical models, and represents them using indicators and chart types.

5 b modeller.png

  • Factory is a secured java web-deployed interface, which includes Roles & Rights administration on  the server platform. From there, Projects are accessed by users, are assigned Models, and KPI evaluation/Model retraining can be scheduled as Tasks.

5 c factory.png

  • Scorer is a feature that exports regression & segmentation models in different programming languages. The generated code (or SQL) allows models be applied outside of InfiniteInsight. It reproduces the operations made during data encoding and either Classification/Regression or Clustering efforts.

5 c scorer.png

  • Social improves decision capacities by extracting the implicit structural relational information of the dataset. You can then navigate a social network, the structure of which is represented in the form of a graph, made of nodes and links. For example, it can help identify individuals of influence within a community.

5 c social.png

5 component model.png

  • In terms of licensing and selling ‘software bundles’, smaller departments would likely consider the desktop “thick-client” workstation Modeller installations, whereas larger enterprises would implement the full “suite” of client-server components:

5 software bunble options.png

  • You need to be prudent when obtaining your package from the SMP download marketplace  as there are a number of items available to cover the various license and audience options:

6 installation types.png

  • Infinite Insight’s data mining methods are unique in the market, here are a few of the value propositions & differentiators which set it aside from the competition:

8 the benefits of SRM.png

  • There is a wealth of existing guides and training available, to help you further your knowledge of the product. The documentation are very detailed, as is the online course, and locally installed media (post-installation):

9 product docu.png

  • The documentation at perfectly complements the RKT learning maps, you’ll be an expert in no time:

11 doc page.png

  • Just to reiterate again, the legacy named “KXEN” has been totally retired from the product portfolio, we are now dealing exclusively with SAP Infinite Insight (II):

22 product rename.png

  • This is the snapshot of the combined “PA” and “II” roadmap plans (subject to change). Whilst Infinite Insight’s capabilities will strengthen for the next +1 release, incremental features will also be ported to the Predictive Analysis (and hence Lumira) client, and Server capabilities will be delegated down to the HANA in-memory processing platform:

555 future integration roadmap.png

  • Focusing specifically on Infinite Insight’s next-steps, we will be seeing initially tighter, followed by complete/native integration of ex-KXEN assets into the SAP Predictive Analytics portfolio, in keeping with our commitment to strategic initiatives such as In-Memory, Big Data, Cloud, Mobile and agile Visualization:

666  II_roadmap.png

  • Here’s a non-binding illustration of our go-to-market intentions for 2014. These estimated timelines are subject to change and purely communicated in the spirit of openness:

555 future integration roadmap FULL overview.png

  • One thing is for sure, PA will be the interface going forward (so that Infinite Insight can benefit from its flashy CVOM visualization gallery and HTML5 agility). Our first expectation is that the ex-KXEN proprietary algorithm will start to appear in the Predictive Analysis Designer:

33 kxen into PA.png

  • We’re going to harness the processing power of HANA’s in-memory platform to maximize the reach of KXEN’s unique approach to data mining. Infinite Insight algorithms are going to be rewritten into HANA as ‘function libraries’ that can be called by the Application Foundation Modeler or other SAP apps:

99 lab preview KFL into hana.png

  • As mentioned already, we have a vision of a unified client. A single desktop experience that will cover the full spectrum of use-cases, from the casual end-user Lumira ‘visualize’ workflows, through to business-users wanting to ‘predict’, through to analysts/scientists wanting to ‘analyze’ deeper.
  • Here’s a mock-up of what that could look like, as the user is guided into the application:

99 lab preview unified client.png

  • Other innovations we might see could include an intuitive “drag to forecast” – how pleasant an experience that would be on a tablet device!

99 visual drag to forecast.png

  • One thing is for sure, Infinite insight’s advanced statistical charts will massively benefit from the refresh they are about to receive from its inclusion into the Lumira suite (CVOM charting and HTML5). We can envisage drill-able charts to find influencers, similar to the BO Set Analysis of old:

999 drillage influencers chart.png

  • This all ties-in very significantly into the wider plans for SAP Lumira integration, and our roll-out plans for the SERVER version. About which, more info can be found at the GA Announcement page:

99999 Lum_srv_plans.png

** addendum **  (June 2014)

Our good friend and colleagues have been busy!


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  • Thanks Henry,

    very good introduction into InIn

    let's hope the vision of the unified client comes true otherwise our customers get overwhelmed by the abundance of analytic tools we offer.



  • Hey Francois, this is a customer-facing forum, so i won't share it here. But yes, it can be found in our internal JAM sites.

  • SAP infinite Insight 6.5 ( total 1.79 G ) is new install.

    IIWS6505_1-20011814.EXE  is update for workstation ( 6.5.5) .

    BTW: would you mind explain the difference between workstation / server version ?

    I got two install package. one is 1.79G ; the other is only 1 exe file , 2xx M bytes.  any difference between them ? Thank you !

    • Hi,

      the difference:

      • Server is 2-tier :  java corba/web client + II processing server.
      • Workstation is 1-tier : a standalone (C++) 'thick client',  no Server component required.

      the 'bigger' package will contain everything. it's up to you to pick the right installed when doing a custom install.

      My take is this: (the 'download object references' are searchable in SWDC)

      • Sp5 update to server (to apply ontop of SP4):  II6505_1-20011791.EXE  (includes javaweb client for 3 tier)
      • sp5 full build corba client IICLIENT6505_1-20011810.EXE (light corba client for 3 tier)
      • Sp5 full build for workstation:  IIWS6505_1-20011814.EXE  (standalone workstation - no server required)



  • Hi Henry,

    Excellent post.

    Have some queries.

    What is the difference between OEM(750MB) version and normal version(2.5 GB)

    New version had come SAP Infiniteinsight 7.0.

    Which one should I download if I wanted to try out something in my laptop?


    • Hi,

      The full set of  Infinite Insight 7.0 files, including client-server deployment is the  download object '51048879 ' . (searchable term)

      my preference, for demo purposes, is the standalone 'thick client' called "workstation" . Download object  'IIWS7000_0-80000274.EXE' 

      the OEM component is, as the name suggests, the development framework for OEM

      partners to embedded Infinite Insight content into their business applications for resale.


      • Hi Henry

        I've installed the worksation package (51048879 -SAP INF. WORKSTATION 7.0) and also the Hana driver. When selecting the Hana DB as source I can see the datasets but when trying to open an Analytical Dataset nothing happens and also no error message is beeing displayed.

        What could be the cause?

        Thank you


        • Hi,

          sorry I can't be sure. Perhaps some low-level traces might be of use here, and contact the technical support on component BI-RA-PA-II . Also, can you access HANA tables?

          very best of luck



          • Hi Henry

            Could you please clarfiy something: for a local Workstation installation (on my Laptop) should this kit be used (IIWS7000_0-80000274.EXE) or the one from DVD 51048879.

            Sorry for asking this but it's a little bit confusing with so many options and versions available.

            Thank you


  • Hi Henry,

    Thanks, now I could install the software.

    Do you have any kind of tutorials or video links that you can share here for me to start with SAP Infinite Insight?



  • Hi Henry,

    just came across this site when looking for internal trouble shooting inf InfiniteInsight 7.0. Workstation standalone version worked well for about a week - than hang up today and after restarting Windows InfiniteInsight doesn't start again. Uninstall and re-installing it didn't change anything. Do you have me a hint how I can get that up and running again?



    • Hi Rudolf,

      Do you have an error message when trying to open II ?

      If you're positive this is a workstation installation, the most likely issue would be a license issue.

      If II opens (even with an error), everything seem unavailable. Click on Help menu on the top left corner, then select About and go on the Component licenses to check their expiration date.



      • Hi Armelle,

        previously to the crash this morning I had a valid license key installed. Right now when starting the application the the starting indicator's rotating for a few seconds and after that nothing else happens, even the "application starting" window doesn't appear.

        It seems something more crashed, since I also had to configure HANA Studio again - system container was empty and all configuration for the perspectives were gone.



    • happy to discuss via email internally, or via a jam group (predictive analytics solutions hub)

      i'd recommend uninstalling the product again, then deleting any leftovers folders from the install path, typically C > Program Files > SAP infinite insight

      then install instead the actively supported  Predictive Analytics 2.0 version. this is the direct download link (via Service Market Place) for the desktop workstation only



      • Hi Henry,

        I installed the above mentioned desktop version on my system, but looks like all the license will get expired in 5 days.

        So what is the solution for this issue?

        Do you already have a licensed product which i can download and install it in my system



          • Hi Henry,

            Many thanks, looks like I dont have the proper authorizations.

            Even for an SAP employees do we have to go through all these processes?


            Arjun Karat

        • Hi Arjun:

          We do have a problem with the trial key that is included in the released version - so you are not crazy 🙂 .  We are working on the problem and we expect to get a new release (2.0.1) up within the next 1-2 days. That should solve the problem. As you are an employee, you should always check the corporate portal under software for the latest employee keys (note: I have a workaround for the immediate problem if March 5th rolls around - just send me an internal email via your account).

          • Ashish or Henry,

            Based on the brief reading i did, i understood predictive analytics will include Infiniteinsight modeler and other features.

            Recently we purchased the license. I could not find the installs to download. Can you point me to right direction?

          • Hi,

            You should go to SAP Market Place

            Download software

            Browse products A to Z

            Select letter P

            Select entry SAP Predictive Analytics

            then you can download the software

            Desktop version or client/server server makes it possible to access to InfiniteInsight Modeler

            Notice the name has been rebranded to Automated Analytics.




          • Hi,

            the current state of play is the following:

            we deliver one product named SAP Predictive Analytics

            the latest available release is 2.1

            under the "umbrella" of this product we have two distinct user interfaces

            the first one is called automated analytics (former kxen infinite insight)

            the second one is called expert analytics (former sap predictive analysis)

            automated is for all of us to use and enjoy

            expert is intended primarily for experts or so-called data scientists

            sometimes the lines are blurred and the use of expert can be learnt over time.

            i hope the above helps, happy download and use!