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Old launch”page” was released with initial 25 SAP Fiori apps in May 2013.

Old apps were html view and there were no UI extension points.


New launch”pad” was released with 190+ apps in Nov. 2013.

New UI components work with new SAP Fiori launchpad.

New UI componnets have UI extension points and you can extend the UI.


Old launchpage is valid for customers who went live in 2013.

Customers who are going to live in 2014 should use New SAP Fiori launchpad with new UI add-on components which have UI extension points.





launchpad designer:



Do not use old launchpage.



launchpage admin:



Install new UI add-on components for new SAP Fiori launchpad


Customers who went live in 2013:

You can continue to use old Lunchpage until 2015/05/10. It is supported.

When you are going to implement additional apps, you will implement apps with new launchpad.

  • You can run both launchpage and launchpad in parallel
  • If you have not modified UI code, new UI works as out of the box with additional role assignment, etc. Backend configuration is still same.
  • If you have modified UI code, you should migrate your code changes in UI extension project using UI extension points. Please see Extensibility.


Customers who are going to live in 2014:

Please use new SAP Fiori launchpad. You should NOT install old UI component UISRA*. Install launchpad enabled new UI components.

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  1. Former Member

    Hello Masa, thanks for sharing. What about customers how went live in 2013 (purchase approve app) and now want move to one of the 190+ apps version? Migration scenario? Expecting any problems? Since Purchase Order Approval was an own “app before”, now this thing comes into ERP with the Fiori ERP Applications X1 1.0 (which is the 25 all in one as I remember you told me)

    BR, Denise

  2. Former Member

    Hi Masa, thanks for your works.

    I have two questions:

    1 – when I try to logon at the new Launchpad, the result is the following image:


    Instead, the old Launchpad was this :


    2- If I want to set the new Lanchpad URL in the APP ‘SAP Fiori client’, after the Logon procedure the home page does not appears . 

    Have you any ideas ?



  3. Former Member

    hi Masayuki Sekihara

    How to configure or access Fiori launchpad designer on HANA + Fiori landscape ?

    http : // hostname : port/sap/hana/uis/clients/ushell-app/shells/fiori/FioriLaunchpad.html

    Above is my  fiori launchpad running on HANA platform (Not ABAP based)

    But im not able to access Launchpad designer by adding  “?scope=CUST“.

    Please help me to configure the launchpad designer.


    Yokesvaran Kumarasamy


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