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New in SAP Jam: Events and calendars

If you’re collaborating on date-driven work with a group of people, it’s imperative to assign dates and times for key activities and milestones to ensure your work gets done.

Without a deadline, people may assume a task can be done whenever it’s convenient. And without time set aside for an important activity – say, strategic brainstorming – people often prioritize other activities already in their schedule ahead of it.

If you and your team have a clear objective in mind, setting an equally clear timeline for what you need to achieve is paramount. That’s why in the latest release of SAP Jam, we’ve created a new Events interface that lets you schedule times for important things like:

  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Milestones
  • Training sessions
  • Webinars

Once an event has been scheduled, it will appear in a calendar that you can view as a list – or by month, week, or day. And so that you can see and work on all date-driven items in one place, we’ve also made Poll deadlines, Timelines, and Tasks visible in the calendar.

Events are designed to be easy to use and help you connect even better with the people you work with. With the new functionality, you can:

  • Add events to a group calendar
  • Promote events via a group’s feed
  • Invite people to your event
  • Track who’s attending
  • Add an agenda to an event
  • See all the events you’re interested in quickly
  • Expose events on your overview and wiki pages via a new events widget

There are three ways you can use Events.

  1. In an existing group. If you’re already in a group, click Events in the left menu of the group’s overview page. If you’re a group admin, you can add the new Event widget to your existing overview and wiki pages
  2. In the Planning and Implementation work pattern. When you use this work pattern – specifically designed for groups working on programs with date-driven deliverables – you’ll be able to take advantage of Events widgets that we’ve already embedded within it.
  3. From the top menu. To see all the events you’re interested in, click Events in the top menu of SAP Jam. You’ll see all the events you’ve registered for across all the SAP Jam groups you’re part of.

Here’s a scenario that shows how you might use Events if you’re on a human resources team.

Your company’s benefits open enrollment period is coming up soon and you want to train your employees on how to choose the most appropriate benefits. To do that, you’ve invited all employees to a webinar, which they’ll see both in their group feed as well as in their calendars.

Events02, Calendar month view with hover card.png

When employees view the event, they’ll see more details and also be able to choose whether or not to join it.

Events13, Detail of event.png

If employees want to save a reminder for the event to their desktop, they can download its .ics file to their desktop and open it with a supported application such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.

Events19, download ics file.png

To help people search for specific types of events they’re interested in, you can add appropriate categories and tags to them.

Events03, Calendar month view with filtering pane open.png

Adding tags and categories also lets you use the new event widget to decide which ones to expose on group overview or wiki pages.

Events10, Widget variation 2 with an event showing details.png

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      The calendar feature looks good, but unfortunately you can't see the complete title of the event if you use the calendar view (as opposed to the list view). It would be useful if a Jam page could be viewed across the entire screen so that the complete title can be displayed. Is this feature on the radar?

      Author's profile photo Georg Arnold
      Georg Arnold

      good feature. but I would need the import of ICS files from outlook into a group event calendar. are there plans to cover this direction as well?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Georg - there are currently no plans to bring meeting requests from Outlook into the SAP Jam calendar. Regards, Mika

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Is it possible to change the Event Filter Descriptions?/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/2015_07_30_11h29_07_759584.png

      It would be great to be able to customize them to our business language

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Scott,

      Not currently, no. We have been discussing how we could support customized filters -- the reason we don't provide it a per-group level yet is because based on the scenarios we sketched out with customers, we saw a need to to roll-up all events for all users, and that would only work if the labels were consistent.

      So we might consider soon a way to customize the labels *per company*, but probably not per group.  In the meantime, you can filter items by tags -- you can select the "Other" event category, and add a hashtag to describe the event, and then use that later in widgets, search, and other views to filter by that particular tag.

      Hope that helps.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      In what edition of Jam is this available?

      Author's profile photo Alan Yang
      Alan Yang

      Hi Allyson,

      I believe that this is available in the Enterprise version of SAP Jam.