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New ADT Features available now for NW 7.31 with Support Package 11

Last year before Christmas we have shipped a new version of the ABAP development tools for eclipse.

The version 2.19 contains some new cool features in the code editors and the eclipse debugger. You find the details in my blog post:    

Get ABAP Development Tools 2.19 and find out what’s new 

Very disappointing for most of you was that these new features were only available for NW 7.40 SP05. 😡

Today SAP has released a new Support Package for SAP NetWeaver 7.31. You can now download the SP11 for NW 7.31 via the SAP Service marketplace. I’m pleased to announce that we managed to downport most of the features from ADT 2.19 also to that support package level. 🙂

Now you have the same editor features in NW 7.31 as in NW 7.4 like the powerful quick fixes for creating artifacts like function modules, includes, attributes or parameters of methods. Also the new debugger features like watchpoints and the improved handling of internal tables are the same in both stacks (Important Remark: You need the 7.21 Kernel in your system to use the eclipse debugger in the NW 7.31 ABAP stack).

I have updated the content of the blog about ADT 2.19 so that you can easily check the details of the new features. The features are now marked with a release information:

Get ABAP Development Tools 2.19 and find out what’s new  

I also updated the Feature Availability Matrix for ADT that explains which basis version you need for a specific feature:

ADT Feature Availability Matrix for AS ABAP Releases

Kind Regards,


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  • Hi Thomas,

    great news!

    Unfortunately the release came just a few days after our regular SP (to NW 7.31 SP10) updates 🙁 . So I'll have to wait a few month before we are get the new features....


  • Are there any plans to support IntelliJ? From personal experience, I have found intelliJ to be a better IDE overall in terms of features, performance and support.

    With Android studio, Google also moved to the intelliJ platform. An open source edition(community) edition is available for intelliJ.

    • Hi saptools,

      why support another tool? Eclipse is a powerful full customizable IDE. IF you aren't happy with some details, change it to your prefered. IF something is missing at all, feel free to develop a jar. If it is useful, I promise I'm a early adopter. But in my opinion I cannot imagine, that IntelliJ is that much better without being that much into it.



      PS: sharing your first name would make this a bit more nicer to read...

      • Hi Florian,

        Thanks for your response. I agree that eclipse is a fully capable IDE and there are no show-stopping reason to support intelliJ. However here are some reasons you may consider why:

        - Has a wide following in the developer community

        - Jolt productivity award

        - Android Studio now on IntelliJ platform

        Having worked on both platforms, personally I found it to be the better platform. You could say it boils down to personal preference.



        • Hi Adit,

          currently we are focussing 100% on eclipse platform as this our strategic platform for development tools since years. Supporting other platforms is in principel possible as most of the functionality we are provinding in eclipse is implemented in the ABAP server anyhow. But curently there are no plans to support other platforms.

          But I would really appreciate if you can list some of the killer features that you miss in eclipse. Maybe these features are also available in eclipse in a similar way.

          Kind Regards,