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Material Request Creation against Reservations and Issue against Request ID

Overview on Reservations and Issue:

Upon creation of production orders, system generates reservations. Once orders are released, against these reservation goods issue takes place. This is general process followed across many clients.

Some clients want to refer the system generated reservations but require different setup on Material Request and Issue which i experienced with two different clients across different geographical locations. This document will take you through the understanding of customer requirements and how the gap is being addressd in SAP with custom code.

Business Requirement:

This requirement is from discrete manufacturing massive production setup where Finished Product BOM contains many Semi-finished materials up to six levels. There will be max 3000 total BOM materials required for manufacturing of finished product.

Planning department creates production orders with reference to sales order (MTO Process).System generates the reservation for withdrawal of the materials from stores for executing the production job. Production dept require seperate Production Request ID to be created considering the system generted reservations and stores dept should issue the materials only against the Production Request ID. This Request ID should be unique with password protected for security purpose so that stores will issue the materials upon only sharing the Request ID and password by production Dept.

In Nutshell seperate Interface application and functionality is required for Production Dept to create demand from valid resevations and stores dept to issue materials against the production request ID.

Added to above there are lots of validation checks as given beow given:

  • System generated reservations to be displayed to Production User ID athorized for the partciular work center
  • Production Request for a material can be from single production order / muliple production order / Multiple sales orders
  • When Request ID is created sytem should check the stock and create request ID
  • Issue against the Request ID is valid only once either partial or full quantity

Functional Design:

  • Transaction for creation of Production Request ID .
  • Transaction for changing the production demand by production authorized team.
  • Transaction for Goods issue againts the Production Request ID
  • Ztables for saving the Request ID Header Data, Item Data and Issue data.
  • Ztable for controlling the User Id and workcenter based authorization.

Process Flow with Screen shots:

Creation of Production Request IDAs displayed below custom screen used for creating the production demand.

ZTransaction 1:

ROH material number is entered and valid reservation are searched based either sales order/reservation number/work center. In the current example i am considering sales order. Through F4 valid sales orders are displayed against which valid reservation exists for the input material.


Sales order 723556 is selected. Upon click of the execute button valid reservations are displayed against the input ROH material as displayed below. Demand Qty is the field where by default system will get the valid existing reservations quantity data. This field quantity can be changed as per user requirement quantity during that day.

Also option available to select for what reservations request id to be created.


As given in the below screen shot through select all option all the reservation are selected. Botton screen diaplys the selected check boxes to create the request id.



Upon SAVE system will display the total requested qty as displayed below and generated seperate unique Reuest ID.

For the given example cumulative ty is 8.10 and Request ID is 241.


To change the Production Requested Quantity:

ZTransaction 2: Seperate transaction provided to enter the Request ID. On enter of the request ID below screen displays. Many validations are in place so that change in demand quantity will be changed only the particular user who created the request or authorized super user.

Option available here to edit only the Demand quanity field. Based on user actual ROH requirement at that point of time this field quantity will be changed if required. For the below example demand qty for one reservation changed from 3.8 to 2.8 as displayed below.

On SAVE now the cumulative Request qty is 7.10.


To Print the Production Requested Quantity Data:

ZTransaction 3: Based on Request ID input the output will be displayed as ALV report as displayed below. User has option to click on the Print to take the Print and hand over to stores with counter signed for Request and Isuue.


To Issue the requested Material against the Request ID by Stores:

Transaction 4: User enters the Request ID and clicks on Execute as displayed below.


Next screen will appear as shown below with details like Request ID number, Material number and Demand Qty. Stores user will not have the option to edit the Demand Qty which is derived from Product Request ID. Stores person need to enter the Issue Qty and Password shared by Production User. As per our example Issued Qty 7.10 and password as 5B74B is entered. Here all the cumulative requirement is only displayed.

Validations are in place if partial qty is issued due to non availability of stock etc reasons then Request ID further cannot be processed. Ie Stores can do issue only once against one Reqest ID. For left over qty, Production will create again seperate request ID.

On click of  Post – In Background MIGO is executed and one by one all the reservations will be processed as per the Request ID Demand Qty.


Finally Material Document gets created as displayed below.


Reservations List before Posting (MB24)


Reservations List after Posting (MB24)

As per our example – For reservation/item 231473/1 – Removed qty is 2.8 only as displayed below.


Conclusion: Based on production quantity requirement Request ID is created and issue also take place against the requested qty. Process looks simple but developing is complex with many validations and huge testing efforts.

Thanks for Reading. Give your feedback.

Thanks & Regards,


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      Former Member

      Good information for a custom development in material issue.

      Author's profile photo Ramagiri Srinivas Rao
      Ramagiri Srinivas Rao
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Raj for your feedback.

      Author's profile photo mahesh kumar
      mahesh kumar

      Hi Ramagiri garu,

      Thanks For Sharing this valuble Doccument. This is Very useful for New Consultents In Devolaping exposure towards New requirements.



      Author's profile photo Ramagiri Srinivas Rao
      Ramagiri Srinivas Rao
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Venkat for your valuable feedback.

      Author's profile photo Babar Shaheen
      Babar Shaheen


      Very Nice Article to Understand the process,

      Dear I want to ask: If material is not available in Store is there any Function in SAP that will give option to automatically create PR by Store for the Qty not available in Store.


      Thanking you in advance