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Hello friends, in this blog I am going to write about work life balance and SCN.

Lets start with a question, 🙂   How many of you know the exact meaning of work-life balance, why do we work? 😯

Answer before scrolling down.

– 😐

– 😐

– 😐

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– ℹ

Yes you are correct, 😀 we work to earn, why do we earn?, to have a better life. Almost 60% of people are not able to find the balance between their personal and professional life.

Does anyone know what is the impact of work-life imbalance ?

Leads to increase in stress 😡

Loss of relationships. ➖

How to maintain proper work life balance???

  • Plan the tasks every day. 🙂
  • Finish the work on time, we have a tendency to finish our tasks in advance and end up working more than office hours.
  • Go for a vacation at least every quarter, spend the time with friends and family. 😎
  • Indulge yourself in any extra curricular activities in which you are an expert or interested. 😀

Now lets come to the topic, “How SCN helps to maintain proper work-life balance”

Whenever you have a doubt or difficulties in any topic, post it in SCN and get your queries cleared by the assistance of SCN Guru’s.

Make sure you search in community before posting your query.

Subscribe to SCN wiki page and forums, do a handout training with the help of those materials.

I guess the below picture is self explanatory.


Expecting your valuable feedback,



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  1. Jose Antonio Martinez

    Dear Thanga Prakash

    Thanks for share your opinion for this topic, and you are true, is hard to balance the time between Work and Life.

    Is important to get to your family/friends enough time, and remember time never come back, and is possible you lose this if only focus on work.


    Jose Antonio


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