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Forecasting with Lumira – Can you Share?

I’ve written about this before How to Predict the Future in Lumira SP12 but there were a couple things I forgot since I wrote this.  First you need a time dimension before forecasting:


Then you can go to the measure you want to forecast as shown below:


You are prompted for the number of periods to forecast:


Then the forecast appears:


Green is the forecast sales.

You can also show with bar charts:


Line charts look better though with this.

You can also use Linear regression to forecast:


Then I can do a linear visualization, on Lumira Desktop:


Here is the view in the storyboard on Lumira Desktop:


However you cannot share this to Lumira cloud – this is what happens:


I contacted the Lumira Support Expert team, and they indicated this is a known limitation, that you cannot share your forecasting storyboards to the cloud.


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  • Hi there, been looking a bit into forecasting on SAP Lumira, and found your amazing post.

    First things, first: Thank you for taking the time to write it up.

    Now, the last few lines raised a question here in the office, the acknowledged limitation of sharing visualizations with forecast in them will be overcome, or it is really supposed to stay this way?

    Tested it on 1.22 and still can't seem to make them work.

    Thanks in advance for your time,


    Pedro Mendes

    • Hi Pedro - I am sorry for the delayed response.

      Could you please post this question as a discussion item, and use the camera icon to upload screen shots of your issue?

      Thank you,


    • Hi,

      Yes, I've raised this shortcoming numerous times to the Lumira Cloud team, during validations etc, and I haven't yet recieved a clear commitment to implementing it. I don't know what technical restrictions might be delaying this.

      please add your vote to this enhancement request



      • Hello Henry and Tammy, just upvoted and commented on Henry's idea. I hope his reasoning might reach the developers.

        Have an amazing week!

        Pedro Mendes

  • a few extra things for version 1.29

    • forecasting does not work for "Line Chart for Date/Time Series" type charts
    • time dimension has to be an element of a proper date/time hierarchy. It cannot be a date on it's own, and it cannot be a recognized time-stamp on its own, even though they are recognized as time dimensions. a proper time hierarchy icon will have a tiny hierarchy and clock symbol like this Capture.PNG
    • you cannot build a date from a HANA date field if "connected" to the result set (i.e. live, not downloaded)
    • a proper time hierarchy manually created in HANA, although recognized as a time hierarchy in Lumira, will not work