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CO11N – Frequently Asked Questions


CO11N is widely used transaction for doing confirmations. There are some common issues which we come across while using CO11N during confirmations.This document gives an in sight on some common issues/FAQ’s related to CO11N transaction.

FAQ 1. Difference between CO11N and CO11

When you compare the single screen entry (Transaction CO11N) with the time ticket confirmation to date (Transaction CO11), some differences result concerning the functions. Refer 319232 – CO11N: Missing functions compared to CO11 for more details.

FAQ 2. Created a batch input folder for the CO11N and run it in the background. In the process a short dump of the RAISE_EXCEPTION type occurs.

This issue will happen if the confirmation profile used in the batch input contains detail areas ‘Confirmation text’ or ‘Serial number assignment’. Refer 540734 – FAQ: Single screen entry of confirmations (CO11N) for more details.

FAQ 3. Want to use own screens/subscreens in Transaction CO11N. How can I include these in a confirmation profile?

We can use a maximum of three customer-specific subscreens in a confirmation profile. For this purpose you must create screens 0900, 0910 and 0920 in function group XCOF. These screens can include user-defined fields or a subscreen area, on which there is a screen from a customer-specific function group. In addition you have to activate customer exit CONFPP07.

FAQ 4. Although I activated and implemented customer exit ‘CONF0001’ (Order confirmation: Deactivate functions), the deactivated functions are still active after the call of Transaction CO11N (for example pushbutton ‘Actual data’).

Customer exit ‘CONF0001’ does not run for the CO11N. The interface status is predefined and thus cannot be changed by a customer exit.

FAQ 5. During the confirmation cancellation, goods movements “disappear”.  They are neither posted successfully nor are they in transaction COGI under the incorrect goods movements. How can I find the goods movements?

Goods movements of the cancellation are always executed in the update program. If there are locks, no error record is generated, but instead a request is generated for a later update because the system assumes that the lock is only temporary. These requests can be found for the confirmation or for the order with transaction CO1P. In addition, refer to Note 313985 – Cancel confirmation with goods mvts as of Rel. 4.6 .

FAQ 6. When do I receive a dialog box to enter the date of manufacture or the shelf life expiration date for the goods receipt and when do I not?

Refer to 567522 – Consulting: Dialog box for entering production date/SLED

FAQ 7. Frequently use the unit of measure “Piece” for goods movements. How is this unit of measure rounded and which setting options do I have?

Refer to 359621 – Confirmation: Comm. rounding of unit of measure PC

FAQ 8. I receive negative stocks for collective order processing with dependent goods movements if the storage locations are WM-managed. Why?

Refer to 514131 – Dependent goods mvmts in collect. order w/ WM storage loctns

FAQ 9. Why are no co-products for the goods receipt proposed on the goods movement overview, even though control keys are correctly maintained in the order?

Refer to 38108 – Automatic goods receipt for manufacture of co-products

FAQ 10. How can I prevent COGI records during the confirmation?

Refer to 540392 – FAQ: Automatic goods movements

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      Rajneesh Saxena


      You have compiled many good information at one place which is really very helpful to the community. Good job bro.



      Author's profile photo Ramagiri Srinivas Rao
      Ramagiri Srinivas Rao
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Rajneesh for your feeback

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      Former Member


      Well done dear and good information to everyone  ℹ



      Author's profile photo Ramagiri Srinivas Rao
      Ramagiri Srinivas Rao
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Naresh for your feedback.

      Author's profile photo R Brahmankar
      R Brahmankar

      Hi Srinivas,

      540734 - FAQ: Single screen entry of confirmations (CO11N)

      I think OSS note 540734 having this all this information then what’s the purpose behind this document?

      Anyway thanks for sharing this information.