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How to create Cost Center-wise Cost flow report using report painter


Although SAP has provided a wonderful report S_ALR_87013611 which gives us a variety of information and this is most favorite report of us (specially CO folks) but some times clients are adamant to see the report in their own format such as Cost elements in rows and cost centers in columns. They also want to see the amounts charged to the production orders in the same report. In other words they want to see the complete charging flow of costs through this report. For this purpose I created a report using report painter which I want to share with all of you.

Purpose: To create a report which shows, how the cost elements that are posted to Cost centers or Orders. Means we want to see the absorption of our cost in cost centers or orders.


Cost Elements        CC_1      CC_2    DG Set    Utilities      A. OHs    W.OHs       Orders              Total

CE1                         100        200         300         500             200          150           50                 1400

CE2                         150        250         400         200             100          350           50                 1500

CE3                         300        100         200         300             300           50            50                 1300

Result: The report, we get out of this will be Plant specific. (As columns are hard coded with the Cost center numbers).

Expectation: Report should be dynamic and should work for all plants. Now here I would like to have your suggestions that how can we make it dynamic so that it can be used for any plant or for the whole company code.

Library Used: 1VK

Start Point: T.Code GRR1. Give Library, Report code and description.


Press Create. It will take you following screen


Now First we will design the desired output.

Double click Lead Column and change Short medium and long description as per ‘Cost Elements’and click √.


Double click on Column 1 and select ‘Predefined Key Figures’ and click √. You will come here:


Select Total Actual Cost as we want to see the actual costs. click √. You will come to below given screen:


Here on the left side first two characteristics are already coming i.e. Version ‘0’ and Value Type ‘4’. On the left side available characteristics list is present, from there we will select Cost Center (As our  second column is CC_1, a cost center). Fill up Cost center code, press check and confirm.


Here I would like to mention is that after ‘Name’ column there is a column of ‘Sets’ I have ticked there and then in “from’ column I have selected CC Set (CC Group) as this was my requirement. You can simply give the CC code in ‘From’ column if you don’t want to use CC groups.

Change the heading of column for Cost center Name. In our ‘Transport’. Repeat this step for all the cost center columns.

Or else, you can select first cost center column and choose from the options and copy it will be pasted besides your selected column. Just change the CC code in side the settings (as described above). Like-wise you create all required columns.

Please keep in mind that for ‘Order’ Column you have to give order group in place of CC number, inside the column settings. See below:


At last or at the first place you can create a column for total. Put the cursor on column heading and do the following settings:


You will be at below screen


Make the formula as below


Now double click the Row 1 transfer ‘Cost Element’ from Right side to left side. Put the cursor at row 1 and select as below screen:


Select ‘Expend’ at the next screen. This is required so that you can see all the cost elements otherwise in the report only total line will come.

Now go to main menu-edit-Gen data selection and do the settings like below:


Press save button. It may ask you to create a report group click yes and give a group name. You report will be saved. Now execute the report. It will look like below:


To change the column setting like increasing width etc. you can go to ‘Formatting’ from main menu and then ‘Report Layout’

We need to show amounts in 2 decimal places. So keep your cursor on column 1 and from main menu go to ‘Formatting-Column’ and change as given below. Press assign and click √. Again save.


Do the above step for all columns and save.

Finally when you execute your report it will look like below:


Hope this will help to some of us.


Rajneesh Saxena

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  • Hi Rajneesh

    Thanks for sharing the document. Such a great help. I got the same requirement one week back. Since than I surfed the net but did not get something like this. I will work according to this and let you know the results.

    One small question (may be funny one) that will this report exactly tally with s_alr_87013611?



    • Dear Amrit

      I am from UP and there is a common saying that once in a daytime, one of your wish surely come true. So it seems happened with you.

      Thanks for liking it.

      Your question is not funny but I will ask you one question in reply. If the reports will not agree with each other than who will rely upon SAP? If at all those are not matching that means we have done some mistake.


      Rajneesh Saxena

  • Rajneesh Sir

    Again good shot. All the way crossed boundry lines for 6. 😉 . Very helpful document and presentation is also very good.

    Sir, If I give you some requirement, can you please make a report document w/screen shots for me? I would be obliged.


    • Dear Shalabh

      You made me laugh... thanks for your comment.

      Now coming to your requirement, on this front I would say that why I will make a report for you???? surprised to read????

      You can give your request on the Forum, If I could make it I will surely do it and put it on the forum itself, so that it is useful for the community a whole. And If I fail to do so then some other fellow consultant will help you sure.


      Rajneesh Saxena

  • Hi Rajneesh,

    First of all sorry for late reply. I was on some other assignment and unable to access other websites.

    Well done and nicely presented!! As you said we can use 1VK library based on the requirement.

    Keep up the best in future also!!

    BR, Srinivas Salpala

      • Hi Rajesh,

        Thank you very much.

        our company require such time of reports.

        I have completed  somany report like cost center related, balance sheet and  profit & loss acount, currency wise reprot etc.


        Mohammad Rasool

  • Dear Ranjeesh,

    It is a nice document on report painter.

    Report writer is some what typical than report painter and it will provide more flexibility, try to share a good document on report writer......


    Pavan Kumar Arvapally

    • Dear Pavan

      Thanks for your suggestion. I will try to follow.

      Also thanks for reading and commenting it, it gives me boost.


      Rajneesh Saxena

  • Hi Rajneesh,

    It is a very nice documentation and very useful.

    We have similar requirement from the client but not the fixed number of columns.  Looking for dynamic report that should work for all plants based on selection parameters showing cost centers in the columns and cost elements in rows.  Is that possible through CO report painter at all?? Did you get any clue from any of our members?  Could you please share your contact number to have quick call if possible.  Thank you very much.




  • Hello Rajneesh,

    Sir this a very good documentation. I am searching for this kind documentation for weeks already. Do still have another documentation regarding Report Painter?

    Because I have a user requirement wherein the result for Distribution allocation from the sender will be shown separately per line at the receiver cost that possible? Thank you very much!

  • Hello Rajneesh,

    Excellent presentation with screenshots about Report Painter - Create Report

    Never tried the creation, will follow your post

    Just one clarification, at end of your instructions, you mention, Now Execute the Report

    Which is the txn code for execution, is it GR55 or GRR3 ?

    Thanks for your reply

    Sunil Menon