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SAP NetWeaver Portal Movie Critic: Portal Sarcasm


Watch the latest news online. Emma created a pretty freakin cool new website!

I’m a bit jealous about the team, because I like the video that much. I’m sure, it was a very funny session to create this video.

That mean, maybe my critic is not that objective. So please don’t take it too seriously.

What is shown in the video:

Ah, just watch it 🙂


Title                                        The World Today – Intern creates a pretty freakin cool eventpage

Filmlength                               1:53 Minutes

Produced by                           SAPNetWeaverPortals

Published                               2013-12-10

Original description                  Breaking News – The World Today brought to you by SAP Portal
           Emma Green has been widely applauded in her office of Atomic Publishing for creating a pretty freakin’ cool event site.


It is a nice view of an employee what could happen if the people around you aren’t into the portal.

The video is a cool thing to introduce Netweaver Portal. But I believe, it might just take effect to us, the techies 😉 . It is funny at all, all the small details. One example is the clipboard in the background, where the SAP-Teched lanyard is located. I had to watch it more than twice, to discover all the small details, which are contained in it and I’m not sure, that I got all of it.

It makes an interesting walk trough, how a Netweaver Portal can change your company.

So much sarcasm in a video, great. I love it.

But, if we get back to an objective view right now, it could happen exact this way somewhere and that (the Netweaver Portal, of course) is a really great oppurtunity to a lot of companies out there. There are some more critics written right now, which contains more details than this blog. But I had to write a critic about that video, because it’s worth to watch it.

That’s it, there is nothing to add.

One additional wish:

I’m looking forward to watch something new from

Breaking News – The World Today brought to you by SAP Portal

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