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SAP Portal Automatic Logon

Automatic logon is achieved via http header variables (HTTP POST).

  1. Append attribute j_user and j_password to irj/portal:


        Same format is used for URL Integration iView .

Once the link is executed in the browser, an automatic logon is achieved.

Always consider proper security while using, because password is stored in clear text. Alternatives might be: Automatic Logon via Single Sign On: Certificates, SAML, Kerberos Based Windows Authentication, or SAML.


This method is very convenient to get a quick access to different user roles via a script or spreadsheet, e.g. for test user in a non productive system.

Consider:Only use this method for uncritical users and in secure networks, – probably non productive. Check that SSL is used which provides a secure end to end encryption.


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    • I agree Sudhir and thanks for linking! I will add a comment to use this method only in secure networks and only for test users. It´s very convinient to switch between different test users and roles using this method very quickly. 🙂