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Author's profile photo Owen Pettiford

SAP is Fast and Fiorious with SAP HANA

Yesterday SAP had a press conference where they announced some interesting things about how SAP HANA can now be consumed in easier and easier ways.

The key drivers for this seemed to be the reduction in price for hardware that will support HANA – this should be no surprise as this is Moore’s Law in action. To help customers appreciate this and keep them informed about pricing trends SAP has created a space on the site to show approximate prices for various hardware configurations which you can see here. To give this some perspective, last year I know that a 256Gb machine cost $100,000 this chart show it available for $11,278 !!

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 08.32.20.png

Another change is the pricing model for SAP HANA, we didn’t get details, but the idea is to unbundle all the services that come round the SAP HANA DB so that you can build the platform up of the components that add value to your use-case.

I hope that these two coupled together with help to drop the “entry point” for productive HANA to a level where everyone can start to innovate on top of HANA (I guess SAP do too 🙂 ).

To further reduce friction in the innovation process SAP announced further improvements to the SAP HANA Marketplace so you can either bring your own licence or pay a subscription. The managed hardware with the entry level 128Gb system costing $1,595 and 1TB costing $6,495 per month. The subscription licence with 2 versions of HANA available – base and platform – range from $4,595 (Base/128Gb) to $83,295 (Platform/1TB).

With both SAP River and SAPUI5/OpenUI5 (the special sauce that powers SAP Fiori) available to build apps on top of this platform SAP hope that the SAP HANA Marketplace will soon be full of innovative partner apps for you to download……the information above certainly removes many of the barriers to entry…..only the hard part of actually being innovate is left. As a proof point SAP announced that the start ups that it has been helping round HANA have already generated in excess of $10 Million in revenue.

Well done to Vishal and the team at SAP who are proving that SAP can be Fast and Fiorious. Also congratulations on the Guinness world record for the largest Data Warehouse and 12.1 PB !!

Finally when is “Help Help me HANA” by the Beach Boy going to be number 1 – I couldn’t find it on iTunes or YouTube.

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      Author's profile photo John Appleby
      John Appleby

      Hey Owen,

      Do you know which hardware vendor these prices are from and whether the hardware is certified?


      Author's profile photo Owen Pettiford
      Owen Pettiford
      Blog Post Author

      At the press conference I am sure that Vishal said that they were certified. However he also said that some vendors might charge more because they would provide components and services over and above those stated in the list above.

      It also comes with this * at the bottom of the page 🙂

          *Price estimates listed for SAP HANA hardware will be updated every quarter and are not guaranteed by SAP or its partners.

      Author's profile photo John Appleby
      John Appleby

      It is certainly interesting and some more clarity from SAP would be great. I remember in discussions previously with Michael Eacrett, I was told that E5 CPUs did not have the memory fault tolerance for HANA and wouldn't be supported. That said, all AWS instances including HANA One run on E5. Also maybe E5-2 is different.

      32GB DIMMs are around $800 on the open market and you need 96 of these for 3TB which is $75k, so the prices on are also certainly very aggressive. I believe they are probably achievable.

      Also this is a much simpler system than I have seen from any other hardware vendor. That's not a bad thing - the HP DL-580 solution I have, has an external storage array with 25 SAS disks in it!

      So SAP - please let us know where we can get this system from! Our customers are clamoring for it!

      Author's profile photo Henrique Pinto
      Henrique Pinto

      I know this is not what you're asking for, but here is a list of the already certified appliances on IvyBridge architecture.

      SAP Certified Appliance Hardware for SAP HANA

      I was not involved in this price estimation, but if I had to guess, I'd say it was based on the retail prices that Intel comes up with when releasing a new architecture, rather than a benchmark itself. But again, that's just my personal interpretation of the data.

      Author's profile photo Vijay Chandra.R
      Vijay Chandra.R

      Looking forward for HANA....

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Wow  !!! and Woww !!

      Just last week I was chatting with my fellow HANA Start Up program friends on our target market and segment. And one thing keep pushing us on our segment.. was price.. this makes it achievable for smaller clients for more specific need. I hope the final runnign cost that clients end up paying is closer to these figure looks like.

      But this is surely a game changer in this space. We are super pumped up. Go HANA Go !!! 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      So can we except AWS and other cloud partners to bring down cloud instance prices in the coming days?



      Author's profile photo Saumil Jyotishi
      Saumil Jyotishi

      Great move forward!!

      As we were chatting last time, such moves towards adoption combined with increasing promise of River, great times to learn and deliver fast/innovative apps. 

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      The pricing has been removed from the site.

      SAP HANA Hardware Component Price Transparency

      Thank you for your interest in SAP HANA Hardware Pricing. We will be back in a few days with updated pricing from our global open ecosystem