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Here i am mentioning some best practices while creating a universe :

1. Common Points in Universe Conversion

  • Check all parameters and settings after conversion
  • Sometimes they change, though I haven’t seen this with SP-04
  • Run the Integrity Checker after conversion
  • Make sure that all joins and objects still parse Correct any issues
  • You can choose your Default settings for the Integrity Checker

Preference -> Information Design  Tool -> check Integrity

2. Welcome to the Family

  • Use Families to keep track of your tables
  • One family for each fact, and related tables One family for conformed dimensions One family for Alias tables
  • One family for Derived tables
  • You can use a comment box for a legend of colors Be consistent with colors across all universes

3. Did You Know You Could Color Code Descriptions?

  • That’s right! Use HTML Tags to color code the descriptions of objects.


  • A good universe has 300 to 500 objects, but may have up to 700 objects
  • This depends on the technical ability of the users
  • Unless you need a multi-source universe, create it as a single-source universe
  • This avoids the overhead of using the Data Federation layer
  • Every object, without exception, should have a description
  • Descriptions must be in user friendly terms
  • Don’t use underscores in anything seen by a user
  • Develop, and stick to, naming conventions
  • Document everything you do!
  • Someone else may need to continue your work
  • Use user friendly names for all universes, folders, and objects
  • Have a team of power users check your work throughout the development process
  • Create all LOV s from dimension tables, even if you have to create them
  • Alternately, you can create static LOV s
  • Give LOV s meaningful names
  • This will help when troubleshooting LOV issue

Hope these above mentioned points will help while creating universe.



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