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MDG 7.0: Click-through demo for new MDG-BP scenario


as promised: A click-through demo for the new MDG 7.0 function “Governance of Business Partner”. As written in the blog from Markus Kuppe: “Create new Business Partner with MDG-BP. With MDG 7.0 “there are out-of-the-box governance processes for the generic SAP Business Partner. That means in addition to Supplier and Customer that were provided earlier, companies can now also govern the central data of different types of SAP Business Partners”.

Goal of this demo

At the end of this demo you are able to demo the new feature Business Partner Governance to customers.

Key Points:

– Create simple Business Partner only via MDG (w/o customer or supplier )

– Generate IBAN out of bank details

– One Step Contact Person creation

Process Flow

The following graphic shows the process flow.

MDG-BP Demo Process.jpg

1. Requestor: Claire Thomas creates a new MDG Change Request and submits the request

2. Approver: Mike will review and approve the request. The system will activate the new Business Partner

3. Business/ERP User: In this demo Mike will also check the existence of the new Business Partner .

Link to the Demo:

Some statements to the scenario from technical perspective

1. End users will see the following entry point navigation item, if you assign a user to the corresponding new pfcg role

04-03-2014 11-45-30.jpg

2.  With MDG 7.0 IBAN conversion is possible in “both” directions:

04-03-2014 11-47-45.jpg

3. With MDG 7.0 its possible to add a second ( ore even more ) Business Partner record into the same Change Request via the “One Step Contact Person Creation” function. Its Standard!

   a. how to add a new contact person

04-03-2014 11-49-17.jpg

   b. how it looks in “My Change Request”:

04-03-2014 11-49-42.jpg

Best Regards


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  • Hi Steffen:

    Im working on MDG 6.1, how can i build the 'One Step Contact Person Creation'. At this moment the upgrade to 7.0 is not possible.


    • Hi,

      with MDG6.1 its not standard to have the creation of a Contact Person in the same CR. Typcially you would create the Person in a first CR and in a second CR the customer/supplier and add the relationship to the person from first CR.


      • Hi Steffen, thank you for the answer.

        So, i have to create a CR and replicate the person like a Business Partner and then Create the supplier and replicate it with the relationship?

        Best Regards!

  • Hi Steffen,


    I would like to know what are the key challenges for implementing SAP MDG Supplier 7.0 .Actually i have to upgrade SAP MDG 6.0 to 7.0 .So before that i need know what challenges i can face while upgrading the SAP MDG System.

    Thanks in advance !!!


    Best Regards,




    • Hi,

      key challenges depend from my perspective mainly on:

      1. Start version and destination version: If you go from MDG7 to MDG8 its just one version with similar scope. Going from MDG6 straight to MDG 9 is a very big step with a lot of new and updated parts. In your case going from MDG6 to MDG7 you are jumping over one version (SAP MDG6.1). So I believe you should plan bigger placeholders in your project plan because the FPM was introduced with MDG6.1 and also the MDG-API was optimized.
      2. Domain in combination with version: Sometimes a new MDG release as a lot of new things in one domain but less on another. For instance, we made bigger enhancements in Materials between MDG7 and 8 but no so much enhancements in MDG-S (related to data modeling). In your case you will have a lot of new entities in MDG7 compared to MDG6 (e.g. Purchasing and Company Code views). If you want to use this after the upgrade, you need to configure it and you need to plan this with some effort.
      3. Amount of custom code: It depends how much custom code you have in your current MDG6 implementation. The higher the amount of custom code is the more challenges you will face. Especially if you have done extensions besides the MDG extensibility options (eg MDG BADIs).
      4. Know How of people: The know-how of the people/consultants helping you with the upgrade is key. I strongly recommend to involve an MDG expert with a lot of experience especially with the UI and FPM. In case you want to leverage the new features of MDG7 after the upgrade you need such skilled persons anyways to enable the functions and configure it for your needs.

      Hope this helps