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Block profile pic of annoying users on SCN

I have created an idea in Idea Place to Block annoying users from activity feed : View Idea

If you are reading this blog entry, kindly read the idea and promote it if you like it.

The idea would take lot of time to get approved (provided there are enough votes).

Till that time, I am using a browser trick to feel better while browsing activity feed.

A picture is worth 1000 words, and watching the profile pic of an annoying user in activity feed has more effect than reading user’s name or post.

Firefox used to have block images option, which is missing in current versions.

So i installed one of several addons that allow me to do that.

Similar addon is also present on Chrome browser.

Say a profile pic is too creepy,

Or too wannabe.

The URL of pic would be like:<username>/avatar/<digits>.png

Adding above URL with correct username and *.png to addon options will block all unwanted profile pics.

When applied to my profile, below entry in activity feed:

..will change to:

Now i feel better.


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  • I thought your avatar looked OK, but if you insist... 🙂

    Interesting approach, well I'm not annoyed so easily, rather amused, but I will keep this trick in mind.


    • If i had a friend who writes Firefox plugins, it would be a matter of few hours to do similar thing to hide entire post.

      Looking at source code, nodes are nicely organized in terms of css styles.

      Every post or reply in activity feed has class="j-js-act-content j-act-content"

      If entry is because of my reply, child node would show data-username="manish.kumar19"

      And unread replies count comes under class="j-new-count font-color-new"

      So the plugin can change the vertical height of post to zero if data-username is blacklisted and unread replies count = 1. For count > 1, no change is required as there might be some important reply which will be seen after clicking expand.

      • There is IE extension too, but it would require administrator privileges and system restart.

        I thought using *.pac files (proxy auto config) may provide a less invasive way to do it as it supports some javascript. Unfortunately it can only be used to block complete hosts (good to block banner ads), not specific URLs, at least not without a registry tweak.

        So, no donut for you 😛

  • Have I seen a ghost?

    I was doing an experiment with rule set for username * and avatar name *.png

    Then I saw this.

    It was as if my real world rules don't apply to this ghost (read:guest or disabled account).

    I had a look at image URL and that cleared up the confusion.

    All disabled account's avatar url is:

    Above URL does not fit the user specific avatar pattern.