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Analytics 3.0: What is in there for SAP

Recently I was reading an article by Prof Thomas H. Davenport on evolution of Analytics and how we are moving towards or already in the era of Analytics 3.0.

So what had happened in Analytics 1.0 and 2.0? Briefly if we see the evolution it would be Business Intelligence -> Big data -> Analytics 3.0. So from simple business intelligence on the intra company data to make informed decision of the future we moved to generation of immense amount of data not only by internal transactions within the company but also by activities outside the company. We are also talking about technological advances that help us in analysing the huge amount of data be it human genome project, or footfalls into amazon online. So what next?

What we are observing is that Analytics 3.0 is another paradigm shift where the focus is not only on the analysis but buidling new product offerings, services based on the analysis. The world of “internet of things” and Analytics 3.0 are fusing. So on one hand the devices are capable of dessimating millions of informations, the tools and techniques available now, are able to consume that information and suggest new products and offerings. From historical analyisis to predictive analytics to prescriptive analysis is where we are moving to.

So what is in there for SAP and how can we be part of this next generation analytics, help our customers build their products and services for their customers. Can we help our customers revitalize their product portfolio and services based on the digital footprint they are assimilating from their customers? I think there is a huge potential to work closely with customers like Robert Bosch, GE, P&G, Schneider Electric etc who are investing so heavily towards this direction. How can we build applications based on HANA to help these customers be successful?This is where I see very big potential that we can get into. Today HANA has emerged as a platform and a database and we should be able to leverage the advantage of this. Instead of building HPAs sitting in Labs, lets us try building applications with these customers. With this era of immense data generation, banks, healthcare, retailers or any other industry willing to exploit the possibilities, can develop valuable products and services based on the aggregated data and we can help them build those with SAP HANA. We should be able to embed analytics into everyday usage of our customers with these applications. The value of HANA would be perceived by our customers when they can realize how they can embed intelligence in their product offerings and services. I see that value proposition as not running the transaction faster on HANA but helping our customers to completely reshape the business with the analytics they would use in every day life of decision making and management.


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