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Author's profile photo Bob Caswell

Released! New SAP UX Rapid Deployment Solutions

FioriUX.pngLast month we gave you a little preview of what’s to come in terms of rapid-deployment solutions (RDS) focused on user experience (UX). And now, as of last Friday, we have four UX RDS packages released, two new and two updated.

Before we go into each of the four, let’s take a quick look at SAP’s new user experience and design strategy and how these new RDS packages are designed to faciliate implementation of delightful user experiences:

As most of you are likely aware, enterprise users and consumers are not really two different groups. Facebook, Twitter, and many other consumer-based experiences have shaped user experience expectations. And the same users of these consumer services now expect similar user experiences for whatever enterprise applications they use at work.

Not only that, but generation Y will soon be nearly half the employee base worldwide, and they have a different approach to work. They multi-task more and don’t necessarily work a traditional nine-to-five shift. They expect access wherever they are and on whatever device they are using. And, as mentioned, they value intuitive and simple experiences that are similar to the consumer apps they already use on their same hardware they use for work.

SAP is very aware of all these trends and put together a strategy to address user experience specifically for SAP. Part of that strategy is best illustrated via the graphic below, which shows two categories of “renew” and “enable.” There are a number of apps that almost every SAP customer is likely to use, such as approval apps or leave requests. We call this set of experiences the group of transactions which SAP is “renewing” in terms of user experience.

But then there is also a long tail of thousands of use cases that SAP makes possible through its complex and powerful systems. These use cases vary customer to customer and collectively are part of the “enable” category, which means that SAP believes it’s best to support them by providing customers and partners tools to create their own user experience needed for these unique and specific use cases. SAP Fiori is the main product that takes care of the “renew” scenario while SAPUI5 is an example of a toolset for the “enable” scenario (and, incidentally, SAPUI5 is the toolset SAP used to create Fiori apps).


So where do RDS packages fit in? They are the quickest way to take advantage of Fiori and SAPUI5 for those interested in renovating and enabling a better user experience. The UX RDS portfolio is a technology-based portfolio that has broad appeal as a set of solutions applicable for nearly all SAP customers. Each has a predictable price, predictable scope, predictable implementation time, and preditable outcome. See below for a quick overview of each of the four UX RDS packages (click on the title of each to go to the Service Marketplace landing page for more details).

  • SAP Fiori Apps RDS – Quickly deploy and configure any combination of up to 44 Fiori apps! (up from 25 in the previous version)
  • SAPUI5 Design RDS – 44 apps deployed but still want more? Learn how to create your own Fiori-designed apps predictably with a “Design Thinking” workshop, Fiori design best practices, and a proof-of-concept Fiori design service
  • SAP Fiori Infrastructure RDS – Interested in moving beyond Fiori transactional apps? Quickly configure and verify your landscape and security settings with sample apps to take advantage of all that Fiori offers via readiness for Transactional, Analytical, Factsheet, and Smart Business Fiori apps that leverage the power of Suite on HANA
  • SAP Side Panel Content for SAP NetWeaver Business Client RDS – Increase user productivity with context-related business content without any additional code, now upgraded to NWBC 4.0 with an optional service for initial NWBC deployment and configuration

We are excited to finally release these packages for your user experience consuming pleasure. Feel free to ask a question or leave feedback via the comments section below.

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      Author's profile photo Frank Densborn
      Frank Densborn

      That's great Bob! Especially nice to see that the Side Panel RDS is still part of the story as it's an easy way to pimp up existing SAP GUI UIs with the use of SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) and Side Panel pre-delivered content with the Rapid Deployment Solution package (RDS).

      There's even a short demo recording online:

      RDS of side panel content in SAP NetWeaver Business Client

      Author's profile photo Jeremy Good
      Jeremy Good

      Thanks for the exciting updates - I have referenced your blog in the very active SAP Fiori community on the What is SAP Fiori page.


      Jeremy Good

      SAP Rapid Innovation Group - RIG

      Author's profile photo Tom Van Doorslaer
      Tom Van Doorslaer

      Hi Bob,

      What exactly do these RDS packages contain, other than the standard material out there?

      Is it just a comprehensible zip file of documentation and installation packages, or is there something extra to it, which is not available as standard material?

      Author's profile photo Bob Caswell
      Bob Caswell
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Tom,

      A lot of what the RDS package contains isn't necessarily found elsewhere. And it's also presented as part of a step-by-step guide that is designed to be more intuitive and thorough. See here for a blog post I did highlighting some of what is contained in the SAPUI5 Design RDS, as an example.

      Let me know if you still have questions after reviewing this: