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Inprocess Inspection – Quantity Confirmation during Results Recording


This Blog gives an in sight on how quantity confirmation are carried out during results recording with 03 inspection type.


During manufacturing of product there are certain inprocess operations which will be cleared by production department sequentially and some particular operation which needs to be inspected by quality department. Based on the inspection results quantity needs to be confirmed and notification to be triggered for the defects to production dept. During results recording quality department require to view the confirmation screen to record the yield, scrap and rework quantity. Based on the confirmations entered by quality department further activity will be carried out by the production department for the subsequent operations.

Configuration Used:

No specific configuration is required in Quality Management.

Confirmation Parameters: (OPK4)


Process Steps used:

  1. Assigning 03 Inspection type in Material Master (MM02)
  2. Assigning Master Inspection Characteristics in Routing (CA02)
  3. Create Production order/Release (CO01)
  4. Confirmation of operations (CO11N)
  5. Results Recording (QE01) and Trigger Notification for defects
  6. Final Confirmation and Auto GR
  7. Usage Decision (QA11)

Process Steps with screen shots:

Step 1: Assigning 03 inspection type in Material Master (MM02)

03 Inspection Type is assigned in Material Master as displayed below


Step 2: Assigning MIC in Routing (CA02)

0010 and 0020 are Production Operations.

0030 is Quality operation where quality department will inspect and enter the results, yield, scrap and rework

0040 is final operation for production department.

In Routing for 0030 operation, MIC’s as displayed below are assigned.


Step 3: Create and release production order (CO01)

Production Order 60004172 created and released. System generated in process inspection lot 30000002532

Step 4: Confirmation of operations (CO11N)

System Check : If Quality team tries to confirm operation 0030 prior to confirmation of 0010 and 0020 production operations then system will not allow to confirm the quantity with message as “Preceding operation is not yet confirmed” .This is because of the OPK4 confrimation config settings.

Operations 0010 and 0020 operations are confimed by production dept.

Step 5: Results Recording (From QA32 or QE01) and Trigger Notification for defects

Quality dept enters the results in QE01 against the lot and operation number. Results are entered as given below. One characterisctic is rejected as results are not within the specification. Now this defect information needs to be communicated to production dept through notification. As shown below click on create defect.


System will pop up the Defect overview sreen as shown below. Enter the code group and code, enter the defect quantity. Then click on continue system will trigger notification in backend on save of the results. F3 notification type is used.


For confirming the quantity Go to Menu – Edit – Confirm Activities as displayed below.


System will pop up the confirmation screen as displayed below. Since there is defect all the 20 qty is send for rework.


On SAVE of the results below notification 565 is created for defect quantity with reference to the inspection lot number and order number. Further notification is processed by production dept and finally re-offered for quality inspection.


Re-Inspection by Quality Dept: Quality dept does results recording and updates the new results as given below.


Since 20 qty is under rework now quality team needs to move the same from rework to yield. As results are now as per specifications, quality team needs to cancel the rework in CO13 and again confirm the Yield in QE01.

Cancel order confirmation (CO13): Enter the order number and operation number and click on SAVE as displayed below. Rework qty will be reversed.


Go to QE11 – Enter the inspection lot. From Menu bar -Go to Edit – Confirm Activities. Below screen will be displayed. Enter the yield quantity and  SAVE. Now rework qty of 20 is cleared as Yield 20 qty.


Step 6: Final confirmation and Auto GR (CO11N):

Production Confirms the final operation 0040 and Auto GR is completed. Stock updated in MMBE as displayed below.


Step 7: Usage Decision ( QA32/QA11):

Usage decision completed for inspection lot as given below.


Conclusion: Above process is apt where production operations are to be certified by quality department.

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    • Hi Swathi,

      If we use Inspection Points in CA02 Header and maintain for the respective operation under operation overview - Quality Management for Inspection Points - Insp.point completion as "Quantity,valuation and confirmation(production) then after results recording on SAVE system will pop to enter yield/rework/scrap as required and accordingly valuation like Reject/Accept can be entered. Based on rejection/acceptance rework qty changes can be done in this tcode itself at Menu- Goto - Data for Insp point. No need to go to CO13.

      If you use inspection points system will not allow to do reversal using CO13 once qty is confirmed or rejected in Quality.

      Thanks & Regards,


  • good stuff!! any idea how I could integrate time event CO19 transaction with results recording instead of integrating CO11N transaction.

  • Hi Ramagiri,

    Thanks for this content. I have also little bit same requirement.

    If I reject a inprocess material after confirming a operation and enter results then how can I restrict not to confirm for further operations and also I want to know that we enter defects after confirming from a operations.


  • Hello,

    Nice blog, thanks for sharing. I observed one issue in in-process inspection & confirmation. If we don't assign MIC's in routing/master recipe, then system not restricting user to confirm operation even if inspection lot exists. Is there any way to restrict confirmation even if MIC's not assigned.



    Sarang Phansalkar

  • Hi Ramagiri Srinivas Rao

    Very clearly narrated the process.Nice document.

    Had been searching similar content and tried out the same in our client.Only option of CO13 is the work that production people and quality people debate as responsibility perspective.

    Regards | V Vignesh