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Customizing Nakisa standard roles

This document is intended for new Nakisa users who want to customize standard roles. This document cover steps with screenshots to help you visualize things and understand concept easily. In Admin guide steps are given very precisely.

Nakisa OrgChart app delivers following 5 standard roles:

  1. Everyone
  2. Executive
  3. Manager
  4. HR (Human Resources)
  5. Assistant

Sometimes there is a client specific need that particular Nakisa role should not have access to all standard hierarchies or searches or tab etc. We can secure objects from admin console then can add secured object to individual role’s access list or revoke list.

Note: I am going to provide steps with screenshot from Nakisa OrgChart 3.0 version. For newer versions also these steps are valid. In my screenshots you will find some custom objects, you should not get confused with them.

In my example, I will show you how to secure one of the standard hierarchies then add it to access list of HR role so only HR role can see it in the app. This will clear you concept which you can apply to secure other objects which are permitted to do so.

  1. Go to admin console –> click on security settings –> define roles –> add/remove secure items –> orgchart module –> orgcharts –> check box “Org Unit”

  Note: All the green color items are secured and red items are unsecured. All roles have access to unsecured items. Secured item can be found either in “permitted items” list or “secured items” list in each role. You can see “permitted/secure” list per role in Edit Roles tab.


2. Click on next tab “Edit Roles” and see “permitted/secure” list per role:

In following screenshot, you can see that OrgUnit structure is listed under secured object for role “ROLE_Everyone” so SAP users mapped to this role not see OrgUnit Hierarchy in app.


3. Add OrgChart object to permitted item list of HR user:

Choose ROLE_HR


Check box for OrgUnit and press “Add to Role’s Items” button:


Now you will find this object is in permitted items of ROLE_HR:/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/6_400805.png

4. Press Finish –> Submit –> publish

5.Now we are ready to test change. All the SAP user who are mapped to ROLE_HR role will see OrgUnit Hierarchy & position hierarchy both:


User mapped to all other roles will see following option:


This is how you secure objects on Nakisa app and then you can customize standard roles based on your requirements.


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