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BW Blog but this time it’s not too technical…

I would like to share few easiest & short cut ways. πŸ™‚   This time I came up with this blog which is not too technical πŸ˜• but still

I hope you guys will find this stuff interesting. πŸ˜‰

Here are the bits and pieces.. ℹ

Bit -1 : Adding your favorite to FAVORITES

Log on to system. You will find SAP Easy access screen.

Right click on FAVORITES and select ADD OTHER OBJECTS

2014-03-03 23_53_37-SAP Easy Access.png


2014-03-03 23_57_01-Add additional objects (1)   25 Entries found.png

Enter the Text and URL you like as shown below

2014-03-04 00_00_02-SAP Easy Access.png

This will be added under the FAVORITES folder

2014-03-04 00_00_59-SAP Easy Access.png

Similarly we can add Tcodes, Reports, Company email urls etc.

Bit -2 : Info source Overview option for a DSO or an Info cube

Select a DSO or Info cube and Right click on it. Choose “Info source Overview”.

2014-03-04 00_08_40-Data Warehousing Workbench_ Modeling.png

It will display all the loadable Master Attr data sources, Text data sources, Hierarchy data source and Transaction data sources for this data target. Also displays the Last loaded Request.

2014-03-04 00_14_18-Loadable Data Sources for this Data Target.png

Bit -3 : User Profile settings

Tcodes: SU3 and click on DEFAULTS tab.

Here you can change the Decimal notation, Date format, Time format and Personal Time zone

2014-03-04 00_21_17-Maintain User Profile.png

Bit -4 : Creating a shortcut on the desktop for a Tcode or report

If you want to create a shortcut on the desktop for a transaction then

Go to that particular Tcode. Ex: SE11

Click on Customizing local Layout ( Alt + F12) and select Create shortcut.

2014-03-04 00_29_21-ABAP Dictionary_ Initial Screen.png

Bit -5 : Adding the objects which you are working currently under FAVORITES in RSA1

Go to RSA1. Select the objects which you’re currently working on. Drag and drop them on FAVORITES under Modeling as shown below.

2014-03-04 00_35_53-Data Warehousing Workbench_ Modeling.png

Now the objects will be available under FAVORITES so that we can easily access.

After the work is done you can remove those and can add the new ones.

2014-03-04 00_38_38-Data Warehousing Workbench_ Modeling.png

Bit -6 : Delete the transaction code in the command bar

This is my favorite one. Sometimes I wanted to hide the transactions which were used πŸ˜› . I had asked many persons how to clear the history of the Tcodes from the command bar. After many trails, I found one way of doing it.

2014-03-04 00_42_55-Data Warehousing Workbench_ Modeling.png

How to delete the Tcodes entered in the Command bar.

Click on the drop down beside the command bar and select the Tcode which you wanted to delete by up/down arrows using the keyboard. The tcode should appear in the command bar and selected in the dropdown then click on delete. It clears the Tcodes history which was used.

2014-03-04 00_53_21-Data Warehousing Workbench_ Modeling.png

Hope you find these bits and pieces interesting and useful 😎

** Feedback & Suggestions are welcome. Thanks.


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