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Auto Reversal Purchase Invoice on GR Material Document Cancelation


               Certain Vendor(s) supply ordered materials along with invoice, for self-billing invoice.

               So background ERS carryout on each day/periodically to generate Invoice(s) against GR(s) received.


Sometimes, these GR documents need to cancel due to various reasons, after auto IV generated.

Business wants to cancel these auto generated IV automatically, on cancellation of GR material document.      


                Allow Cancelation on GR reversal Movement Type even if the invoice relating to the goods receipt document has already been posted.

                Run ERS to auto generate Credit memo on cancelled GR.


Step-1 : Create a PO



  1. PO line item must be GR-based, ERS checked with Input Tax code maintained.

Step-2 : Do a Goods Receipt with Standard Movement Type: 101.

          After running ERS, PO history will get update like bellow.

  Step-2_ERS History.png

Step-3 : Once you will try to cancel the GR document (with Movement-Type: 102), system will restrict with bellow error message.


So you must cancel the invoice before you enter the reversal of the goods receipt or the return delivery.

Here the requirement is to allow GR cancellation even if the invoice relating to the goods receipt document has already been posted.

On this regard, we’ll go for new movement type for allow cancellation of GR which will carry the feature as need.


Create 2 movement types for specific purpose (GR & Reversal on the same)

Movement Type:

Y01 (Identical Copy of 101); Reversal Movement Type: Y02

Movement Type:

Y02 (Identical Copy of 102); Reversal Movement Type: Y01

Allow Reversal of GR Despite Invoice through bellow path

MM -> Inventory Management and Physical Inventory -> Goods Receipt -> For GR-Based IV, Reversal of GR Despite Invoice


Follow bellow link for ERS related configuration procedures.

Now we can start the process from GR with Y01

Step-2(Revised from 101 to Y01): Do a Goods Receipt with Movement Type: Y01


& on after running ERS, PO history will get update like bellow. (Similar to earlier 101)

Step-2-2_ERS History.png

Step-3 (Revised from 102 to Y02):
Once you will try to cancel the GR document (with Movement-Type: Y02), system will not restrict for the same.


So PO history will update as bellow.

  Step-5_Cancellation History.png

Now once ERS will run after the same, PO history will like bellow.

  Step-5_CancellationERS History.png

Here system auto generate a credit memo w.r.t. GR document has been cancelled.

Details can be checked.


In this way, we can get the result by using 2 features together.

  1. Allow For GR-Based IV, Reversal of GR Despite Invoice on movement type.
  2. ERS functionality


The same functionality can be activated on standard movement type: 102 & get desired result,

as I prefer to use Z movement for any customization rather than changes on standards, I presented my topic with Y01 & Y02.

Hope it’ll clear & easy to understand.

It’s my first document in SCN, suggestions need for improvement.

Thanks & Regards,


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  • I know what you want to say, but to make it clearer you have to write it explicitely.

    Right now I could ask why should I create a new movement Y01 and Y02 as I can right away allow the 102 Reversal of GR Despite Invoice and would have the same effect.

    Explain the advantages of new movement types in this case

    • Hi Jürgen,

      Yes,we can do on the standard movement type(102) & we'll get the same effect.

      I demonstrated on Z Type for a basic reason that I prefer to not to change any standard movement type & use copy of that with customize to get required functionality.



  • Hi

    Informative Document.I have two questions:

    1. Why is this process better than just reversing the ERS document or creating credit memo and then reversing the GR. Is it because of manual work?

    2. What will happen to the "101 - ERS document" already in the system. What is required for the transition to new movement type for the existing documents.

    If you feel, you can add these points to the document.


    • Hi Rakesh,

      Thanks for your comment.


      Yes, only to minimize human effort, I had recommended the process.


      You can active on standard movement type:102, but I prefer better to customize on z movement type rather than standard.



  • Good document...

    You can mention the new movement type creation reason in your document.

    It just for the reversal of GR configuration in customizing...

    Thanks for sharing you knowledge...