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SAP NetWeaver Portal Movie Critic: An Overview needn’t to be a boring one

First of all, here is the link, ok two, because I thought, it is rarely more amazing, to see the critic first and after it getting something on top, if you do not got enough, hope you reach the point the second video start πŸ˜†


Please stay patient, because I didn’t do a movie critic ever before and so I just start writing things down, I think, it is worse to read.

First of all I have to say, this is a very cool video and I think, it shows us what future becomes.

But don’t waste time, let us just go ahead.


Title                                SAP Portal Portfolio

Filmlength                       2:44 Minutes

Produced by                    SAPNEtWeaverPortals (At least, I think they do that)

Published                        2013-01-13

Original description          This movie shows the integrated SAP Portal portfolio of solutions and

                                      how you can leverage it to overcome your business challenges.

Summary (or should I say repeat in words;-))

In the beginning you see a typewriter that is a typical intro for such content, this should make the person in front of the screen start thinking. The phrase itself is very well-chosen, because most of us would say that there is room for improvement

Now the phrase is strengthened by the speaker. He put the stuff on top, how the company has grown and the days passed by, where all the stuff could be managed by the own well configured folder system or whatever you got before.

author’s note

Read between the lines and you will see that the speaker’s words match most of our companies πŸ˜‰

I like the way it is done here. The typewriter transforms into a computer, which also gives a timeline-view. Very impressive, when you think about the creativity, which stand behind the video…

So here the intro finished in just 20 Seconds. What have I learned about that? I shorted my intro in this blog, because I think, making a good and short intro makes a blog more interesting than reading and reading, without reaching a point!

Now the facts are shown, what SAP Portal reached in the past, very impressive digits. I write two down, just in case, you can’t remember

– Leading the market for over 10 years

– 7000 Customers

Now the facts start taking control. You get a good view to the solutions offered by SAP Portal. For example, that you can manage all your content, have social media facts inside, get the people together who should be and find all your stuff in a way, you want it to. Everyone can create stuff, it doesn’t need to be a geek or to visit an additional course. It is open for everybody in your company and so on.

You just can watch the video again, if you can’t remember all of them.(I had to do that more than one time πŸ™‚ )

Now, there is the next highlight. Doing the turn to the mobile apps are presented in such a cool way. Perhaps more impressive than the intro…

It shows an employee leaving work this ends in this sentence:

How many of you thought in that moment: “Yes, that is also a problem, but what how to solve that in a good way?”

author’s note

Perhaps you are totally into it (Like me) and you get more and more interested in this video. Ah, it is a fantastic way to present content in such a cool way.

We passed half of the video(1:32Min) at this point, and my blog is getting bigger and bigger.

That is a sign, how many information are included in such a short video.

Now they included the cloud and give a lot information how to use it and how it solve problems a company got.

Ok, but enough of repeating the video, I mean, if you want more details, watch it again 😎


I thought a few days how to write my points down. In the end I decided to make a pro and contra list and write a sentence below

➕ Very nice design

As mentioned in my summary(a few lines below) I’m totally faszinated about the few colors. It makes the video very special.

➕ A very good eye/ear to brain concept

A lot of cases everybody got a story in mind.

➕ A very agreeable voice

Nothing to add, you know what I mean… do you?

Not specific on a business

Just sounds like a Everybody-Needs-Solution, but it doesn’t tell at least the minimum requirements or do provide a link to such informations.

So, it might be get more people interested in, than it is build for. Some will be confused about, when they recognize, that is not made for such companies, they run.

just major cases

I mean, yes, that should be offered right here, but it might be better, if it is more specified.  What is in my mind. There are a lot small problems everybody got to fight with. Take all the small problems and just explain how one problem is solved with Netweaver Portal πŸ˜‰ Example: How to share knowledge and more important, how to find these content again. Make the jack-of-all-trades-device believable.

too much facts to repeat it afterwards.

In my study-time, we made a project and I can remember this one sentence of my teacher: A good clip is a clip when you remember it next time you do something, which was contained. Sorry, I write a blog about it, but I even cannot remember all of it

In summary it is a well produced video!

Some words about the critic.

I was very impressed, that it is possible to work just with a few colors.

There are just the typical colors included, yellow in different strength, black also in different and white. I never registered that, but now, trying to write a critic about I took my time to see if there are more included, but no, never recognized that it is for real just the few colors in all the “SAP-Animation” Videos I watched before. If I’m wrong and there are more in, let me know…

The background-speaker also got this “smooth” voice and makes a fantastic job in this video. I’m not a native speaker, but I’m really sure, that the speaker has to practice a lot, to make such fantastic jobs. Would be interesting someone can answer the question, if the guy works for SAP or is he an “outside-professional”. I just want to know that, because I’m interested in the point, if he know about the stuff he is talking about πŸ˜•

The points, I reviewed as not that good are all on a very high level and I hardly had to search the bad ones. I don’t know, how often I watched the video and these, as far as I can see, are the most valuable. So like I wrote in the beginning, if you disagree, no problem, leave a comment and give me your view to it.

I’m here, to learn every day something new and so I’m not coming around to another opinion at all.

Here is my  personal sight

It gives an overview what the Portal can do and why a lot of companies should get on the train. Ok, it is a merchandise video, but in my opinion, it is informative,  there is a lot stuff included in these 3 Minutes and that’s why it is worse to write about it. The video popped up in my mind, when I was reading about the challenge and so I started to write about it. And I mean the “popped” in a positive way.  I’m a bit sad about, that I don’t have access to a NetweaverPortal, so that I can get more into it. Like I said, I saw the video that often that I really hope I can get access someday πŸ™‚

You finished it,

here my critic ends for the challenge and if you are not that bored, go on and read a short homage to the Innojam

Thank you for reading my blog



Now I really forgot the Challenge link

Announcement of SAP Portal and HANA Cloud Portal Gamification Movie Challenge

It’s more merchandise, than a critic

Because I like the video that much and I think everybody should take the chance to get one time part of an innojam, it isn’t necessary to be a developer! Hopeful there will be one in my region πŸ˜‰

And I promise you, it is just a very short summary of the video

What it is about:

Innovation, Opportunities, Collaboration, engagement and agility creativity…SAP Innojams

How all starts? It all starts with being not at work…


All the people round the world taking part in innojams are loving the programming, sharing their visions and make dreams come true.


Meet the Geek – to – Geek conversations. Everybody knows the typical sentences surrounded by the “mystical” IT-Jobs like “Mhhh, you’re doing something with computers, mine at home got a problem…”


Build an team, move you and your team together to an new level by getting a complete new experience how work (Fun) can flow…


Engagement, that is word, working in all other points into, but get very important to get things rolling. Yeah, if you are going to an innojam you got really enough of it. Be proud about it!


You only got three days in a row to get your project done and make an awesome Introducing! Let the mess behind and get the awesome things rolling.


The last in the list it’s the first in reality… You and your team have to be creative to find new solutions to problems, nobody thought about it, what is your idea to make a live easier to the people out there…

And always remember… watch the clock πŸ˜†

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