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Workaround while Restricting Compounding Attributes at BEx

Hi Friends,

Here is the blog which drives to write this blog Restricting a Characteristic With Its Compounding Characteristic.. Thanks Yasemin ULUTURK

Above blog has greatly explained an approach how to overcome issue which arise while restricting characteristic which is compounded with another characteristic.

To do above approach we need to do modelling changes by writing routine at Transformation level and enable navigational attribute at Infocube level. Then transporting whole flow to production system. It may difficult some times to transports in big clients.

Here I am providing another additional approach to get same results.

Let’s see the approach

Here I am considering Storage location and Plant as Scenario to explain method.

pic 2.PNG

Find the data for our scenario:

pic 1.PNG

Here user wants to exclude Storage location of 0088 of plant 1000. If I simply exclude storage location 0088, then I will lose data of storage location 0088 belongs to  plant 1001 also. This shouldn’t happen.

To overcome this issue , I am providing another approach which can achieve directly at BEx level  without  doing modelling changes. All we need do some workaround at BEx level by creating Selections and formulas logically.

I restricted Closing stock with  Storage location 0088 of plant 1000. (KF2)

pic 3.PNG

Then created another KF with restricting Closing Stock KF with only Plant 1000.(KF1)

pic 4.PNG

Then create formula by subtracting KF2 from KF1.

pic 5.PNG

Finally we got closing stock of plant 1000, after deducting stock belongs to  Storage location 0088 of plant 1000.

Here find stock of plant 1001 and user doesn’t want to exclude any storage location. So simply restricted Stock with plant 1001.

pic 6.PNG

Thanks for reading this article and hope it helps you.

Best Wishes,


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  • Good explanation and useful concept on compounded objects.

    Bit doubt on KF1 and KF2. your restrictions are fine.

    But unable to understand the logic KF2 – KF1.

    0TOTALSTCK(KF1 and KF2) – value will be the same in two cases – am i right? if it is direct value form target.

    if possible can please add some 0totalstck(Kf1 and Kf2) data before calculations and after may give clear idea

    Thanks for your time


    • Dear Raman,

      Thanks for your Feedback.

      Coming to your doubt,

      logic is KF1 -KF2.

      KF1 holds value of whole plant 1000 and KF2 holds value of stock of Storage location – 0088 belongs to plant 1000 only.

      Then finally we get stock of Plant 1000 by excluding Stor Loc 0088.

      Thanks and Regards,  🙂


  • Dear Vijay,

    You would have put the stock values along with the plant ,for before and after your workaround. This would have given a more clear picture to the people. Else they need to read and understand at least 2 or 3 times unless they are not very familiar with these formula’s. ( like me).

    Thanks for the blog though.



  • I guess, the other way is to put both the info objects “Plant” & “Stor_loc” in the characteristics and hide which one ever is not needed in the output.