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Feb 22 2014 – SAP Hyderabad community participated in its second ever SAP Inside Track event. The planning for the event started one& a half month ago under my initiative. It has been a long time since many of us were waiting eagerly for the day.

logo _SITHYD.png

How it all began:

To Promote SAP Inside Track event, I have written a blog which talks about SAP Inside Track and reached out to our fellow SCN members through the community in all forms possible – Word of mouth, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Posters to drive maximum participation. In parallel, we started reaching out to our participants for Presentations.

Join Us For SAP Inside Track Hyderabad On 22 FEB 2014


We received close to 510 Participant nominations & 75 topic nominations for presenting at SIT Hyderabad. We thought of making it large by having three tracks namely Analytics, Functional and Technical with ten presentations (all live) per track for the event.

Agenda SITHYD ( SAP Inside Track Hyderabad 2014)

  • SITHYD 2014 Themes:
    • Analytics&
    • Big Data
    • In-Memory Computing
    • Business Intelligence
    • Databases
    • Mobile
    • Cloud
    • User Experience

Start of the event:

It started with a warm welcome from Ranga Rao and introduction of how the SDN progressed to SCN. They shared the success stories of SCN community and the programs driven by Uday& Mahesh, welcomed us for a thrilling day filled with knowledge sharing and networking.

Plenary session Slide deck


The event being “Community” driven made it more special. The sessions have been very interactive and enriched the audience with the latest happenings around the topic of discussions. It is very pleasing to see the presenters willing to share and contribute to the community on their experiences and learning’s. And the very enthusiastic audience utilized this opportunity at their best.


Lot of networking happened during the whole day. We all got to know about each other especially about their SAP work experiences, how SCN has become part of their life. It was a great success for all the participants and presenters to make contacts and new acquaintances and know there specializations.


It was a very well startup of the event considering the number of participants which was followed by a sumptuous lunch where the most networking happened. And then resumed again with tracks continuing to share the valuable knowledge to all the attendees.

The day of Knowledge sharing ended with a wrap-up session where the local community members shared what they liked about SIT& the announcement of Top 3 speakers per track commenced.

Analytics Track

Agile Visualizations on SAP LUMIRA

Shri kala Jogi

SAP HANA implementation experiences and best practices – A case study

Santosh Kumar Siripuram

SAP HANA for Utilities Industry Analytics

Bharat Murukutla

Technical Track

SAP FIORI Overview and Demo



Sundaresan Krishnamurthy

SAP Mobility Offerings and SMP 3.0

Pallayya Batchu

Functional Track

SRM New User Interface Add-on

RK Potluri

Assets Retirement Obligation

Kishore Kumar Bhojanapalli

SAP Auto – ID: Tagging Supply Chain



The volunteers’ unmatched contribution ensured that all participants were smoothly inducted into the event and had a great learning experience throughout the eight hours duration of the event.

It was quite inspiring to meet and talk to different people and be in these sessions. I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Deloitte, SAP Press & all the volunteers, presenters who shared their experience, knowledge & Participants. It is truly a well-organized and managed effort from the organizers& volunteers.



Though all the sessions were excellent, they have recognized top 3 in each of the tracks. SAP Press will soon be gifting them eBooks as per their choice.

Every one of us agreed that next year we can make it even larger and better and more SAP community members should present the sessions in SIT.

We have a Facebook group SAP Inside Track India to connect and share among the local community members in India.

As well on Linked,  SAP Inside Track India LinkedIn Group is created especially for SAP Inside Track India , Just find out happening in India about SIT , Join this group.

SIT provides a great platform for local SAP community members as well as global SAP Mentors and community members to network, share and learn from each other. It may also be a substitute to some extent, for some who may not be able to attend SAP TechEd (Now d-code) due to travel or budget constraints.

It gives me immense pleasure to witness one of the biggest Inside track events till date with 210 active participants & with a total of 30 sessions in 3 Tracks.

The success of the event has definitely boosted our enthusiasm to host more such community events in Hyderabad

In return created a video on our SIT HYD 2014, have fun…

SITHYD 2014 Pics  : Flickr: maheshkumarcv123’s Photostream

I would like to say special thanks to Divya though she is not from IT , just came for this event from Chennai & thanks to Koundinya Karanam & Pawan Akella for handling camera department  & Photography.


Participants exp Blogs–my-experience-and-notes–my-experience-in-sap-inside-track–my-experience-in-sap-inside-track

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  1. Jitendra Kansal

    I am really impressed with the agenda and 510 nominations a huge number. I have already gone through few blogs as mentioned by you and its really woth reading.

    Great work by you and team.



  2. Former Member

    Hi Mahesh,

    Well done. you have done a great job.

    Thanks to one and all – who have involved in organizing the entire show.


    Siva kumar.

  3. Former Member

    Hi Mahesh,

    3 Tracks, 510 Participant, 75 Topic, 8 Themes, 30 Sessions, 210 active participants.

    That’s excellent. Keep up the great work. Thanks for for sharing about SAP Inside Track with attractive photos.

    All the best.


    Hari Suseelan

      1. Former Member

        You are welcome. I appreciate all your efforts. Also I have shared about SAP Inside Track details to my organization and some people attended SAP Inside Track. Received some appreciation too. Thanks.

  4. Former Member

    Hi Mahesh,

         I have Attended the Analytics track , which had lot of information on HANA.

         My Special Thanks to Mahesh , for answers question related to HANA.


         My request is to ,please share the Presentation on Analytics



  5. Ranjan Jinka

    Hi Mahesh,

    First of all thanks for the invitation. It was really a good experience to attend SIT HYD 2014. It was well planned, excellently organised, very enthusiastic volunteers.

    It was the first time for me to attend SIT and I came all the way from Bengaluru to attend this event, because of the hot topics presented by experts from SAP community.

    And of course, I was satisfied beyond my expectations 🙂

    It was an excellent forum to get to know about our SAP Community people, gain knowledge about the current technology and be aware of the future innovations from SAP.

    As part of Analytics Track, I really feel it is very important to participate in as many this kind of events as possible.

    Once again thanks a lot for one and all who is responsible for SIT HYD 2014.


    Ranjan Jinka 

    1. Former Member Post author

      Ranjan , Great to see that you came from bengaluru ,with you 5 people came from Bengaluru to attend SITHYD 2014. We are very happy to hear that you utilized SIT event & learned a lot. If possible share your experience by writing a blog. This shows how you guys are passionate about new SAP technologies.

  6. Former Member Post author

    A Special thanks to Uday & Ranga Rao  (Deloitte Leadership team) who had provided excellent support in organizing SIT event in Hyderabad from .Tahnks pic.JPG

  7. Former Member

    Hi All,

    I have attanded SIT Hyderabad on 22nd Febuary 2014 for the first time.

    It was extraordinary event by SAP SCN. Thanks to SCN to conduct such event.

    I came to know about new and advanced functionalites  through SIT.

    I am looking forward to attend such events in future and also gather more participants.

    I would like to congratulate all the Delloitte team for conducting successful event.  I congratulate specially Mr. Mahesh Kumar and Mr. Ranga Rao D.

    Thanks to Delloitte team for providing me an opportunity & platform to share and gain knowledge and upgrading the skills , meeting the people from different organisations.

    Chandra sheker chilappa


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