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My Comment — Mr Ravi on Fake resumes

Dear Ravishankar Venna,

Really very happy in reading your blog & Finally got in tears after reading completely..

Yes–people are faking their resumes–because if you keep the word fresher in your resume–they may have a fear– not get even a phone call also from any big/Small Software companies( you may get some consultancy calls informing you that let me check with the Client and they will never turn back)

Recently  i had a discussion with my friend’s uncle(working as a recruiter in some Software company).This discussion really changed my mind set too–why i will tell you in detail…


Me: Uncle–what are the Job opportunities for SAP-SD?

Uncle: see–SAP is the world where always open for talent and smart(Please note this word smart is more required in Software industry–May not be that much relevant in others–i am taking the meaning of word “smart”– in both positive and negative)

Me: Uncle–once you got some resumes what will be your approach in selection?

Uncle: See phani–99.99% of Resumes in SAP are fake–so i can find & remove fake resumes in seconds–But if i do so–i may have 1 out of 1000…Then think from my point of view what i need to do? i know that this resume is fake but no chance for me except forwarding it to my people…

Me: if you know it is fake–why forwarding?

Uncle: see–Once a guy has put some fake experience in his resume–his consciousness always warns him(negative for him) and Positive for me…why i will tell you–once you keep fake in resume of some 3+ years–may be after my interview–if he got selected–if any works assigned to him will be making him to respond in a much faster way than a Fresher—

If i take a fresher–to accomplish some work–it may take 10 days(i need to spend my entire time,salary,patience initially to train him)

But if i take faked guy–so he himself finds his own ways and can accomplish my work may be in 2-3 days(if any mistakes done–still i will be there in correcting these)

Now think what we need to Do????

Fake Experience  Or Fresher….

This is what was happen in my case and initially i truly believe that your knowledge can give you the right place…so initially i kept my resume in Naukri as fresher–do you believe that i got just 3 phone calls in a span of six months that to from consultancy and informed that they will check with their client and will come back(actually they didn’t even turned back)(actually i am not certified too)

After this i kept some Fake experience of 3+,this time i receive the Interview calls—actually i got good number of calls and attended,

finally failed due to unable to catch what exactly interviewer asking me!!!!!

So now think from my point of View–what to do to Go ahead?

Meanwhile your family/Financial Conditions makes you to enter  nasty words like keeping fake in Resumes….

But let me tell you i  got my Job where i learnt SAP…( Now i am in Support Project)(This also I got by keeping some 1.5 years of Fake–But  client liked my approach and taken the risk of selecting me)(actually i have been supporting this client through online- number of times previously)

But PERKS are very little–that’s OK.

Sorry–even the Teachers are taking money from students to refer them and as well as for their fake telephone interviews…

This is what the Current situation is…..

I strongly believe–“””Once teacher got corrupted —-the entire society will be corrupted””””

I recently studied in my Face book account which really made me to come out of this frustration:


I strongly feel that my God ordered me to stop all these nasty things by these messages and through the people like you all &

recently i deactivated all my accounts in Naukri , Monster & Times Jobs…which contains my fake experience.

Let me try again with a fresh mind and all you people are with me every time wherever i stuck…

Thanks for your patience in reading this…

If i wrote any thing wrong–please excuse me…


After Effects Once I removed my Fake resume in all Job Sites:

Dear All

As i shared after Deactivating all my  accounts in job sites–Today morning i got the call from  the HR of a very well reputed company and she asked me for the updated CV-once i told the truth–then she further stopped the Discussion–Finally said thanks for the Information and disconnected my call !!!!!!

Let me see what are all the other worst things i can hear in coming future 😉

But it is better to face worst things than later times 😎


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  • Hi

    You have shared you views and thoughts and this is good but let me ask one thing. Do you think this blog is related to SAP SD? There are some other forums as well like SAP Career and About SCN etc where people post blogs and share there views.


    • Dear Moazzam,

      Sorry--i think this was the Place i can post my blog--actually i am not aware..

      Can you please block this and divert this to the Right place...

      Sorry again for my mistake...


      • Phani

        Don't be sorry and it happens with most of the users who are new in SCN. I have already alerted the moderators and I hope they will move this blog in SAP Career or may be in some other appropriate forum.

        Thank you for sharing this.


  • Glad Phani, you shared your story. Very few people would admit the dark secrets.

    Every person will do mistakes in life, but, very few people would learn something out of it and they would never repeat them.

  • Hi Phani,

    Hats off for admitting your mistake in front of all the people.

    Actually, we can't say it as mistake but you have done it for survival.

    No more words for me to speak.

    Wishing you all the best for your future.


    Sudhir Sadhu

  • Very very brave. I hope your honesty pays off. The dark side is that cheaters and chislers will generally beat those who are honest - especially if HR and the agencies are infected with the same corruption.

    In many countries paying someone to find you a job (as appears to have happened in your case), is illegal (possibly because it encourages bribery). It is the recruiting client who must pay.

  • It seems that you are very sensitive human being (and it requires) but if your call got disconnected from very reputed company after knowing your experience what is shows(true always bitter for odd person), anyway GOD is always with right person.

    Remember one thing "you never do remember true things what you have said but if you say a lie you have to remember entire of your life".

    Good Luck !!

  • Phanikumar,

    I must say you are Brave to admit this!! the attitude is what makes a difference and it shows in your blog and i must applaud for that.and i am glad you are learning from it.

    However we should not encourage such things through blogs.

    Because wrong is wrong, I am sure lot of people will follow this approach by reading this blog since SCN is followed by lot of people and career center is followed by lot of newbies hence we should not promote such things in Blog.

    Change has to be within and if you believe in something eventually you will get there but how fast let the Karma decides, Do not take the short cuts.



  • Dear Phani

    This is a fact that every one knows what he has done wrong in the life but very few accept it with themselves even and only the braves accept it with some of close friends and relatives but only the real heroes can accept it publicly.

    You are great and I have a strong belief that you will get desired success in future.  Keep on learning. God is with you.

    One more courageous point is that you dared to have a eye to eye contact with the Sun (Ravi Sir).


    Rajneesh Saxena

    • Thanks Rajneesh for your humble comments.

      If somebody is having strong will power, nobody can stop from glorifying. We need to have strong belief in ourselves. SAP is just a job, but not the only way to live in life. That self belief is very important in life and we should always ready to start from scratch, prove again and again, that is all matters.

      Best Regards,


  • Dear Phani,

    It takes so much courage to admit that, and one thing to be remembered there is no alternative to hard work.



      • Dear,

        Experts It is hard to believe that out of 100 people in SAP 99 people put fake CV.

        LOT OF THINGS HAS BEEN WRITTEN ON THIS SUBJECT.Earlier I have also commented something. Some people were not happy also.

        Anyway what I could find very easy solution for this--There are two way you can

        stop this-

        (1) Start recruiting fresher (whether certified or non-certified). Generally fresher interested to start with a low salary for getting experiences.

        Now at client part if a fresher do operate as a supporting consultant his/her billing would not be skyrocketing. An experience consultant get good package if he is having through grip on SAP skills as well as domain experiences and through business processes. But it is difficult to get all three. Hence company can manage this with supporting consultant and lead consultant.

        And by the way SAP consulting companies keeping very high margin for any project implementation deal in comparison to other IT implementation project.

        (2) Stop recruiting through job consultancy and references. Release open advertisement. Do written exam, then practical, then interview and finally panel selection (Like PSB & Govt sector doing for higher positions).

        Because IT is  very much a knowledge base industry &  you can't make fool a person for so long by making fake CV.

        Thanks & Regards,


        • Dear dutta first you said

          It is hard to believe that out of 100 people in SAP 99 people put fake CV.


          you can't make fool a person for so long by making fake CV.

          we really can not judge such sensitive issues more over you are very new to sap ( as you mention previously in your thread ) what is your point here ?

          • Poorna,

            I have made my point clear. You have followed all my previous reply in this particular blog you can come to know my point.

            First point whether I am new or old in SAP that is not so important what I have shared my experiences in my 22 years of career.What I am getting feedback form all people in SCN that all CV's are floating in the market is FAKE. I totally disagree with this. Reason behind writing that 99% are fake CV in the world of SAP (Not my opinion but opinion's of all experts put together).

            Second point it is very true that in the world of technical advancement by making fake CV you can't succeed in your career throughout. May be for 2/3 years you have succeeded.

            Third point generally people making fake CV at entry point. After few years of work ex he/she need not to do so. He/She can be easily hired by any organisation.

            Fourth point how to stop fake CV I have already mentioned.

            I have written in very simple English. As simple as that.

            Thanks & Regards,


          • Dear dutta again you are saying

            Reason behind writing that 99% are fake CV in the world of SAP

            I can not write much i would like to one thing either you are in 99 % are remains in 1 % .

          • Dear,

            Poorna As per many experts comment it is not at all possible that all CV 's are fake (may be some percentage). But whatever written about fake CV in this blog that is also exaggerated. I am totally disagree with any of this experts.

            There may be 20% or may be 30% or may be 40% CV are fake in market. But according to some experts even out of 10 people in SCN 9 people's CV are fake.

            Hence fake CV is wrong malpractices, should be avoided.

            But not that much alarming situation as per as time being.

            Thanks & Regards,


          • Dear Supriyo and Purna,

            Here The topic is Not on Percentage of Fake In Total resumes?

            Here the Topic is How to Aviod such things- makes you cry in later times?

            Comment: Sorry you both are going in OFF-Track.


          • Dear phani as you said

            Sorry you both are going in OFF-Track

            .What is on track ? we simply leasining these words from dutta

            even out of 10 people in SCN 9 people's CV are fake.

          • Hi Dutta as you keep on saying

            But according to some experts even out of 10 people in SCN 9 people's CV are fake.

            What you are going to say next ? Before you write something on community at least you should think twice .

          • Same here - my approach is to under sell and over deliver. It's better to be honest and impress the client than build up their expectations and disappoint!

        • SAP is not just permanent jobs from offshore and doing some fixes.

          Point No.1 - Clients are very choosy when they pay $150 per hour, they cannot compromise on delivery. They may save $100 per hour by selecting a fresher, but, the business would see substantial loss financially and even reputation wise.

          Point No.2 - The turnaround times are very low, usually, if you are a contractor, you get a call today evening, tomorrow morning you need to start your work 1000 miles away. You would not have a privilege to conduct a national level test and spend lovely 3 months to recruit the resources. Need the resources now, that is the market demand in SAP.

          • Mr. Ravi,

            I am agreed totally on your opinion. I have followed very closely your blogs, comments by other & so on.

            See what I understand is that SAP is a knowledge based industry. Hence by making fake claims you cannot establish yourself for long term. May be for a shorter period  you have gained something.

            Fake CV are available in all the industries, not only in SAP.

            Hence my point is simple those who do fake CV they can walk up to some miles and then fall down and injured themselves for life time (you can understand what it is).

            As per professional ethics concern you should not lie at all.

            I have made these suggestions reason behind that more stake holder (HR firm, consulting companies, references, friends, colleagues  middle man) are in system more chances of generating fake CV.

            But on your point about client paying for $150 definitely can't compromise on delivery. But there are  n number of example where freshers are working as supporting consultant.

            Definitely this menace would go down if selection process of IT firm make more stringent rules , verification process etc.

            Thanks & regards


  • Hi Phanikumar,

    Appreciated ur dareness to express the open recruiting process in IT industry.  I mean u did not bother about ur future, directly u pointed How  exactly interview process runs in market.

    Can I have ur mail id??



  • Dear Phani,

    As we both are in the same boat, I really appreciate for being open in sharing the facts.

    I sincerely request all the recruiters to give a chance to the talent and honesty. And I am sure you will get Quality work.

    Thank you.

    • True Praveen...There are many many and many SAP aspirants  who equally qualify  but  are not getting any opportunity. This is the dark side of the industry where no body wants to look at. But this is not at all healthy.

  • Hello Phani ,

    Really appreciate you for bravely accepting the mistake you have done.

    Am sure there are many people like you and me for whom the start in SAP was very very difficult but eventually I believe " Hard work does pay ".


    But one thing I would like to highlight .

    Today morning i got the call from  the HR of a very well reputed company(Acc****) and she asked me for the updated CV-once i told that i am fake and sorry to tell you madam the truth that-- only for the Interviews i kept fake Experience of 4+--but  i am actually 4 months experience--then she further stopped the Discussion--Finally said thanks for the Information and disconnected my call !!!!!!

    You don't need to mention the recruiters that you were fake . As you might be knowing that many good companies maintain a long term database for each candidate and they uniquely maintain them using Passport number , or PAN number ....

    And by this they may blacklist ( coz they also need to do their duty ) you even.

    So don't be this much extra honest.

    Simply reject the offer for interview by saying that I am not interested or anything else.

    And continue with gathering some real time exp.

  • Dear Phani,

    The way u propose solution is appreciated and very mature way.

    still I didn't understand why u posted this blog.

    You are expecting companies should change their recruiting process?

    I believe they won't coz ( godha agar charey se dosti karage tho khayega kua)If a horse is friendly with grass, whay should he eat.

    Appreciated your darness.



    • Dear Hidayathulla,

      I think you have not completely followed my post.

      I never made the entire recruitment process as wrong--please go through my post again and can give you better clarity.


  • Hi Phani,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Many of us have gone through this but need a courage to share. My journey in SAP was also started like this. I too showed fake experience in my resume by showing SD-CIN consultant with one year experience. And I got a call from At*s but interviewer directly asked me about CIN and related questions which I never ever heard. Finally he caught me and said if you want to put fake resume then you do need to be well in this and ready for expected questions.

    After this I decided to not to go with this. And exactly 4 months later I joined in another prominent company as a fresher and now I am having genuine one year experience with "Onsite Client Facing Experience".

    Even I also posted a query on SCN after clearing my certification too and got a wonderful help from TW Typewriter.

    Regarding jobs for freshers in SAP

    Remember, it is not about knowing something but it is about mastering it.

    Through this I started working hard with confidence and patience. After this I had an interview with my current company and selected among 42 SAP SD certified freshers. Now my profile has changed and I am enjoying my life in the world of SAP.



  • Hi Phanikumar,

    Its really eye opener blog for the freshers looking into SAP world as even certified people with no experience are not taken as company people requires the END-END Implementation experience.(Words i have listened every time a consultancy calls up)

    I mean without providing job for entry level, how can they expect to have END-END Implementation experience. I was in similar situation. Some points i would want put it out for freshers looking for SAP Jobs

    1) First choose the SAP module according to your knowledge and domain experience you have.

    2)There are many startup companies who take freshers for less salary for SAP support process be it any module. Join there work for some time gain genuine experience rather then faking..

    3)Try getting into SAP customer company where you need not have this END-END implementation . Work as Superuser ,resolve the issues, learn more..

    4)Do a certification in SAP authorized  Institute (Not in unauthorized and illegal SAP training institutes who make the innocent people believe create fake resume  and get job,these institutes are main reason behind this whole mess of fake resumes)

    and be certified and keep reading SAP issues posted on different topics.

    List then and understand how they are resolved.

    These are the same steps i followed and now i am working in a  job related to SAP and willing to move on conquer my other dreams.

    Genuine -Whole life you will  be satisfied that i have worked genuinely

    Fake-One 2 years you will enjoy. But when time comes  you will end up a loser.

    Be Straight forward!!! Be Genuine!!!

    Its left you to decide (freshers)


    Darshan Desai

  • Dear Phani,

    What you did is correct.

    In English there is a proverb called " It's too bad to be too Good".

    That is what happened in your life................Nice

  • Hi phani,

    As you posted this 6 months i want to know what are you doing at present have you found job?  what you have been learned  in this 6 months?

  • mr @Phanikumar V is it real that in sap 99% are fake resumes.....then does that mean more than 80% all 3+ experience candidates are fake in most of the SAP companies ?.....does all sap companies know that their company possess more than 80% fake candidates ? these are my doubts as i'm fresher.  Phanikumar Valiveti