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Intelligent Business Operations powered by SAP HANA

In today’s competitive landscape and difficult business context, CIOs and Enterprise Architects are often struggling to find the key to turn their IT department from a cost and a burden to the business into a game-changing competitive advantage.

The challenges they face are significant. How can an enterprise achieve a higher degree flexibility on end-to-end business processes, often running on a complex and heterogeneous legacy of IT systems? How can it leverage the company’s Big Data within operational processes, in real-time, to make them “situation aware”? How can it infuse more intelligence into operational decisions? And finally, how can it do all this in the short term, with low risk and no disruption?

The innovative technology paradigm that covers these questions is surely Intelligent Business Operations (IBO), that Gartner defines as “a style of work in which real-time analytics and decision management technologies are integrated into the transaction-executing and book-keeping operational activities that run a business”. And the best-in-class solution that can turn this paradigm into reality quickly, easily and non-disruptively is SAP Intelligent Business Operations powered by HANA.

What can this solution bring to your business?
Think for example of a Telco company trying to reduce customer churn. Today, a lot of effort has been spent on building intelligence on customer data, profiling and segmentation, and running targeted retention and marketing campaigns for customers classified as “at risk”. Now, imagine if a Telco could use that intelligence within customer-facing business processes, to react in real-time to events and behaviors of each single customer, in a completely personalized way, aware of the specific customer context.

We could imagine similar scenarios for a Retail company running real-time personalized marketing, or a Utilities company running customer-specific campaigns for energy efficiency based on real-time consumption and so on. This is the level of competitive advantage that Intelligent Business Operations can bring to your business.


SAP Intelligent Business Operations powered by HANA is an integrated and streamlined solution that delivers the IBO paradigm with a unique best-in-class architecture.


What do you get:

No matter how complex and heterogeneous your legacy is, SAP can help you evolve your current end-to-end processes to IBO. This solution leverages the HANA platform as the foundation that enables infusing intelligence (OLAP logic) into the transactional stack (OLTP logic), by merging them into one in-memory database with built-in statistics and predictive engines.

SAP Event Stream Processor is the Complex Event Processing engine that you can use to gather events from your legacy IT systems, as well as social feeds, unstructured events and any kind of data source, and correlate them to aggregate and filter complex events which are meaningful to the business processes.

SAP Operational Process Intelligence is the new operational intelligence component built on HANA and conceived to give useful and personalized business insights in real-time to all process stakeholders and business users, with an HTML5 mobile-ready and zero-training interface.

SAP Process Orchestration, obviously, is the comprehensive and standard-based orchestration suite that allows turning insights into action through its Process Integration (ESB), Business Process (BPM) and Rules Management (BRM) components.

And last but not least, SAP Power Designer is the leading enterprise modeling tool that allows designing and controlling your process models, to enforce a proper top-down approach and streamline the process lifecycle.


There is no need to replace existing systems or heavily rework your processes: you can start with Intelligent Business Operations today on your infrastructure, and get your business to a new degree of competitiveness.

Read the SAP press release for more information: Intelligent Business Operations Bundle powered by SAP HANA Helps Organizations Contextualize Big Data Insights into Processes.

We will keep publishing more on this topic here so stay tuned. Learn more about this unique integrated offering with our industry demos, and reach out to your SAP representative to understand how you can be one of the early adopters in your industry.

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      Author's profile photo Oscar Roncero
      Oscar Roncero

      Great content Silvio! Thanks for posting it!

      Author's profile photo Michele isnardi
      Michele isnardi

      Ciao Silvio,

      I would like to speak you about your experience on SAP HANA platform.

      I need to understand in our scenario the benefits could bring to our business.

      Thanks in advance for availability.




      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart

      That's a very interesting combination Silvio, and a positive direction towards real continous improvement of processes.  Look forward to seeing more on this in future.

      Author's profile photo Saurabh Kumbhare
      Saurabh Kumbhare

      Thanks  SILVIO ARCANGELI  for the wonderful post. I would definitely love to see more content on it.



      Author's profile photo Silvio Arcangeli
      Silvio Arcangeli
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Saurabh!

      and yes you're right we should definitely write more, there have been very interesting updates in the past year, and SAP IBO is having a lot of success!

      I'm working on a new post, I hope to get it out shortly. 🙂