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HR Renewal – Quickview Fields Configuration

Hello All,

In this blog I would take you all through the process of editing the fields configured in the Quickview of HR Renewal/ HR Professional/ PAOM Masterdata Application & WorkForce viewer.

Note: Talent Management Data Retrieval Framework is used to handle fields(and its respective data) in Short Profile and Quickview of HR Masterdata application. The Quickview is reused in WorkForce viewer as well.

Go to transaction SPRO and open the below node.


Standard Talent Management Configurations delivered for Quickviews are  – SAP_PA_QUICKVIEW( for object type ‘P – Person’), SAP_POS_QUICKVIEW(for object type – ‘S – Position’), SAP_ORG_QUICKVIEW(for Object type ‘O – Orgainzational Unit’).

These Talent Management Configurations contain the fields that could be choosen during the Quickview FPM Component creation and eventually painted on to the UI.

  PA Quickview config.jpg

For e.g:

If you want to change the fields in the Employeee Quickview, there are two options:

    1. If you want to pick and choose fields other than what is provided in default FPM Quickview component Configuration – HRPAO_QV_TH_EMP_XX, create a new FPM configuration using the Standard Talent Management Configuration SAP_PA_QUICKVIEW and create a new FPM component configuration and maintain the FPM Quickview component configuration in view V_T77PAOMDQVCFC for choosen Type.
    2. If you want different set of fields other than what is provided in Standard Talent Management Configuration SAP_PA_QUICKVIEW, then please create a new Talent Management Configuration and create a new FPM configuration using the newly created Talent Management Configuration.

NOTE: Please DO NOT DELETE fields in standard Talent Management Configurations.

Steps to create new FPM Configuration either from Standard Talent Management Configuration or customer specific Talent Management Configuration:

Create FPM configuration:

fpm config create.jpg

WD component config new.jpg

Give a name to the FPM component config and hit ‘New‘.

In the subsequent screen enter the Quickview feeder class  ‘CL_HRPAO_QV_TH_HROBJECT’ and hit ‘Edit Parameters’.

Feeder class.jpg

In the next screen, select the Object Type for which you want to create the FPM Quickview component Configuration and from the F4 help select the Talent Management Configuration from which you want to pick the fields.

edit parameters.jpg

In the subsequent screen, the fields from the above selected Talent Management Configuration would be available for selection. So choose the fields/attributes in the FPM design time editor and hit Save. Your FPM Quickview component config is created.

Maintain the custom FPM Quickview component config in view – V_T77PAOMDQVCFC.

Open view  – V_T77PAOMDQVCFC.

view display.jpg

In the edit mode, maintain the new entry.

edit view.jpg

Similarly, you can create new FPM configurations for other two object types(Position & Org Unit) as well.

Once the custom configurations are maintained in the view, the application would pick this up and render the Quickview with the fields configured in the custom FPM Quickview component configuration.

The Quickview can be seen upon mouse hover on links like Position, Employee name, Org Unit etc in Short Profile of the Masterdata Application(webdynpro page). Also the Quickview is available upon hover on Object names in UI5 lanes like Organization, Discussions etc.,. In UI5 Search lane the Quickview is available as third column. See the screenshot below.


Additionally, the Quickview is available in WorkForce viewer as well.

WF viewer.jpg

Hope you find it useful!.


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      Dhinesh Kumar J

      Hi Ashok,

        Nice information 🙂

      Thanks and Regards,

      Dhinesh Kumar.J

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      Former Member

      Suuuper ........

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      Former Member

      what is the business function do we need to activate for getting that node visible in sfw5 as i am not able to see that node in SPRO .....



      ESS MSS

      Author's profile photo nikhil k
      nikhil k

      Hello Ashok,


      Nice blog.


      You have mentioned Quick view Component for Employee.


      Can you please tell me the Quickview Component for Org Unit and Position ?



      Nikhil Kulkarni