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Hi All,

Business always interested in Trend/Arrows in tables instead of numbers .In 4.0 IPAD we can get this by writing some code.

we can use images and hyperlinks to get the same .But it needs some maintenance.

End Result

This blog gives you simple trick to show Trend/Arrows in your webi report as per condition.

We know that we can use ascii values in webi with CHAR() function.


CHAR(9650 ) – UP ARROW

CHAR(9679 ) – CIRCLE

> Insert new column to show Arrows/Icons

>Write alerter with sub alter to show Arrows/Icons with different colors as per condition.

>write condition : Sales Qty less 10

Format alerter as per requirement. In my case DOWN Arrow

Set color for ARROW :RED and width of arrow (you can change it by increasing font size and style as BOLD)

Now you need to create sub alert for the Sales Qty greater than 10

create alert

Format :

Display : =CHAR(9650)

Format : GREEN color

Now apply Alert in your blank column. That’s it 🙂

Similarly you can create Alerters for ICONS also.

You can get ascii char values for different shapes from here

Code Charts

Unicode character table

Note : You can use all the ascii codes. Neglect &# and use the number .Some of them may give (rectangle box) in rich client /rich internet mode ,but you’ll get the symbol in html mode (reading)

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  1. Former Member


    Everyday i am knowing the new things in this blog, I personally feel this blog is very interesting 🙂 .

    I use to thing webI is little bit, But looking this blog I feel there r vast things need to be performed which I/we dont know even…Thnks for sharing.



  2. Former Member

    Hi Satish,

    Can we use all ascii codes in webi ? Because for some ascii codes we are having &# in front of the code that ascii codes.


    G Sampath Kumar

    1. Sateesh Kumar Post author

      Hi sampath,

      You can use all the ascii codes. Neglect &# and use the number .Some of them may give (rectangle box) in rich client /rich internet mode ,but you’ll get the symbol in html mode (reading)

    1. Former Member

      Hey Sateesh, I’ve been using this approach for couple of reports and the special character does not seem to export perfectly on to PDF document.

      For Example:

      I’m using Char(10004) for a Tick Mark on webi 4.1


      But when exported to PDF file the Tick Marks seems to disappear like shown belowCapture.PNG

      Adobe Acrobat XI Version 11.0.11

      Any Help would be appreciated

  3. Jyothirmayee A

    Thanks for Sharing the tips Sateesh,

    I’m using Char(9660) and Char(9650) for a conditional formatting but somehow these doesn’t get exported to PDF.

    Any suggestions please?.



        1. Sateesh Kumar Post author

          Hi ,

          What result you are getting . Check the column/cell is formatted as “Text” .

          Check any conditional formatting is overwriting result.


            1. Mahboob Mohammed

              Hi Naveen,

              There is a better and simple way to get those icons without using the Char() function.

              1. Open Excel (I’ve MS Office 2010), click in a blank cell, go to Insert tab (from top) -> click on Symbol (near far right)
              2. In the window that opens up, from the drop down on right for Subset select Miscellaneous Symbols, double click on the all the symbols you want, up arrow, down arrow etc. You’ll see them added to a cell in Excel sheet. Close this Symbol window.
              3. Copy those symbols from Excel and paste them in Webi cell (to test).


              I was able to get it. Let us know if you’re successful. Apart from that, you can get a lot of stuff directly by copying from Excel.


              Mahboob Mohammed

              1. Naveen Reddy Yolugoti

                Thanks Mahaboob,

                Your approach looks good to get different type of arrows, symbols, shapes, etc. It saves lot of time searching for codes and then converting them to ASCII values.

                FYI, I am unable to find horizontal hexagon in the EXCEL symbols.

                Actually I want to display text like this in webi for a flow chart type of report.


                but when I use this symbols in webi, I am getting a very thick border like this:

                I am currently displaying symbol first (with 200 or 300 font size) and then on top of it I am adding a text box to display the text/data.


                Do you know any solution, so that we can have a text box in any shape needed.

                Thanks & Regards.


  4. Former Member

    Hi Sateesh,

    Is there any way to Conditionally format the Heat Map in Web Intelligence Rich Client?
    If yes then can i do it based on the Object used in the Category Axis?

    I have a requirement in Heat Map, where the Map should be having the Thresholds ( 3 types and three colors) for 26 different KPIs. which have 3 different thresholds for each KPI.

    Hope i could get a reply from anyone.



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