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Connecting Our Customers: Why Integration Is Important

Recently, analysts from Bersin by Deloitte, a research firm
that helps guide the HR, talent, and learning strategies of its members, published
a report entitled, “
Understanding Integration: SAP’s HCM Integration Strategy with
(a direct link to the report can be
found below).  The report summarized what
the analysts learned during a comprehensive briefing with people from SAP and
SuccessFactors about our integration strategy for on-premise SAP applications
with the cloud-based talent management solutions offered by SuccessFactors.

Before the acquisition of SuccessFactors by SAP, most of you had to take on this integration yourselves.
From day 1 of bringing the two firms together, one of our key objectives was to make this process a whole lot easier for you by delivering pre-defined integration content.  With this content, we want you to be able to leverage the years of investments you have in our on-premise software and help you move quickly and easily into the cloud with SuccessFactors. 

Bersin recognizes the extensive strides that we have taken to help you integrate applications such as the SAP ERP application and the SAP Human Capital Management solution with various SuccessFactors Talent Management modules.

As you know, HR platforms are complex, as they include systems for talent, performance, and other core HR talent management functions, and they rely on other related business applications and services. And when you combine applications from multiple vendors, such as SAP and SuccessFactors, not to mention other third-party software – the integration of all these processes
can become even more complex.

I would like to share with you some highlights from this report about the driving forces behind our integration efforts, which the
Bersin report touches on in the section called “Why Integration Matters.”

Four Reasons Why Integration Matters in HR

As the Bersin report suggests, there are four key areas where
a tight integration of SAP and SuccessFactors software is important. They

  • Accurate data and timely analytics.Like with any enterprise application, when you want to make insightful decisions based on real-time data, especially around talent management, you need a single source of truth.  An HCM solution that’s integrated, with SAP and SuccessFactors applications working together and a dedicated system of record defined for all data, helps provide you with up-to-the-minute accurate and reliable data.
  • A unified user experience. People in HR often need to access data from multiple applications – such as compensation management, benefits, and payroll, to name a few. Productivity and accuracy is slowed down when people have to log into a variety of systems. With the integration of SAP and SuccessFactors, we’re enabling unified access points to so your users can access the processes and data they need without having to navigate across and sign on to multiple systems. 
  • Accuracy and compliance. As the Bersin report indicates and as you are aware, legal and regulatory requirements are of the utmost importance in the HR world. It’s key to be able to track how compliance is met in recruitment efforts, as well as other areas, such as mandatory compliance training. We want you to be able to have an easy and confident way to meet any
    compliance need with all your SAP and SuccessFactors software.
  • IT cost. We know that many of you have both SAP and SuccessFactors applications – and we want to make it easy for you to
    run our software together in an efficient, cohesive manner that represents the united front that we are today. Our integration efforts will cut down on the time your IT department spends on mapping out end-to-end processes and writing and maintaining interfaces to achieve it. 

I would recommend looking into this report, as it also discusses many questions that have arisen from their SAP and SuccessFactors members on very specific integration processes. In addition, next month I will share another blog discussing the specific iFlows, or predefined integrations, that we have created to help connect your existing on-premise deployments with the
SuccessFactors cloud HCM solutions with minimal disruption and maximum benefit.  We are committed to continued progress in this area as we make the integration process as easy as possible for you.

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      Author's profile photo Jarret Pazahanick
      Jarret Pazahanick

      I think we can all agree integration is important but SAP/SF have ways to go to "integrate/interface" all their offerings and true "unification" will be extremely challenging without a lot of re-engineering.

      I have a lot of respect for Josh but if he only talked to SAP/SF during a briefing it might be why his report was more rosy than from the customers I am interacting with on the ground.

      SAP is heading in the right direction with their integration with the exception of charging a 7.5% net subscription cost for Hana Cloud Integration (which I hope they revisit especially) but its a difficult task to integrate all the different systems (Plateau, SAP HCM, SAP ERP, Jobs2Web, Inform, EC to ECP) into a cohesive offering.