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Hi Friends,

Here first I am providing problem which leads me to write this blog and explain details further how to analyse issue.

I have a issue with few Materials and there Navigational attributes, where I am unable to get transaction data(Sales Order Details) with respected to  Material and its navigational attr.

Although I have data for specific Material in my Infocube , still I am unable to view data at Query level.

Then I investigated the issue by doing reverse engineering as – checking whether I have any filters at global level of query or conditions or suppress 0 value records at Bex level.  Still no clue 😐 .

Then further checked the data at Multiprovider and Infocube level using Transaction LISTCUBE.

Here I find out that I am unable to get records if I see data by displaying/ enabling navigational attribute  (Material Group) of Material.

Here I took test data as 2 materials: A*01 AND J*01.

blog 1.PNG

If I cross check same data with only Material and without enabling Navigational attr at LICSTCUBE , I am able to see data.

blog 2.PNG

Then I came know that this issue belongs to Mater data inconsistency and this drives me to check Mater Data tables of 0MATERIAL.

I am able to see SIDs for both materials  A*01 AND J*01 in SID table  /BI0/SMATERIAL  & /BI0/PMATERIAL   and same SIDs are not available in /BI0/XMATERIAL (SID table for time independent Nav attr table) for Material  – J*01.

blog 3.PNG

blog 4.PNG

blog 5.PNG

This makes clear point that records are missing in  /BI0/XMATERIAL  – SID table for time independent Nav attr table.

Because of this Infocube is unable to pick master data value form X table and same leads to missing record in IC.

Lets me tell you why IC doesn’t have data for Material  J*01. ➕

In Dimension table of Material –  /BIC/DC_SD_C034  –  Dim ID 102 having SID 40 .

blog 6.PNG

If you are viewing data for just 0MATERIAL without Navigation attribute, then  system will pick value for SID 40 from P table  and you will able to see data in Infocube .

blog 7.PNG

If you are viewing data for 0MATERIAL along with Navigation attribute 0MATL_GROUP, then system will pick value for SID 40 from X table.  As X table doesn’t have SID 40 and system can’t pull data for Material A*01 and finally you will miss that record in Infocube.

blog 8.PNG

To rectify the issue I went to check the consistency of data between Master data tables (X table and Y table) with the help of Transaction RSRV.

RSRV is useful transaction in BW to validate inconsistencies in master data and Transaction Data tables and simultaneously we can Repair or correct those inconsistencies also. ℹ

Regarding discussing issue , as it is related to inconsistency in mater data tables- here I went to use Repair option called SID values in X and Y tables.

blog 9.PNG

After executing above function, system has given clear error messages and explained the reason for inconsistency.

This helps to conclude the unexpected behaviour of few master data records in X table and need to Repair those records.

blog 10.PNG

blog 11.PNG

To repair inconsistency use Correct Error option at Right Top of Screen.

blog 12.PNG

Continue with Yes option.

System provides details as – The following tables of 0MATERIAL must be reconstructed. Here X table is required to reconstruct.

Proceed with Yes option.

blog 13.PNG

Now I validated the data in master data tables which I repaired.

Here we are able to see values for materials A*01 AND J*01 in /BI0/XMATERIAL table.

blog 14.PNG

Finally, we are able to find desired data in Infocube.

blog 15.PNG

Thanks for reading this article and hope it helps you 🙂 .

Best Wishes,


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  1. Former Member


    Nice document. I have seen this document in right time as iam also facing similar kind of issue.

    Hope it will solve my issue as well.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Chandra Sekhar.

  2. Former Member

    Hi Vijay,

    Solution was simple and need to to do test cases at RSRV.

    But the way you presented about finding the issue was nice one.

    Good blog and  nice approach to find the RCA.



    1. Former Member Post author

      Dear Raman,

      Its nice to get Feedback from you.

      I agree with you and my intention to write this document  is to give clear picture about extended star schema and how to analyse issue.

      Best wishes, Vijay

  3. Former Member

    Hi Babai,

             Good Analysis, really helpful and cheers for explaining rare scenario.. keep going, waiting for more posts & scenarios 😉



  4. Anshu Lilhori

    I like the kind of doc/blogs which talks about real time scenario.Effective use of RSRV to resolve it and the approach you took to narrow down the issue is the crux of this blog. Thanks for sharing this.Much appreciated.



  5. Benedict Venmani Felix

    Nice document Vijay. I liked the way you explained with details about multi-dimensional cubes and navigational attributes. BTW do you happen to know why the entry did not get posted in the X table in the first place?


    1. Former Member Post author

      Dear Benedit,

      Thanks for your Feedback.

      Coming to your question, technical reason for absence of record in X Table is inconsistency between master data tables while sharing SIDs. Database level table adjustment is required some times to solve this kind of issues  and at end we did same thing with help of RSRV.

      Best Wishes, Vijay

  6. Former Member

    Dear Vijay,

    Nicely documented. It has been a KT for me and  must say very useful. The use of RSRV, inconsistencies in Master data and Transaction data & correction, really very well explained.
    Thanks Vijay for sharing. And please do keep posting such conceptual docs.
    Thanks Bro.


  7. Former Member

    Hello Vijay,

    This article is really very helpful in trouble shooting the related Issues. Definately a very good approach to drill down the problematic area in the real life scenarios. Appreciate for sharing the document ! Many Thanks..!



  8. Former Member

    Thanks for the informative document, I really love someone explain in graphical coz it’s make ppl easy to understand and learn . Keep it up ..

  9. Former Member

    Hi Vijay,

    Very informative blog… in fact I have come across the similar issue now I have got the clear idea y the issue has araised….I am new to SAP BI… Thank you… keep posting such things 🙂


    Anusha A

  10. E. Sultana


    Thanks for the explanation. However, I am still struggeling with the same issue.

    I have followed the steps as described above, but still I am getting below error in RSRV after correction the error.



    Characteristic 0MATERIAL: 30.919 values from table /BI0/PMATERIAL do not exist in table /BI0/XMATERIAL


    Can someone please help me with this?


    Thanks in advance!


    Kind regards,



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