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How to switch ABAP system data to a Solution Manager 7.1 or JAVA SLD

Hi Experts,

With this blog i would like to share my experience to thrust ABAP Systems data to Java SLD or Solution Manager 7.1 for Stack XML file generation & for central Monitoring purposes.

There are so many documents available on internet & also on SDN forum about ABAP system data push to Java SLD but here i’ll elaborate/share more steps for successful connection with data transfer from ABAP systems to Solution Manager System.

I also request to experts to precise me if ‘m wrong somewhere in this blog, this would even help me to gain more on this topic.

Here  i starts with some prerequisites tests on ABAP system end.

Pre activities on ABAP System

(a) Creation of RFC destination from ABAP system to your JAVA system or Solution Manager through SM59.

(b) Maintain SLD Access data via transaction SLDAPICUST, here provide Alias name ,host name of your Java system or Solution manager with  Port 50000  &  admin user password of Solution Manager as like below.

Give IP address of Java System or Solution Manager under Gateway host with sapgw00 as Gateway option and save the connection for a successful test.

(d)  After these previous steps run transaction SLDCHECK to get below results & screen on your browser.

/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/3_397547.jpg      /wp-content/uploads/2014/02/4_397548.jpg


For this edit the new Product System to flag it as relevant as like below screen & save.

Under SMSY perform check for RFC destination.

Finally in Solution Manager work centers under Managed System Configuration you’ll find your ABAP system & after that we can configure it or to generate Stack file (*.xml) for upgrade procedures as well as for centralized system monitoring.

Hope you guys will find this blog as helpful for you as well as for reference purposes.

Once more i request to all please precise this blog if found wrong somewhere & share your experience with me to make this blog more useful for others.


Gaurav Rana

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