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Hi Experts,

With this blog i would like to share my experience to thrust ABAP Systems data to Java SLD or Solution Manager 7.1 for Stack XML file generation & for central Monitoring purposes.

There are so many documents available on internet & also on SDN forum about ABAP system data push to Java SLD but here i’ll elaborate/share more steps for successful connection with data transfer from ABAP systems to Solution Manager System.

I also request to experts to precise me if ‘m wrong somewhere in this blog, this would even help me to gain more on this topic.

Here  i starts with some prerequisites tests on ABAP system end.

Pre activities on ABAP System

(a) Creation of RFC destination from ABAP system to your JAVA system or Solution Manager through SM59.

(b) Maintain SLD Access data via transaction SLDAPICUST, here provide Alias name ,host name of your Java system or Solution manager with  Port 50000  &  admin user password of Solution Manager as like below.


(c) Create one more RFC i.e SAPSLDAPI under SM59 with connection type as T (TCP/IP) and under Technical system use Registered Server Program with ID SAPSLDAPI_<SID> , here SID would be of your Solution Manager e.g SAPSLDAPI_SOL.


Give IP address of Java System or Solution Manager under Gateway host with sapgw00 as Gateway option and save the connection for a successful test.

(d)  After these previous steps run transaction SLDCHECK to get below results & screen on your browser.

/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/3_397547.jpg      /wp-content/uploads/2014/02/4_397548.jpg

RFC Destinations SLD_UC and SLD_NUC

These two RFC connections will create if not present when you configure the target SLD via transaction RZ70 in ABAP system on activation.

Under Transaction RZ70 we need  provide SLD Bridge : Gateway Information

Provide Host Field, enter the name of gateway host (would be hostname of Java System/Solution Manager )  & gateway service (sapgw00) .As we want to send/push data of ABAP system towards Solution Manager so here i have given hostname & gateway information of Solution Manager.

Execute the start data collection this will results screen


and under SM59 you’ll able to find SLD_UC as well as SLD_NUC RFC connection which are created automatically by activation & execution of Start Data collection. For more information, see SAP Note 584654.

Activities on Solution Manager end

Now check whether “SAP_LMDB_LDB_0000000001” job (program name: AI_LMDB_R_SYNC_RUNNER) is continuously running successfully or not on Java System , because it plays vital role to drag data from SLD to LMDB .


Now on Solution Manager Go to Transaction SMSY_SETUP & select Transport Management System TMS/RFC & schedule data transfer from TMS/RFC  (F8).

After completion of job SAP_LMDB_LDB_0000000001 you’ll be able to find ABAP system data into SMSY

Alternately we’ve one report named AI_SC_REFRESH_READ_ONLY_DATA for the collection of data for ABAP Systems if you maintained necessary details of ABAP system on marketplace.

Execute report AI_SC_REFRESH_READ_ONLY_DATA in transaction SA38 & provide your customer number to execute in background.

One more report named SMSY_FETCH_SYSTEM_UPDATE we can use to fetch the selected ABAP System data, for this execute SMSY_FETCH_SYSTEM_UPDATE in SA38 & provide System ID as well as System type in my case i selected SAP_BCSystem as SLD Classe for ABAP system.


and click on Read system data.

Next step is to maintain the ABAP Host via LMDB transaction as Servers & Hosts are no longer to maintain with SMSY .


Provide the necessary details for successful creation of new Host entry under Landscape Management database. Similarly create the Database information via LMDB.


After feeding database details under LMDB need to maintain Product System

  /wp-content/uploads/2014/02/10_397564.jpg      /wp-content/uploads/2014/02/11_397565.jpg       

Select Copy to make it Active under Installed Product versions & Save your entries. After saving sometimes you get message ./wp-content/uploads/2014/02/23_397587.jpg

For this edit the new Product System to flag it as relevant as like below screen & save.


Major step is to Resync the newly created system from the SLD .To perform this edit Technical system via LMDB & execute option Re Sync from SLD .


Sometimes we get an annoying error message  /wp-content/uploads/2014/02/14_397575.jpg

To avoid this error refer SAP Note 1766713 which tells to execute one standard report RLMDB_SYNC_TECHNICAL_SYSTEM with options as in screen


Here we can opt deletion of data which is created manually under LMDB & SMSY.


After successful execution of report RLMDB_SYNC_TECHNICAL_SYSTEM again try to Re Sync SLD data this time you’ll be provided with screen


via LMDB & click on OK .


One more step is to assign Product Instances by searching Product Instance on clicking Add button.


Last we need to maintain RFC connection under Product Systems. Select new added ABAP system from SMSY transaction Product Systems & this switches you to LMDB on browser window to maintain RFC connections.


Click on RFC Maintenance & provide required ABAP user password & Solution manager Administrator user password details to maintain a successful RFC connections.


Under SMSY perform check for RFC destination.


Finally in Solution Manager work centers under Managed System Configuration you’ll find your ABAP system & after that we can configure it or to generate Stack file (*.xml) for upgrade procedures as well as for centralized system monitoring.

Hope you guys will find this blog as helpful for you as well as for reference purposes.

Once more i request to all please precise this blog if found wrong somewhere & share your experience with me to make this blog more useful for others.


Gaurav Rana

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  1. Former Member

    Hello Gaurav Rana,

    Thank you for the information. But tell me because I didn’t understand one thing that I need to know in way to perform the setup of it… how can I synchronize the data of my Java system (for example a SAP Portal) with my remote SLD (in my Solution Manager SLD).

    I found the following help but unfortunately it doesn’t help me because it does not match with the menu options that I have in my Portal (Java) system:

    Setting Up the SLD Data Supplier for AS Java Based Systems – Configuring, Working with and Administering System Landscap…

    So, can you tell me how can I do that please?

    Thank you,

    samid raif

      1. Former Member

        Hi Bro,

        Thank you for a nice blog..

        I am new to Solution Manager 7.2 SP1 Abap stack Installation & Configuration. I installed & configure the basic setting of Solution Manager but now don’t know how to Create a Local SLD in Solution Manager. Request you to please help me for the same.


        Thanks & Regards



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