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We all know that JAM is the most popular social collaboration software from SAP. Now, both C4C and JAM has few things in common. One of which is Feed.

Whatever happens, eventually, feeds make up everything. Conversations, Decisions, Help etc… What if a customer is already using JAM as their Feed system and want to maintain the same in C4C as well ??? C4C does support the JAM integration out of box. You just have to configure it according to your need.

This document gives you detailed steps which you need to follow in order to successfully configure JAM Integration with C4C.

  • Basic assumption would be that both tenants work on same User IDs and replace current C4C feed functionality with that of JAM’s.
  • Prerequisite would be that you need to have Admin rights in both tenants!
  • Recommended Browser: Internet Explorer!
  • Every company specific sensitive data will be masked. So, watchout for white spaces!

Step 1: Login into your JAM instance and navigate to Admin page.


Step 2: Check for the option “OAuth Clients” in the left pane and click it. Add a new oAuth client.


Step 3: Create a new OAuth Client by giving below params.

          1) Name: Tenant URI without https

          2) Feed Filtering: Select none (General Case)

          3) Integration URL: C4C tenant URl with https

          4) Rest all empty.


Step 4: Let’s see what we’ve created. Go back to OAuth Clients view and now, you should be able to see the client you’ve created. Click on “View”.


Step 5: You should be able to see the Key and Secret values for the OAuth client (C4C tenant). This will be later used by C4C tenant for token exchange. I did mask Secret for security reasons.


Step 6: Click “Security” on the left pane now and get the Domain name (which will be later used as Company ID)


Step 7: Meanwhile in C4C, make sure that you’ve scoped the JAM integration under Communication and Information Exchange –> People Collaboration, Intranet and External Services –> Communities, Document Management and External Services


Step 8: Navigate to Business Configuration –> Implementation Projects and select “Open Activity List”


Step 9: Get the “JAM” activity in Fine-Tuning phase as shown below.


Step 10: Select the “JAM” client and click on “Register Client” which should pop-up a window as shown in the below screenshot and click “Ok”.

          1) Client ID: Key from step 5.

          2) Client Secret: Secret from step 5.

          3) Authentication Server URL: <Your JAM server instance URL>

          4) API Server URL: <Your JAM server instance URL>

          5) Company ID: Domain name from Step 6.

          6) Account Name Origin: Select User ID as our assertion attribute will be having common User IDs in this example.

          7) SAML NameID Format: Select Unspecified


Step 11: You should now see the below screen. Things to be noted from this screen for later use.

          1) Click on “Show Client Signing Certificate” and copy encoded certificate text.

          2) Make a note of “Local IDP ID”.

          3) Make a note of “Default Name ID Format”.


Step 12: Coming back to JAM Admin page from where we left previously, click on “SAML Trusted IDPs” and then on “Register your identity provider”.


Step 13: Enter details as explained below and hit “Save”.

          1) IDP ID: Local IDP ID from Step 11.

          2) Default Name ID Format: Same as Default Name ID Format from Step 11.

          3) Default Name ID Policy: Same as Local IDP ID

          4) Allowed Assertion Scope: Select “Users in my company”

          5) X509 Certificate: Encoded Certificate text copied from Step 11.

          6) Rest all empty.


Step 14: It’s done. Now, its time to TEST !!! It is very important that you logout from all successfactors / JAM instances.

Step 15: Login into C4C with your user account and navigate to “Feed” wc. You should see the JAM Feed widget mashup spread over the screen. Key in some Feed and hit the Arrow.


Step 16: Click on “JAM” link on the top of the widget. You should be logged into JAM instance automatically and be able to see your feed there.

Capture.png Capture.png

JAM integration with C4C actually enables you to do lot of other things such as creating JAM Groups from C4C, Feeds against Opportunity, Account etc.. Check in Help Center with keyword “JAM” for more info.

I would also like to include a discussion which I had with Chandan Bankar which covers additional information about this integration: SAP Jam Integration with Cloud For Customer error


~~~ End of Document ~~~

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  1. Asad Walayat

    Hi Sri

    Thanks a lot for sharing such great blog on very interesting Topic. We might have to do same for our customer but with ByD. I am wondering if it is going to be much dissimilar in Byd than what you did in C4C. I mean the method to implement it? Cheers

    and please keep sharing the Knowledge ūüôā



  2. Georg Krenn

    Hi Srivatsava,

    tahnks for the great article! Will the integration between JAM and ByD also work if JAM is running as part of the BizX platform of successfactors?

    thanks for your help in advance!

    Best regards,


      1. Frankie Fan

        Hi ginger,

        Thanks for your proposal.

        But I meet the same problem with Sven Thrillhof, when using the JAM developer tenant on my hcp trial account.

        After configuration, when I open C4C FEED Woc, the JAM login window would pop-up. And ask me to loging with email & password.

        Could you give some advise?

        Thanks & Regards,


  3. Camelot Consultant


    great article.

    I’m currently facing one issue while trying to integrate our own C4C test tenant with the SAP JAM service that is part of HCP trial. I’ve actually done everything as you’ve suggested it and have chosen authentication via e-mail-address. The e-mail assigned to my JAM and my C4C users are identical. But I can’t see the JAM feeds in C4C due to the message ‘You can’t access SAP JAM because configuration of your user is incomplete. Please contact your system administrator.’ in FEED work center.

    Is it possible that for the HCP trial service SAP JAM the integration with C4C is not possible? As I can tell from the screenshots and the official integration guide the only thing that looks different than in the documentation is the URL of my JAM tenant that actually is

    Has anyone made any experience with this scenario?



      1. Camelot Consultant

        Hi Ginger,

        currently not. Tried to use the same user ID in both systems but that didn’t worked as well. Is it possible that the developer version of SAP JAM is not supporting this scenario?



        1. Ginger Gatling

          Hi Sven,

          I don’t think so,  My  understanding is that the developer edition supports the scenario, but you can’t create tickets becuase it’s not a ‘production’ version – it’s really just to play around.  I’m an SAP employee and on an internal system – but- I think it should work for you.  I tried a couple of things today and it’s still not working so will reach out to a colleague – I’ll post back here when I get mine working.


        2. Ginger Gatling

          HI Sven,

          I just got mine working.  When I logged out I noticed the trust message wasn’t right – so I went back to C4C, de-registered and then re-registered  – I tried using accounts, but then switched it back to email.  so – for sure do the email mapping – try un-registering and re-registering – the trust message should be do your jam tenant – mine was going to a cubetree URL – which is the default – so it’s like it didn’t take my update the first time in C4C. – Try that and see if it works for you


              1. Camelot Consultant

                Hi Ginger,

                yes, I was using the guide and the introductions in this blog. But still no success.

                I will send you my settings asap. Thanks for having a look at it.



                1. Ginger Gatling

                  HI Sven

                  I just got the feed working on the developer tenant.   so – please send your settings when you can  – actually – I’m about to write a blog and will put the link here – you can comment there as well.


                  1. Ginger Gatling

                    Sven – I left the company ID out – I may need it later for work patterns – but above where it says to go to security and get the domain and later use it as the company ID – i  skipped that part.

                    1. Chi Zhang

                      HI Ginger

                      I wangt to ask some questions about C4C Integration with Jam ,I have done the steps above.  But there is no Feed information  but  “feed sorce”  “feed setting” “SAP Jam”  in my C4C “Feed” WC

                      And When I Click on  “SAP JAM“ link on the top of the widget. I can’t be logged into JAM instance automatically.

                      Can u help me?


                  2. Saurabh Shrivastava

                    Hi Ginger,

                    We are Integrating Success Factor Employee Central AskHR to C4C using HCP to have C4S, I followed the SAP Guide but I couldn’t find relevant information to configure C4C and HCP, AskHR link is activated in EC but when we click on that then we get below error screen:

                    Kindly check and advise:

                    If you have any document then kindly send at



  4. Deborah Albrecht

    I’m also trying to test the integration between SAP Hybris C4C and the SAP Jam Trial Tenant. I followed the blog and the integration guide for¬†at first the Integration of feeds.¬†I set the account name origin to email address and let the Company ID blank (as it was recommended). All the steps were fine except the last one. I get an error if I want to register the SAML trusted identity provider in SAP Jam. The error message says “IDP ID has already been taken”.

    However, in the list SAML Trusted IDPs there is no entry. What can I do now? Where can I have another look to find out where the IDP ID is already been entered?
    Every advise is appreciated!
    – Deborah



      Have you solved?

      In my case seems a problem related to a previous jam tenant trusted with the same C4C instance (so the same IdP ID), I cannot confirm because I have no access to the previous jam tenant anymore.

      Let me know



      1. Deborah Albrecht


        this problem occured in¬†our testing phase¬†with the trial Jam system. I made a ticket and the reply from SAP was – as you assume – that this is a conflict to another Jam System. In our purchased Jam System we didn’t have this problem.

        So, I recommend you to create a ticket.

        All the best,


  5. Nurul Hafiza Mohd Jani

    Hi All,


    I wanted to use dynamic onboarding, however on step 13, I am missing “Allow assertion scope” field. Could anyone show me how to execute this?


    Thanks & regards

    Nurul Hafiza

  6. Hemant Joshi

    Hi Folks,

    I am very thankful of this blog writer Mr. Srivastava and all other mentors who has shared their experience to solve all of our SAP JAM & SAP C4C integration related issues.

    I have also one question about SAP JAM & SAP C4C integration scenario.

    We have successfully integrated SAP JAM & SAP C4C for our environment. all feeds updates are working fine in both systems. however some users in SAP JAM see some updates on their SAP JAM feed home page with “via API” as a common message attached to all updates.

    I have gone through all feed related settings to stop “via API” updates. Since these updates are annoying to users in SAP JAM. From above document step no. 13 I have cross checked that in our integration scenario “Specifies whether SAML Assertions will be accepted from this IDP”. is enabled/checked in.

    is there any specific settings to be done to stop these “via API” updates or this is regular behavior/standard functionality of SAP JAM feed.

    a below pictures are lined for reference.


    Hemant Joshi


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