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This Article tells about how to get the F4 help values for the data source 0MATERIAL_CDTH_HIER using RSA3 in ECC


After reading this article, you will know how to F4 values for Hierarchy name in RSA3 for the data source 0MATERIAL_CDTH_HIER in ECC side with the error saying as
List is empty The below documents helps for populating the.


When we check this data source in RSA3 and try to get F4 help for the field HIENM we get pop-up saying “List is empty”.


So below are the pre-requisite steps to be checked.

  1. Check in ECC if they have maintained the Article node by using the T-code WMATGRP03.


From the above screen, we could see that one hierarchy status is ACTIVATED, which means that is the hierarchy that has been maintained in ECC and we have to get that in F4 help in RSA3 screen. If the there is no Activated status maintained, you to have to check with the functional guys for this.

Let’s check the next level:

    2.Go to the T-code WMATGRP01 and check if the SAP BW flag has been checked.


3. Go to SPRO at SPRO Logistics – General / Article Hierarchy / Edit Control Parameters / check if CDT Update is also flagged.


4. Go to the table MATGRP_HIER using SE11 tcode and check if the maintained hierarchy is been displayed in this table. If the data is maintained then the desired Function modules from where the data is pulled are CMBW_HIERARCHY_CATALOG_CDTH and CMBW_HIERARCHY_TRANSFER_CDTH.

But in my case, I still don’t see the required hierarchy in MATGRP_HIER. So let’s go to the next level.


5. In the Table WRF_MATGRP_HIER table, I could see my desired hierarchy. If the hierarchy is found then the required function modules are RTCMBW_HIERARCHY_CATALOG_CDTH and RTCMBW_HIERARCHY_TRANSFER_CDTH.


  Below will explain you what are these function modules.  For each data source there would be a extractor and one F4 function module assigned in RSA2 for populating the F4 possible values.

For the data source 0MATERIAL_CDTH_HIER in RSA2, we could see extractor as CMBW_HIERARCHY_CATALOG_CDTH and F4 function module CMBW_HIERARCHY_TRANSFER_CDTH

We need to check if the data source has been assigned with the proper function modules.


When we double click the function module, CMBW_HIERARCHY_CATALOG_CDTH and CMBW_HIERARCHY_TRANSFER_CDTH we could see the data has been pulled from MATGRP_HIER and MATGRP_HIERT tables. But since our required hierarchy is been filled in WRF_ MATGRP_HIER and WRF_ MATGRP_HIERT tables we need to change the Function modules from CMBW_HIERARCHY_CATALOG_CDTH and CMBW_HIERARCHY_TRANSFER_CDTH to RTCMBW_HIERARCHY_CATALOG_CDTH and RTCMBW_HIERARCHY_TRANSFER_CDTH which pulls the data from WRF_ MATGRP_HIER and WRF_ MATGRP_HIERT tables.


For assigning the correct function modules here are the steps:


  1. Start se11 for table ROOSOURCE, type in data source name 0MATERIAL_CDTH_HIER and the object version as “A”.
  2. Change the value field “EXTRACTOR “from CMBW_HIERARCHY_TRANSFER_CDTH to the function module RTCMBW_HIERARCHY_TRANSFER_CDTH.
  3. Got to SE16 table ROOHIECAT, type the data source 0MATERIAL_CDTH_HIER and object version A. Change the value in the field FHCATALOG from CMBW_HIERARCHY_CATALOG_CDTH to RT CMBW_HIERARCHY_CATALOG_CDTH.
  4. Go to table ROHIEBAS, Check for the below fields:




see if there is an entry if there is no entry then create an entry .By performing the mentioned steps in RSA2 the correct RTCMBW_HIERARCHY_CATALOG_CDTH and RTCMBW_HIERARCHY_TRANSFER_CDTH function modules will be assigned and in turn the correct the correct tables WRF_ MATGRP_HIER and WRF_ MATGRP_HIERT instead of MATGRP_HIER and MATGRP_HIERT.


We can verify in RSA2 if it’s pointing to the correct function modules.


And for F4


And in RSA3 if we check the F4 help, we should get the possible values.


Hope this will be helpful.

Thanks and Regards


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      Author's profile photo Raman Korrapati
      Raman Korrapati

      Very well presented with all useful information and T codes.

      Thanks for your time and sharing with us.