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SU24 Inconsistent: Technical Upgrade

Inconsistencies with SU21 and SU24

While working on SAP Technical Upgrade From R/3 4.7 to the higher version as ECC 6.0, I encountered with an unique issue, however I am not sure if this has already been known to you So, I wanted to have it circultaed on SCN.

During execution of the SU25 steps: 2A, it compares the SAP values and so the tables will get updated with the new propsed values. But I found for some of the authorization objects the authorization fields from SU21 and SU24 are not in sync, which should be in sync.

Ex: For Authorization object: S_CTEMPLAT, under SU21 there were only 3 authorization fields as: ACTVT, BRANCH and OBJNAME but for the same authorization object, under SU24, in addition of these 3 fields, there were another 4 fields available. Detail can be viewed in the depicted diagrams.




So, when I raised OSS note seeking SAP involvement in order to rectify the issue, I was provided with a solution to implement OSS:# 1539556

So, as per the instructions, I was instructed to run a standard ABAP report: SU24_AUTO_REPAIR

This report helped me in getting all such missing authorization fields available in SU21 as available in SU24. There were around 10 other authorization objects where I had noticed the discrepancies which I was finally able to correct/overwrite after runnig the report mentioned above.

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  • how did you detect that??  When looking at the output of Step 2A, what caused you to compare Su21 to the list?  It's not something I would normally do.

    • As soon you want to modify authorizations of a role, which contain an authorization for that object, you will get an erro message displayed, that the auth is inconsistent(proposal).....

      Then you probably start your researches.... 😉

    • Hi Kesayamol,

      You would come across the posted error-screens once you try to adjust the authorizations post adding/replacing the new Transaction codes/Authorization objects.

      And of course, if the data are not in synch with SU21 and SU24, you would see the similar error screen.