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Stop Module Pool Screen from Scrolling or Jumping to Initial Position

Today, I will share a short tip with you guys. It’s related to Module Pool programming and very handy when used. If you have ever worked on Screen Programming then you would definitely have noted one thing while working on the longer screens (screens with scroll).

It’s very common when you design and develop a screen and it contains scroll then it already jumps to the top when you fire any event at the bottom of the screen or in the middle of the screen. For example you have one module pool screen with multiple sub-screens, text edit control, text-boxes (with labels of course), some combo-boxes and few other controls. Now your screen will definitely have a scroll bar (vertical one).

By default screen jumps to the top when you hit ENTER or fire any other event on the screen. To avoid this we have a simplest solution by following the KISS (Keep it Simple Sir) phenomenon.

For example you are working on screen as shown below:

Problem Screen Jump.png

This above shown screen has a definite vertical scroll and it’s a very large screen and if you trigger any user command anywhere on the screen it will jump to initial state to avoid this follow the following solution.


Here you can see there is a group box named “Settings”. Just check “Hold Scroll Position” and your screen will not give you any awkward behavior like jumping or uneven scroll.

Today, we learnt how to stop Module Pool screen from jumping up when any user command is fired.

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