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SIT Hyderabad: Notes from the session on FIORI

Hi all SCN members,


In this blog I would like to mention the key points that I have jotted down in the technical session happened at SIT, Hyderabad on FIORI by Tanmay Hoshing from Deloitte. Though the session was just 30 minutes it was more than enough for all beginners to get good understanding on what it is. Tanmay was awarded with the runner up award for his presentation on this session.




FIORI is basically an UI interface with a tagline “Keeping Things Simple”. More than 25 applications for different customers like Purchasing Agent, Manage, Employee, Sales Rep etc. In short FIORI is basically a user Experience Paradigm.


Advantages of FIORI:

  • It is Role based.
  • Responsive.
  • Simple.
  • Coherent.
  • Instant value.


FIORI as Role Based- Different UI for different roles can be created.


For e.g.: For a manager in the browser, views like Leave approval for employees working under him, order approval, employee’s information etc will be available.

On the other hand for a normal employee, views like how to apply for a leave, his own information etc will be available.

Thus FIORI will be used to develop different UI for different roles.




This feature of FIORI amazed all of us.

To explain this consider a browser which can hold 6 views at a time ,  now when the window size is reduced no of views in the screen will be automatically reduced such that remaining number of views fits the window. It can reduce to even one view.

This was actually shown in the demo, which amazed everyone in the room.


Simple- It’s very simple to use them and even design them.


Coherent-This design is very Logical and consistent.


Instant value-It returns values for all its operations instantly.


Implementation Road Map along with time period required:


Step 1: Provide Technical Fundamentals and determine the Scope(less than two weeks).

Step2: Implement first selected Application (Two weeks).

Step3: Fine tune the applications. (More than 3 weeks).

Step4: Roll out further applications. (Maximum of 4 weeks).

Step5: Build Customer applications and optimize UI. (This can happen from 4 to 12 weeks).


Thus we can find that the complete time for total design takes less than 12 weeks.


Real Time demo: A real time demo was given on leave approval, in which on applying a leave certain parameters like hours of leave, pending approvals were automatically changed. There were also other parameter values which changed for a single UI action.

This was the best part of the session and this session was also taken by another expert along with Tanmay.


FIORI Architecture:


The following are the components in FIORI architecture:

  1. HTML browser.
  2. SAP FIORI applications, SAP GUI5.
  3. Network AS ABAP.
  4. FIORY O data service proxy.


FIORI Applications UI helps in Add on detailing.




The components of backend integration are


  1. Gateway runtime service proxy.
  2. FIORI O data Integration.
  3. ERP module.


Important terms to be remembered for developing applications:


  • O data.
  • HTML.
  • SAP NW Gateway.


General Points:


  • SAPGUI5 team is called the theme designer since they design the UI.
  • Custom applications developed in FIORI can be used in any device.
  • FIORI is similar to BSP applications.
  • Security is fully provide by SAP for FIORI.




  • Normal ABAP Skills (UI Layer).
  • Normal Business suite knowledge.
  • Small learning curve for Gateway.
  • Basic knowledge on SAPGUI5, HTML5, JAVA script



Though Personas is also available for the UI purpose FIORI overcome them in its simplicity. Also personas work on TOP of layer which is another factor on which FIORI overcomes. FIORI is basically for specific customer and it is very common.


Before attending this session I had no idea of what FIORI is, thanks to SCN and SIT Hyderabad team for such a great effort.


To all FIORI experts please forgive me if I had mentioned wrong anything and feel free to correct me. This is just notes of a beginner from a 30 minutes session. Hope you all understand.


A special Thanks to Tanmay and other expert for this wonderful session.


Thanks for reading the blog JJ Hope you found it useful 🙂

Note: For more information about the happenings in SIT Hyderabad please read the below blog 🙂



Thanks and Regards,

Satish kumar Balasubramanian

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