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The public version of the SAP terminology database is celebrating its first anniversary!

One year ago SAP Language Services (SLS) released, a milestone in the company’s terminology delivery strategy. Since then tens of thousands of customers, implementation partners, translation agencies, and individual users have used for fast and easy access to the public version of SAP’s incomparable collection of technical terminology.

Over 28,000 unique visitors from 135 countries and territories have searched for terminology on over the past twelve months. To put those numbers into perspective, it means more than four times the number of purchasers of the SAPterm CD, and nearly three times the number of countries it was ever shipped to, during its twelve-year lifetime. In addition, since became publicly available not a single external customer or partner has required a separate download of terminology files for an implementation project, resulting in vast administrative savings for SLS.

Automated updates ensure terminology and definitions appear in up to 43 languages with only a week’s delay after entries are validated and released in the central SAPterm database. The interface, based on SAP’s Web Dynpro technology, continues to ensure a standardized SAP look-and-feel as well as top-flight security and web design elements.

The SAP Terminology Community came online around the same time, providing a platform for the Terminology@SAP team to interact with customers, partners, and others interested in terminology management issues at SAP and elsewhere. Postings on the Community are usually called up several hundred times, sometimes several thousand times – a recent article received over 9,000 views. has received favorable notices from respected bloggers and columnists in the technical writing and translation fields, including the journal of “tekom”, the German association of technical writers, and the print/online magazine MultiLingual.

The team is not resting on its laurels. The migration of SAPterm to the SAP HANA platform and the pending redesign of the interface in HTML5 will bring the power of in-memory databases and cross-platform interactivity to users as well.

The story of is not over – it’s only beginning!

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