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Fast and Furious: Tips for Working in SAP Learning Hub

As witnessed by the many blogs posted the past week, SAP Learning Hub currently is one of the hottest topics. Perhaps, like me, you’ve been trying to wrap your head around how to better understand and leverage SAP Learning Hub. Last week I took some time to dig a bit deeper and came across some great information, not only about SAP Learning Hub, but examples of how it is actually being used. Here is some of what I found.

Truly, SAP Learning Hub is the next big move forward in SAP Education. It is an SAP cloud-based solution that provides anytime, anywhere access to the entire library of SAP educational online training resources. SAP Learning Hub will provide the training customers need, just when they need it. And it is agile enough to provide a strong user experience across multiple platforms.

In his YouTube video embedded below, SAP Senior Education Consultant Glen Hostetler introduces the use of SAP Learning Hub as a tool by which one could train for SAP SMP (SAP Mobile Platform) certification. Even though my application expertise is HCM, this excellent, brief video provided me with a real world context on the use of SAP Learning Hub.

There are different ways to gain access the SAP Learning Hub and all are available to customers, partners or individuals:

Discovery Edition

This version is availalabe free of charge. It provides the user with access to full or partial SAP online classes and the ability to register for free webinars. It also provides a way to become more familiar with SAP offerings. To register for this edition free of charge, visit the SAP Education Training and Certification Shop and click on Register & Discover for Free.

Subscription Editions

There are various subscription editions available as well which provide virtually unlimited access to SAP education content.  Each subscription also provides access to learning rooms where the user will have access to an SAP instructor, peer collaboration, videos from subject SME’s as well as whitepapers at no extra cost.


Subscribers may also purchase SAP Live Access which gives 24/7 live access to SAP training systems to facilitate hands on learning. Subscribers are able to purchase blocks of 20/40/60 hours where the exercises included in the course materials can be performed. In some cases instructors may also assign additional tasks to solidify learning. Subscription editions include Customer and Partner. These editions allow for private versions where the SAP Learning Hub is restricted only to company employees and the ability to provide a custom branded environment of SAP Learning Hub.

There is also a subscription available for Individuals, which you can read more about here.

For additional details about different editions as well as SAP Live Access and learning rooms, visit Arnold Pettersen-Jung‘s excellentSAP Learning Hub FAQ. Access my document on how to access, navigate and use the SAP Learning Hub:How to Navigate SAP Learning Hub Subscriptions

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