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SAP BPC 10.1 ‘unified’ live demo: Chapter 07 – Input form

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An input form is created.


LOB expert

User interface

BPC admin UI (HTML5)

This time we switch to the BPC library to create a new input form. After specifying the name (00:20) we select the BW query out of the list that matches the pattern (00:31). Since this query does not offer variables, we skip the second step. The next one (00:40) allows us to define the report layout based on the dimensions and key-figures of the query. It proposes the default query view of the BW query which is what we use here. After confirmation, the input enabled form is displayed. We now save the form (not the values in the grid!) and assign it to the team we created earlier (01:09). After leaving the input form creation (01:28), we can reenter the library and see our form assigned to the team. Finally we could even mark it as favorite to make it even better accessible.

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  • Could somebody please elaborate on how to create source query in BEx Query Designer.

    Non of the queries I've created work as the source of input form:

    Screenshot 2014-07-02 13.10.08.png

    Screenshot 2014-07-02 13.10.08.png
    • Hi Vadim,

      have you managed to create a reporting form based on a BEX query? I'd start with that first as it does not require the input enablement.

      For the input form you need an input enabled query, hence a planneable InfoProvider in BW (e.g. realtime cube), an aggregation level on top and finally a BEX query based on it with input enablement turned on.

      Best regards,


      • Hi Uwe, thanks for your reply. I was under the impression that the simple query on Real time infoprovider should work. That's not the case, obviously and I guess we have to create a proper input query in BEx (which we can send data with in BEx) and only then move it to the Unified model.

        Are there any plans to drop BEx Query Designer stage and do the necessary settings directly in EPM?



        • Hi Vadim,

          we are aware that the modelling tools of BW do not nicely fit into the BPC product, e.g. BEX query designer. We aim to provide an end-2-end modling even for the 'emebedded' model within the BPC user experience. But as a LOB solution, the feature set will be limited. This is under evaluation. Until then we need to rely on the BW modeling tools. However the BPC web client allows lots of flexibility such that the BEX query design is required largely for  the calculations while the layouting can be handled by the clients.

          Best regards,


  • Hi Uwe,

    Can we add few planning functions to the BPC web layout? Example: Add a button to BPC web layout which will calculate weighted average price when user clicks it.

    We came to know that this can be achieved using BI Design Studio. Is it true?

    • Hi Lokesh,

      In a BPC web input form you cannot add any planning functions. It is purely used as an input form (one query at a time, no planning functions).

      If you want to build a sophisticated planning application using one (or several) input grid(s) (BW queries) and planning functions you can use Design Studio. With version 1.2 it supports planning functionality. You can trigger planning functions for example from buttons in the application.

      A design studio application can also be called from a BPF step.

      Also BEx Web Application Designer can be used to build up planning applications.

      Best regards,

      Gerd Schöffl

      • Thanks Gerd.

        Can we call BPC DM packages in BI Design studio applications?

        We don't use BPC Excel add-in in our project. Its purely BPC web only implementation. Currently, we are calling Web DynPro link from a BPF step and BPC DM packages are triggered using Web DynPro link via UJD_TEST_PACKAGE.

        • Hi Lokesh,

          No, you cannot call data manager packages from Design Studio. When you are using the embedded model (I assume this as you were asking about planning functions) then you shoudl not need any data manager packages. Data transfers are either done by planning funcitons/sequences or by standard BW DTPs in process chains. If necessary you could also start a process chain from a planning function (ABAP exit).

          Best regards,


          • Thanks Gerd.

            We are in BPC 10.0 NW and extensively using BPC class/interfaces (CL_UJA*) and its associated methods. Since they are NW ABAP based, can we use these classes & methods in Embedded model?

          • Hi Gerd et al.

            Interesting discussion.  Are you aware of any standard SAP UI5 capabilities available for BPC 10.1 Embedded?  Is there anything in the roadmap which allows customers develop SAPUI5 frontend instead of Webdynpro for creating input forms/DM package executions?  Basically something where dynamic input forms can be developed using SAPUI5 easily(without coding) & not the one provided currently using HTML5.  The question is it possible to develop input forms using SAPUI5.  One can develop input forms with great difficulty, but I don't think DM packages can be executed from them.  Thanks for your inputs.  JM