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Installing NWDS on Citrix : Steps for Basis / Citrix Administrator

NWDS Installation Steps on Citrix

Trying to put the steps together at one place, hope its useful.

SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio has the following hardware and software requirements:
Hardware (minimal requirements)
3 GB free disk space
Operating system
Supported operating systems are:
Windows XP 32-bit
Windows Vista 32-bit
Windows Server 2008 64-bit
Windows 7 32-bit
Windows 7 64-bit

JDK version
Supported Java Development Kit (JDK) are from SAP AG or Oracle. Note that the JDK you use must be the 32-bit version. You can either use:
JDK provided with the SAP JVM 6 “Windows Server on IA32 32-bit”.
JDK from Oracle.
You need JDK version 1.6.0_7 or higher, 32-bit.

* Hardware and software details are as provided on the SMP in NWDS installation guide.

Installation Procedure :
1.Copy the distribution archive (zip) downloaded from the sap market place.
2.Open the archive and extract its content in a folder on the file system.
3.Open the folder and start SapNetweaverDeveloperStudio.exe.
4.When the Developer Studio start, in the window that opens enter a location for the Workspace folder, you can choose a default folder or have a /workspace folder created.
5.If the Developer Studio detects a JRE or unsupported JDK, a window opens and allows you to select a javaw.exe file of a supported JDK version.
If you do not have a supported JDK version, you can install it while this window is open and then, choose the JDK source.
When you enter a valid javaw.exe file, the Developer Studio stores the settings and exits. Open the installation folder and start SapNetweaverDeveloperStudio.exe again.
6. We will need the link /shortcut for SapNetweaverDeveloperStudio.exe on citrix.

You need to setup the NWDS shortcut as below , so that the user specific workspace is selected.
<path to your IDE>\eclipse\SapIde.exe -vm “<JAVA_HOME>\bin\javaw.exe” -data “<workspace folder of a given user>”
<workspace folder of a given user> should be replaced by a variable which points to the users profile.
eg.D:\NWDS\SapIde.exe -vm “D:\j2sdk1.4.2_09\bin\javaw.exe” -data “D:\workspace\<userid>”
“D:\workspace\<userid>” we need to make it dynamic by replacing it by variable.

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