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Blog It Forward- Wouter Lemaire

I’ve been request to create my own blog about “Blog It Forward” by Suseelan Hari: Blog It Forward : Hari Suseelan . I realy like the concept of “Blog It Forward” and I’m glad to be requested for joining this!

Wouter, who?

Hello everyone. I’m a Belgian boy who goes through life under the name of Wouter Lemaire. 24 years ago I was born in Halle and I grew up in Eizeringen. No worries if you don’t know where my home town is, that’s very normal. Eizeringen is in fact a small congregation near Brussels. Growing up I was fascinated by skateboards. Taking jumps, together with my best friends, was one of the things I really loved doing. Besides this, you could always find me in some pubs in Lennik or Halle. These pubs are still my favorite places. I love spending time with my friends. 7 years ago I met my girlfriend,  Jasmien. She is the person who makes me happy, who I can count on, and who believes in me more than I believe in myself. I also have a brother, called Pieter.



My hobbies

As I said before, I liked skateboarding. However, over time, I stopped and focused myself more on playing Football and running. You could say I was growing up 🙂 . I played football in the most famous club in town, SP Eizeringen. I actually never made it to the ‘A’ team (because I was too busy programming 😉 ) , so I decided to join a “café voetbalploeg”. Besides parties, football and running, snowboarding is my ultimate relaxation. I just love the snow, the feeling when you go down a mountain. Every year I go to the mountains together with my friends and girlfiend (who has a terrible fear of height 🙂 ).


My academic background

In 2010 I obtained my Bachelor degree in Applied Computer Science. I specialized myself in Business IT. This specialization was an introduction to SAP with a little of all the different SAP modules and ABAP. Thanks to this specialization I was immediately prepared for the real work! After this bachelor degree, I continued to discover the SAP world by following some extra courses. I obtained some additionally certificates, for instance “Sybase Unwired Platform 2.1 Mobile Application Developer”.


My SCN Experience:

I have an account on SCN since I was still a student which is about 4 years ago. But actually I’m really active for about 6 months. That’s when I started helping others and created my first blog. My first blog was about the cloud: Expose data from the backend to the Cloud without Gateway . Cloud was and still is a hot topic, so my first blog made it to the SCN homepage! Which I’m still proud of:

SAP Homepage.png

This was a big motivation and so I kept helping people and creating my own blogs. The SCN Gamification is very motivating! Besides the gamification I believe that sharing is learning as well for the blogger as for the people who read the blog.

I would like to blog it forward to one of my colleagues and one ex-classmate:

Julien Tuerlinckx (or Julien Tuerlinckx)

Pieter-Jan Deraedt

Suseelan Hari didn’t added any question for me, but I would like to forward the following questions:

  • What’s your greatest goal that you want to achieve in your career?
  • What’s your motivational quote?

(For more info about BIF: Blog It Forward Community Challenge )

Thank you for reading my BIF! Hope you enjoyed it!

Kind regards,


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