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My Views on SIT_HYD on 22 Feb 2014

I was waiting to post a Blog since i joined SDN but never got correct opportunity or topic to blog… Today i got opportunity to speak on the nice and long awaiting event.

I want to thank personally Mahesh Kumar for taking this initiative and  special thanks to Deloitte team for hosting this event in Hyderabad.

As i was confused on which stream i need to select when asked to opt while getting registered from Functional/Technical/Analytics. But Finally thought to go for Technical stream.

All the views shared are my personal and no one forced or influenced me to share this.

As usual the event started with lot of enthusiasm as we can see in SAP events with a Introduction session by Deloitte Management and Mahesh at 9.10 AM till almost 9.30. Then people were requested to split as per their registered events mentioning that people can attend even other streams if interested. But still i sticked with Technical and moved in to the excellent conference room Anejo at Deloitte.

First session started with SAP FIORI which i never heard at 9.40 AM and I was very eager to know about the FIORI(As i was expecting new things to learn at this event). The presenter was Tanay Hoshing very well organised and well spoken. It went pretty smoothly and everyone understood about FIORI well. FIORI is a web based application which uses ODATA,BSP and Gateway. Bottom line I understood is implementation will be done very quickly and no big scope for getting in to this atleast for me as I dont want to learn BSP 😉 . Happy that I got some what familiarized about FIORI and what made SAP to create this product.

Next session was on HANA on Mobile at almost 10.15 AM by Virinchy Panangiaplli. Frankly speaking Virinchy was too fast like a bullet train for me so i couldnt get anything from this(may be my mind got in to slow and steady pace with Tanmay presentation 😉 ) . But he had well documented PPT.

The session was very short it was like 8 to 10 mins max which should be of 30 mins.

After this next session was SAPUI5 application to track SAP project deployments by Naveen Inuganti which got started almost at 10.40 AM. It went very good and Naveen and his colleague had done good work in developing this Tool but still I didn’t understood the need of this topic in SIT as I was expecting new products or topics by SAP. The product was regarding the Transport Management but with front end as UI5 with more enhanced features than STMS. We can even check whether this TR will be imported successfully or with any warnings/errors possible in target system. Need to appreciate them but got angry on people who have selected this topic to present at SIT as this is not SAP developed product(this is my perspective).

Then another topic was on Master Data Governance by Archana Balliwar and her colleague which got started before scheduled time as Virinchy completed his session too quickly. The presentation gone very well as they discussed on their experiences and issues while MDG custom model implementation was done for multiple clients. I was thinking to ask the difference between MDM and MDG but one of the attendee had taken initiative and asked. The Q & A session went well as lot of attendees involved in asking their questions.

The lesson I learnt was MDM runs on Java stack where as MDG runs on ABAP Stack and uses FPM. Never use Implicit Enhancements in MDG as they will get swipe out while upgrade. I was happy again that I learnt a new product from SAP.

After this the topic was on HANA cloud Integration(HCI) by Jaya Prakash and this topic is more useful to PI consultants. It gone well as the presenter was well prepared and experienced. Prakash had shared lot of things like how and what basis the client should opt HCI/PI.  I understood the basics but not felt to concentrate more as PI is not of my interest.

Then next session should be Lunch as per the schedule but as time was available for one more session so session after lunch was preponed. The topic was on Salesforce cloud Integration with ECC via PI by sreedhar kanchanapalli. The session went well as he too was well prepared and experienced. He had shared his experience on what to do when we get HTTP 500 server error to get the correct reason behind this exception. Similar to previous presentation for this even I didn’t felt to concentrate more as PI is not of my interest.

Then we were requested to have nice Lunch arranged by Deloitte. Accidentally met Mahesh and Sundaresan while having lunch and I discussed regarding BIG DATA with Mahesh.

After lunch at 1.30 PM the buffer presentation SAP Mobility offerings and SMP 3.0 was presented. I am sorry as I dont remember the presenter name but the presentation was very good and attendees got familarized with SMP 3.0(Kapsel) to pretty good extend but because of time constraint the presenter couldnt make us through the complete SMP 3.0 offerings and features. I was happy again as this was new topic and this is what expected from SIT.

Next session started at almost 2.15 PM on SAP HANA Live by Anjali and Aditya. I was totally surprised to hear a strange name(HANA LIVE) as I was well versed with HANA at but never heard this name(LIVE). so eagerly listened the session. It went very well as they showed even live demo on HANA system and how,where to download particular product shared by SAP, how to configure and import the downloaded file in to system and lot more stuffs. Even got chance to see the SAP Lumira. 🙂 Felt Happy to see new products…..

Then the most anticipated topic ABAP on HANA was presented by Sundaresan at 3 PM. It too went very good but due to time constraint it was made to cut short. Shared info on tcode SQLM and SWLT and lot more. I can see charming faces on lot of people as most are from ABAP 😉 This session also had lot of participation from attendees while Q & A.

Next session was on SQL Usage and Benefits in SAP HANA by Krishna Tangudu and his colleague. It was their client requirement which made them to go for SQL instead of odata services and SLT. They shared their experiences on how they made use of SQL and made data from Teradata to HANA with Autosys job.

It went well as they shared their Tips and Tricks while using SQL.

Final Technical session of the day was on Surface Equipment Information Management – Designing Complex Enhancements using Webdynpro by Vijayanad and his colleagues. It was a simple tool developed by them using webdynpro and adobeforms for oil and energy sector for moving the rig from one location to other. I was totally disappointed with this topic as its a product developed by them which should be shown to clients but not at SIT(this is my perspective). As we attended to learn new products by SAP like previous sessions(FIORI,SAP HANA LIVE). This session got completed before 5 PM.

Their was a Networking Tea Break concluded with Closing Ceremony.

Really it was a good experience at SIT as topics were new and well presented. Thanking Deloitte once again for taking such tremendous pain on arranging this SIT at Hyderabad by arranging logistics.

Last but not least thanks to SAP Press for providing books for best speakers the event.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Abliash,

      Yes im totally agreed with you..Its one of the greatest experience to us..

      Today i attended this event for Functional topics..what a amazing experience..outstanding topics...superb interactive session..really its wonderful experience to me..

      Once again Thanks to Organizers & all Volunteers..especially special THANKS to Deloitte team


      Kiran Kumar

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Abilash,

      Frankly speaking Virinchy was too fast like a bullet train for me. I think due to time constraint he may fast in presentation. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome experience SAP Inside Track.


      Hari Suseelan

      Author's profile photo abilash n
      abilash n
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Hari,

      may be you are correct. But he had completed 30 min topic in very very short time. Thats the reason I mentioned my view bez I dont know what was the reason. Generally taking initiative is great and I appreciate Virinchy on that.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I dont see any reason why he completed in 30 mins.. Each session suppose to complete 40 mins..from our end no rush ...

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Abilash , for sharing your experience..Awesome. we windup SITHYD @ 5:45 PM , you are submitted this blog ~ 11 PM IST.. Thanks for writing & sharing your opinions in short time... I hope this is the first sharing blog for SITHYD 2014.. Regards, Mahesh

      Author's profile photo abilash n
      abilash n
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Mahesh.

      Author's profile photo Aravind Nag M
      Aravind Nag M

      Hi Abhilash,

      It is really a good snapshot of SITHYD conducted by Deloitte.

      Thanks for sharing with us.....


      Aravind Nag