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How-to navigate to ECC BOR object from CRM DocFlow

Yesterday I faced a very common issue with some CRM business transactions: the document flow was showing ECC objects for which no navigation was possible (despite the identification number rendered as hyperlink):


So, as I couldn’t find any source on SCN to solve it, I decided to post a quick note on one possible solution to overcome this problem (which I found by debugging the system as of method PREPARE_COL_FOR_NAVIGATE_BOR from class CL_CRM_UIU_BT_NAVIGATE). First, check table BSPDLCV_OBJ_TYPE: it is most likely that you won’t find any entry delivered by SAP with “BOR object Type” = “BCONTACT”. So you’ll have to create such entry in table BSPDLCVC_OBJ_TYP (which is exactly the same as BSPDLCV_OBJ_TYPE, but for customers only):


It’s important to use “BOL Object Name” = “ICBORWrapper”, because SAP will use this name to determine a “mapping class” stored in table CRMV_UI_OBJ_MAPS (or CRMV_UI_OBJ_MAP if you want to overwrite this customizing with your own values):


This class will in turn create a BOL entity dedicated to BOR objects that will store the BOR type, ID and logical system (i.e. those three pieces of information you need to navigate to the right system, on the right screen). Also, make sure that you name your UI object type WRAPPED_<BOR TYPE> in table BSPDLCVC_BJP_TYP. Now we just need to create a Launch Transaction (tcode CRMC_UI_ACTIONWZ):


And we also need to enable navigation for this WRAPPED_BCONTACT UI object type created above in the corresponding navigation bar (tcode CRMC_UI_NBLINKS):



Everything is setup. If you click on the link corresponding to BCONTACT object type in the Document Flow assignment block, the system will automatically navigate to the corresponding screen in the backend (provided the launch transaction is customized correctly, and the backend system is defined in tcode CRMS_IC_CROSS_SYS). In case you’re facing any issue, the following documents by Hasan Zubairi might help:

Almost Everything About Transaction Launcher – Part I

Almost Everything About Transaction Launcher – Part II

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      Author's profile photo Krishna Acharyas
      Krishna Acharyas

      Good One.

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      Krishnendu Laha

      Nice document, it would be useful in future, added as bookmark. 🙂

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      Arjun Pawar

      Thanks Nicolas Busson for sharing and will be useful in future. 🙂

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      Lyda Osorio

      Very good document

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      Vysakh Sivasankaran

      Thank you so much for sharing the information. Its very useful 🙂