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Why faking your CV would hunt you for life?

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the caricature of the prospective candidate. However, 90% of the caricatures in the market are wrongly projected ones. Many people would disagree on this point with me, however, I still would like to stick to my own 90%. There are many CVs includes the work undone, exaggerated or corrected with real experience once the dust is settled down. If we sum up all these things, my 90% still looks a small figure  Resources are becoming commodities in this global market, so, the candidates are also trying to sell their skills in this market by any means. So where is the wrong in the system – Candidates? HR Consultants? or Recruiting Companies? Who is at fault? Everybody is fault and equally responsible for these misdeeds. Candidates are trying hard for their salaries and salary hikes, Recruiting agents and working hard for their commission and Recruiting companies are busy for their billing activity. But, who is looser? The Client. Yes Indeed the Client for keeping the trust on the company, their recruiting process, recruiting agents and the candidates. The clients are ready to spend millions of dollars and pounds to change their business processes and improve their systems. However, put together all these three elements, knowingly or unknowingly making mess of the Client’s systems or business processes.

Many people in the market are with faked CVs either by way presenting the work not done or by way of exaggerating the skills / technologies they have never seen. It would be highly difficult for the Clients to guess the real consultant at prima facie. However, if the interviewer has sound technical / business process knowledge, it would only take few minutes to find out whether it is a fake CV or the right CV. Unfortunately, many people would prepare different types of CVs and they still happily can distribute different CVs in the market without any hesitation. The most unfortunate thing is even the HR agents would encourage them to change the CV according to the clients requirement. That does mean that both the candidate and HR agent combined together cheating the Client. At any point of time, a person can work at one place physically. He / She cannot work at two different places at the same point of time, unless they are involved in remote / virtual type of work. If the HR agents are truthful they should immediately blacklist such consultants. However, in reality, this is not happening. Everybody thinks SAP job is something to mint the money. Unfortunately, they do not realize the importance of delivering the quality deliverable to the Client. Many people some how managed to get the jobs based on their fake CVs and then later they would pretend (yes indeed) they have fair amount of knowledge and experience. Some people would strongly depend on their tongue to manage the show. Few others always pinch the real consultants in their private time and get their technical problems solved by way of maintaining good relations. But, unfortunately, SAP market is messed up with total fake CVs. This disease is not just related to one country, one religion. This decease is across whole SAP and IT job market. Unless, somebody is really eradicate this and prepare some type of industry standards, it would be highly difficult to save the Clients. The recruiting companies should have proper background verification by third parties before taking a candidate into their roles. Do not take them in hurry, otherwise, it would be a time waste for you and the candidate.

Most of the companies (almost all without exceptions) have their own rogue (sorry for my language) HR practices, unfortunately, these are the truths. The HR employees in the IT companies do maintain HR agencies on their wife’s name or relatives name and forward the CVs to the company. Then they would persuade the people who are taking the interviews to take those candidates. There is also back door way of taking the candidates into the Company either the technical interviewers and / or HR employees take the money from the Candidate and place the person into the company. That person will not know even A of ABC. This is one of the most culprit and unethical HR practice. There is also another way, which is by way of impersonation. People would give the technical interviews through telephone for others by impersonation, but, when the real candidate joins the Company, he / she would see all the flowers on the Computer screen and ask how to send the email etc. Some people they do not work in SAP / IT, but they claim that they have worked, even if they are working in BPO / Accounts or even doing cleaning jobs. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Some people would even get fake Employee IDs, fake Salary Statements and even Bank Statements. They are simply purchasing them and the companies are failing to do a proper background checking. I might have missed of many cheeky thoughts here. If you put up all these stories into a a lovely theme ๐Ÿ˜› , probably, you can make a Notorious Hollywood Movie. ๐Ÿ™‚

Many people would even send me personal messages on SCN and linkedin, what would happen if they fake their CVs and experience. I would only advise them on behalf of SCN, it is highly unethical what you are planning to do, the second this is not only you cheating yourself, but also your consciousness. This would hamper your reputation and surely your career would be spoiled. It is not the question whether you would be caught or not. Even if you are not caught, you would surely be living with fear, which is equivalent to death. Even if you get succeed in your career by cheating somebody, that success is worst than rubbish. Live like a legend, work hard, even if you lost in your life or professional career with honesty, it gives you greatest feeling to your heart. You would learn some lesson out of your honesty and failure. These failures would help you to become a great personality, make you bolder and ultimately you would become a role model for many around you. But, if you fake your CV, it would mentally kill you every day and every minute. Some people are so obnoxious, even if you tell them with sweet music also, they would not realize that they have done these mistakes. We cannot help them. But, the people who are conscious enough, please do not fake your CVs. To be honest, I have seen only few (can be counted on fingers) are true, remaining all more or less the fake stories at least at one point of their career. Would this success is any good for you? Please think yourself, it is not only gives bad name for you but also for your parents and the way you brought up. Be brave enough to accept what you do not know. There is no rule that everybody should know everything. But, do not fake your CVs and spoil your careers. Your small mistake would hunt you for life.

To make the SAP job market most corrupted free, every stakeholder of this process has an ethical responsibility including and not limited to Candidates, HR Agents, HR Employees, Interviewers, Recruiting Companies, Clients and even SAP / Authorized Training Partners. Let us see how we can bring glory to the SAP recruiting market around the world.


1. Stop faking your CVs

It is highly unethical to fake your CVs, please do not try to cheat yourself, recruiting agents, recruiting companies and your parents. It you are caught, it would crush your reputation and career. Even if you do not caught, psychologically you will die every minute with fear.

2. Do not exaggerate

It you have not worked on certain module / project / technology, then do not try to claim that you have worked on such module. If tomorrow you are placed on such module / technology in the new project, you would be under sever trouble or tension.

3. Be Honest

Be Honest in preparing your CVs. You should be honest enough to mention what you know and what you do not know. Your honesty will always be rewarded, any cheating would take your career progress to a lowest point.

4. Be bold enough to accept

Please always be bold enough to accept that if you do not know something. There is nothing wrong in it. As I said, there is no rule that everybody should know everything. Even experts sometimes fail to know even small things.

5. Stop Impersonation

Always be yourself, do not allow anybody to attend interviews on behalf of yourself. This would not only put you in trouble, but, even the other person who has taken telephonic interview for you also would be in trouble, both the careers would be spoiled.

6. Stop purchasing experience

Experience is something you should get out of your hard work, but not by way of purchasing from somebody. Always discourage if anybody approaches you to sell the experience letters, salary slips, bank statements or employee IDs. This is not the way you get the experience. Such bogus experience would in no way useful to you in life.

7. Stop preparing multiple CVs

Physically a person can live at one place only. It is the limitation of this nature. It is not possible to present a multiple places at the same time, unless you are a demon ๐Ÿ˜‰ . You cannot physically work for multiple clients at the same time. If the recruiting companies realize the story about your multiple CVs with different projects in the same period, forget about the job, you would not even be shortlisted.

8. Do not misguide the Clients

If you are working on project, never try to misguide the clients. If you do not know something, you tell the Client that you do not know, will check and get back to you. You check SCN, Service Market Place or SAP Help or your friends in SAP, then clarify with the Client. Do not simply misguide the Clients.

9. Do not kill other’s private life

Being SAP consultant, it is common to help each other in critical situations, but that does not mean, you always depend on expert consultants all the time and kill their private time. Remember nobody can help you through out your life. You need to learn yourself and become a master. If you are dependent on others, then the ship is going to crush soon.

10. Discourage any Cheating

It is your ethical responsibility to discourage any cheating in the whole recruitment process. Please be away yourself from any of the unscrupulous activities during the whole recruitment process. Be honest, honest and again honest in all your activities and deeds throughout this process. Do not ever offer any money or bribe to get a job / role in a company.

HR Agents

1. Candidates are not commodities

If you believe candidates are commodities, then they will in turn treat you as dust bins and nobody will encourage you in future. Therefore, please stop behaving like a Moron, otherwise, your business would be in severe trouble. You should know what their skills are, what they are capable of doing and what you are recruiting for. Otherwise, flowers, stones and mountains would be sold for the same price.

2. Know the meaning of “References”

Please stop misusing the references that you have collected from the candidates. You received the references to check whether the candidate is genuine or not. But, do not use the references to improve your business. If the candidates know your misdeed, they would simply avoid you for life.

3. Stop advertising fake jobs

Stop advertising fake jobs. If you know there is no job in the market, then, honestly do not advertise fake job. It would not only rupture the whole ecosystem, but also kill your reputation. Candidates are not that much fools, they are very wise to identify which are fake jobs.

4. Do not encourage Candidates to manipulate CVs

We all know you are working hard for commission, that is well appreciated, but, please do not encourage the candidates to manipulate and fake their CVs to anyhow fetch your commission. If the Client find the candidate is fake, then you would totally loose your business.

5. Blacklist fake CVs

If you find any of the candidates or CVs are fake, then honestly you have the ethical responsibility to blacklist such CVs and Candidates. In no way, you should forward such CVs to the Clients.

6. Do not waste candidates time

Do not simply call candidates without any reason or sending spam mails and waste their time. At one point, candidates would put your email address in blocked list. Therefore, before calling a candidates or emailing, first of all you should justify yourself whether it is a genuine purpose or not.

7. Respect the privacy

It is not your business to check where the candidates have attended interviews and do not try to get the names of those interview’s business contact. We are all know the market is very competitive and you all dying for business, but this is not the way to get the unnecessary details and spoil the candidate’s privacy.

8. Be Honest

You would only be respected in the market by being honest and working hard to place the genuine candidates. Therefore, please avoid from doing any unethical practices just to improve your business. Particularly, in this industry, reputation really matters, you and me very well knows that it is not built in one day. Cheer up.

9. No Conflict of Interest

You should not have any conflict of interest. If your relatives or close friends are HR Managers in a company, please do not send your candidates to those companies to your maintain your ethical standards. You should not have any conflict of interest in your business transactions or processes.

10. Be Transparent

Please be transparent in all your activities, this is the only way you can gain trust from Client and the Candidate. Stop doing business only for money. Do justice to the commission that you are taking. May be taking 10 to 20 percent commission would be justifiable. If you are trying to take 80% and give only 20% percent, to candidate, then it is not called business. it would be something else. I hate to tell, but you know what that something else is ๐Ÿ˜ก .

HR Employees

1. Avoid Conflict of Interest

Did your spouse / partner is doing HR Consultancy business for you? Please ask her / him to stop sending CVs to your Company. If you cannot ask, please resign the job and join the HR Consultancy permanently, probably, it would be helpful to your partner. Please do not try to cheat your Employer.

2. Do not persuade interviewer

Do not persuade the interviewers to take the candidates forwarded by your partner / spouse. You have no ethical authority to influence the interviewers. Your responsibility is to give the CV to interviewer and give the full freedom for him / her to select a candidate.

3. Are you competent enough to Shortlist?

Your employer has recruited you by keeping trust on you. If you are failing to open the CVs or failing to shortlist the genuine candidates, then indirectly you are doing total injustice to your employer. Please resign from your job and go home.

4. Do not take bribes to recruit candidates

This is the cheapest thing that I can expect from a HR employee. Do not sell your ethics for cheap activities and get bribes in recruiting the candidates. Be genuine, honest and always believe your conscious. Please do not cheat your employer. If caught, you are the first person to be behind bars. Rest all left to you.

5. Follow your company / industry standards

Always follow your company / industry standard in fixing the remuneration for the respective candidates. Just because to improve rating in your personal performance appraisal, do not mass recruit the candidates at a cheaper salaries. In next few months, you would not see them on your Company’s payroll.

6. Be bold enough to convey

If you call a person for interview, you should be bold enough to convey the candidate about the result, whether it is successful or failure. If you treat them as tissue papers and fail to convey the result of the interview, then you are the first person to spoil your Employer’s reputation in the recruitment market.

7. Do not encourage fake candidates

It is your ethical responsibility to discourage all the fake candidates and CVs. If you know any of the candidate is fake or the details mentioned in the CV is fake, then blacklist such candidates and do not call them for future interviews.

8. Check the references properly

You need to check the references properly, even in writing where you feel it is required as a policy of your company. If you fail to take the references properly and recruit the candidate, then anything goes wrong, then you should be in a position to accept the liability. Therefore, please follow strict reference checks.

9. Give your best to bring the best quality consultants

You should always work hard in this competitive market to get the quality consultant to benefit your business. Your lethargic feelings would hamper not only your employer’s business but also your Client’s business. Therefore, you should remember, you are the life blood of your company identifying the best and the only the best consultants in the market.

10. Be Honest

Last, but not the least, always be honest in all your activities and do not be influenced by any others. You are critical link in the whole process, your honesty will help right candidates, HR Agents, your Employer and your Clients. Your Honesty really matters.


1. Do not get influenced

Be free yourself from all the influences from HR team / other employees / outsiders. You should always free from all the influences and act as a best judge in identifying the talent of the prospective candidate. You are the judge of your own judgement and nobody should ever influence to take a decision in recruiting a candidate.

2. No bribes please

Keep yourself away from this nonsense business. Do not use your position for your personal position. If you are using your position for personal position, then first thing is to go out of the company immediately. Please do not mess up the things by taking part in back door activities.

3. Are you competent enough?

The first question you should ask yourself, whether are you competent enough to take the interviews? Do not care whether you are Manager or CEO of the company, if you are really not competent enough to take my interview, then surely I am not going to give my interview.

4. Set your expectations right

Always set your expectations right regarding the role and the candidates. Sometimes it is not always work, delivery etc. There are also something beyond you need to look at the candidate, their attitude, team work, enthusiasm, hard working nature, ability to learn, share the knowledge, soft skills and communication etc. Are you listening?

5. Do not think you know everything

Because you are taking interview does not mean that you know everything in the world. You only knows 0.01% of what you ought to be. So, always keep this hat on top of your head and courteous in taking all the interviews. If you show humility in your interview, even if the candidate is rejected, they would still admire you. But, if you show arrogance, then you are the first person to be ignored.

6. Avoid doing back door activities

When company has given you a huge responsibility and position, how can you involve in such heinous activities. How can you recruit an incompetent person by taking money from them?. Do not you feel ashamed of what you have done? I would still surprise why the other companies would still recruit you, when you are totally fit for nothing. When I hear stories like this, they are really heart burning.

7. Avoid Partiality

Stop recruiting a candidate based on religion, region, country and appearance. Respect the talent. If you believe that the candidate is having right talent and potential to grow, ask your consciousness, whether can I recruit that candidate for my Company? You should have the same consciousness whether you are recruiting for your Company or yourself.

8. Be prepared

You are not invited to watch football match. You are going to take the interview for the right candidate. So, do not think that interview is only for the candidates, but not for you. It is also your responsibility from your side to prepare the type of questions to be asked. If you failed to do so, you go for an Elephant, but you get a dog.

9. Select the best

It is always your responsibility to select the right and the best candidate not only for your employer also for your Clients. You should have thorough selection criteria to select the right candidates. If you fail, then you are not an asset to the company, only busy bee in adding the liabilities to the company.

10. Be Honest

Be honest in whatever you are doing to your company. If you give your honest and transparent approach to recruit a candidate, then you have done your job. Then you could easily feel proud about yourself for recruiting the best talent in the market.

Recruiting Companies

1. Revamp your HR Practices

Do not care whether you are FTSE 100 company or 10 company. Remember success is temporary, so stop egos and honestly look at your HR Policies and practices. This is the only way that you can always keep yourself best in the market. People do not really bother how big company you are.

2. Are you aware of any unethical practices?

Without any exception, every company / employees are involved in certain extent for unethical practices. Are you aware that such unethical practices are also happening in your company. Do not just look at one place, thoroughly look at all your business locations, onshore, offshore and near shore. Eradicate any such unethical practices in your HR.

3. Employees are not your billing agents

Stop thinking that you are recruiting employees just bill your Clients and count your money every day evening. They are driving force of your business, so treat them as they deserved to be. Otherwise, you will end up with highest attrition rate in your industry.

4. Take stern activities on back door activities

Many people might be still wondering what is this back door means. ๐Ÿ˜‰ See if any of your employees are taking bribes to bring in incompetent people into your organisation, first remove such people, otherwise they would suck all your blood like Dracula.

5. Do you invest on employees?

Do you ever think of investing for the betterment and prosperity of your employees? It is not just giving salary. There are many other things you should encourage in your organisation take efforts to employees, encouragement, appreciation, equal opportunity, training, growth, career opportunities, health and safety,

6. Do you know your employees’ conflict of Interest?

Are your ever seriously though of your employees’ conflict of interest. Do you know some of your HR / other employees having HR agencies outside and they are recruiting your employees through them. They are insisting to recruit their own candidate and not really bothered about your future? Why are you still afford to keep such hopeless individuals in your Organisation?

7. Are you aware of impersonation?

I know every company looking to recruit candidates at faster rate. Do you know during this process you might be becoming a victim of impersonation?. That means somebody else is giving interview instead of the original candidate? Have you insisted on taking interview only through video conferences? Do you have such time to think on this? Please do proper background verification before issuing any appointment letter to the candidate. Once you have issued the appointment letter, it is your fault and you should accept the full responsibility.

8. Do you ever thought of your high attrition?

Why you are having high attrition in your industry? Is it because of your unethical HR practices or your incompetent managers? Have you ever properly trained your Managers to encourage talented people? You know sometimes, your Managers’ arrogant behaviour is one of the reason for your high attrition. If you think so, first try to invest some time and money on Managers.

9. Do you really live up to your standards?

Do you have a proper process to be followed for recruitment? Have you ever checked that your HR employees are bold enough to convey the results to the candidates, or they simply tend to ignore the candidates if they do not select. Do not care how big you are, if you fail to satisfy these small things, they would never turn up to your company. Are you still listening?

10. Be Honest

Honesty is not just expected from your employees and candidates, but as a company you should ensure that every process in your organisation has great amount of honesty involved. I know how difficult it is in this competitive world, but you should be proactive and fill your company resources with the talented blood. Be Honest and trust in your employees.


1. Are you really blind?

Many of the clients are blindly depending on their Implementation Partners or their Sub contractors to select the resources and helplessly believing them. Unless you are aware of what type of consultants are joining your board, then it is not going to help you. The consultants would come and spoil your systems and processes. Unless you open your eyes and evaluate the resources properly, it would be a painful experience for you.

2. Do you really release the full potential of Consultants?

You have recruited the consultants with high amount of money, but you are still very reluctant to change the system or very rigid change management process, then you would never get benefited by the potential of the consultants. They would simply come and go. Unless first you set right your internal process, consultants would not really help you.

3. Reference Check

Do your reference check properly?. If you cannot do the reference check thoroughly, then latter you would cry foul game, but it is too late, but the time you must have spent lot of pounds, which are just sunk costs. Those historical costs would not help you, but it is equivalent to down the drain money without having any productivity for your organisation.

4. Freedom of Expression

When you are recruiting the candidates, you should give them the freedom of expression. If you are expecting them to report everything for you, then you are creating hurdles for your growth. People can only cherish where the mind if without fear. If you create psychological fear in the minds of your consultants, they would only physical objects, but nothing else.

5. Selection Standards

You should have your own selection standards in selecting the candidates. Do not just depend on HR Agents or your implementation partners. They can bring any consultant to you. First of you should have proper standards and do your own interview. If you fail to do so, then it is your mistake and probably, your organisation would pay a hefty price.

6. Measuring deliverable

If you fail to measure the quality deliverables of the consultants, you are just acting as head teacher to record the attendance of the students. You should have proper mechanism and the targets are to specified very clearly. On a daily / weekly basis you should see where your staff / project team is up to. This is the only way you can maintain the competency in your project.

7. Equal Opportunity

Always treat every resource on your project equally. Do not show any partiality between them. Every consultant and resource will have their own skills. So, please do not compare one with the other. Everybody is special in their own way. Your project will only be successful if all the resources give their best. By considering this, you should give equal opportunity for all the resources.

8. Security Clearances

If you are very particular about quality resources, go for Full Security Cleared Consultants. That really does not mean that you are getting the best consultants in the industry. But, yes at least it would give you a satisfaction that you are choosing the reliable consultants.

9. Candidate’s Suitability

When you are recruiting a consultant, you should ensure that the Consultant is really fit for the job description. If you recruit a wrong consultants for the demanding job, you are only helping to postpone your project delivery by another few months. Therefore, always choose the right and suitable candidate for the demanding job.

10. Open Culture

Even if you have above mentioned 9 qualities, but if you fail in the 10th quality, then your project would be a big disaster. First of all you should have a open culture across all your organisation. If you only believe in hierarchical monarchy type of organisation, then the whole project is worthless. Develop a culture where any person can directly contact or communicate any person in your organisation.  Do not believe in positions, but only trust the knowledge.

SAP / Authorized Training Partners

1. Quality Education

You have highest responsibility to deliver the quality education. Many employers in the market is still depending on your credibility to choose the employee. So, please do not concentrate on number of candidates, but always ensure you are sending best candidates from your institutes by properly training and giving the best fundamental knowledge.

2. Improvement in Certification

Please do not make SAP Certification Exam another theory driving test. If you make so, then everybody would pass by mugging the questions for a week or so. Always ensure that you choose innovative methods to bring out the best from the candidates. Otherwise, the sheen of your certificate will evaporate over a period time.

3. Industry Standards

Try to make put some industry standards with the help of recruiting agents, recruiting companies, implementation partners, customers and clients by making the SAP Certification a minimum qualification that every consultant should have. It does not really matter whether they like it or not. But, everybody should pass the Certification as a minimum level of acceptance.

4. External Audit

Unfortunately, many of your training centers are really messed up. You should have thorough quality audit of all your training centers by a Third Party of stature of Big 4 consulting companies. You should ensure you are evening having audit on the quality of printed material given to the papers. Avoid giving Photostat copies. If you can bring quality from that level, then only you would sustain in the education sector.

5. Confirmations

With lot of fake CVs around the market, some of the people tend to claim as Certified consultants, even though they are really not. Most of the employers are still relying to verify the genuineness of their consultants. In such cases, please help them with patience and reveal the truth the Recruitment Companies. Please ensure that you are not breaching any privacy laws in that country.

6. Act on Piracy

You may be really unaware, but the surprising fact is your SAP ECC 6.0 and above versions are selling for as cheap as $10 in the market. Forget about ECC, you name a technology of yours, which is available in the market, available for few bucks. Have you ever though why your software products are pirated in the market so cheaply. All your SAP Certification materials are freely available on the internet. Many unscrupulous people are evening selling your Certification Materials. Wake up yourself and make use of google search.

7. Maintain Reputation

It is not just adding more number of questions and more number of certifications every year. Try to build the reputation for SAP Education and your Certifications. 15 Years back there used to be lot of value for Certification, but now Certification has become a piece of paper and every Tom, Dick and Harry is completing your courses. You should bring back such reputation, probably, it is time for all your Education Team to put innovative hats.

8. Incentives

Give some incentives in the licensing fee etc. if they have certain number of Certified Consultants, may be 1% for 10, 2% for 20, 5% for 50 and 10% for 100 etc. This is the only way industry would really push their employees to go for your certification. There must be some kind of incentives you should provide to encourage the educationally motivated individuals / companies.

9. Tie up with Employers

It is not just giving licenses to new Educational Partners and opening number of centers in quantity, please ensure you have quality placement cells in all your educational centers. Please ensure / tie up with all the companies and arrange for some campus type of interviews. If you are claiming that you are going to give the so called “placement assistance”, but in reality is it is “sour grape”.

10. Transparency

Please maintain the complete transparency in all your activities. Note that people are investing their hard earned money and in fact their blood for SAP Education. Please do not make equal yourself to a local institute. Fulfill all your promises that you have promised before, during and after the course. Come out of the dream that SAP / Educational Partners are best in the Industry. I witnessed non-recognized training centers 10000 times better than SAP Education Centers. Honestly, you should introspect yourself and look into providing quality of tutors, facilities, server connections, additional time to consultants, responding to the grievances, quality material supply and placements etc.

The blog is little lengthy and more than expected in length. My blog may give hard feelings to many, nevertheless, my only attempt is to bring honesty and transparency into the SAP recruitment market by all stakeholders. Even if I am able to bring up 1% of honesty in the whole process, I feel I am more than successful in my attempt through this blog.

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  • Pramila,

    I think you are taking every thing in negative. If you are failing sometime it doesn't mean that you will never get an opportunity. It means that you have to prepare well for up coming challenges.

    Learn from every failure and fill-up the gaps.

    As Ravi advised you, write your all week points and strong point in a paper and work on it.


    • Ritesh, could you tell me what is the meaning of negative? I don't have that in me. I am having support of my center, HR (IT), and 2 more ATC's of Bangalore and Pune.

      FYI - I am done with all tasks. Even Naukri dot com HR  has done a swot analysis on my profile by conducting a small interview and they have prepared visual cv.

      I have not attended interview, so no question of Failure. I am waiting for interview to clear in one shot.

      Now I can't repeat any analysis.

      Give me your mail Id I will send the snap of my visual cv. This cv has reached every company through my center as well from my side.


  • Pramila, success and failure are part of life and every one should accept it. At correct time if you can work out on your objectives then definitely you will win the race.

    In over all conversation your questioning every one for a "JOB CORRUPTION" and every one have tried there best to make you understand.

    Please question to your self,

    1. Why I am not getting an opportunity.
    2. Where i am lacking or missing skills.
    3. Why others are getting hired with the same skill that i have.
    4. Should i get a Mentor who can guide me.
    5. Questions that i missed to answered in interview.
    6. How much i rate on overall skills.
    7. Package on which i am ready to work and is it negotiable.
    8. How should i approach to a HR.
    9. What is the current market trend.
    10. Challenges on relocating and benefits.
    11. From whom i can get reference.
    12. Up comings openings.

    Please try this for you. Don't feel your self low keep trying and trying till you hit the target, off-course you are not a winner till you hit the target.

    Please don't take it otherwise, just trying to help you.

  • Hi Ravi,

    *  It's an exceptional blog as always your blog is so strong in content and the message.

    *  It's so common to see fake CV's floating in the SAP market where most of the times the Wrong Consultants are picked and the real experienced/honest  ones are left behind with broken Hopes. I believe that it will change in the coming days.

    You are my Inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for being my Mentor ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best Regards,

    Gokulkumar RD

  • If you think about fake resume what about companies recruiting people with less experiencing and presenting to client with more experience.

    Do you think companies, what they are doing is right. ?

    Companies need experienced people How do people get experience The companies need project 

    I have seen in companies , manipulating resume with more experience and presenting it to client Dont you think it is wrong?

    Its a mistake from company  The companies should see his performace until and unless he is performing I dont think so there would be any problem with him/her.

    somebody who got 10 years of genuine experience who is fit for nothing who dont perform what is the use for the company

    I would say the companies should see his performance not in documents. At the end inwhat way company will get benefit for them that is important.

    If they see somebody is not performing he/she can have verification t. I strictly dont like the policies that follows in the company

    • Transparency should be part of life.

      There are many stakeholders in the whole process, there we cannot blame a single party, all are more or less equally responsible for this mess. The person with 10 years not performing is equivalent to the person performing well with fake experience. Both are bad and the Company should really rethink what are the next steps to be taken.

      • Yes Ravi I truly agree with you.

        All are responsible for Mess.  I faced an interview , Interview went well , I dont know why they didnt select me Many big companies tied up with small vendor and do back door This is bad

        Someone who approach directly for an interview Its very difficult to get selected.  They select people from backdoor and do all non sense at the end the project will flop.

        Many Big companies are running coz they have money All they do at the end is to terminate good people when they dont have project that is strategy and Recruit people who have experience without any  knowledge

        • Never get disheartened.

          Always we can learn something positive out of our each failure. Otherwise, we would go into frustration mode. This is an opportunity to do something better in the future.

          • Yes Ravi I appreciate your words. The interviewer should be blamed first for backdoor and companies should stop giving first preference for  employee referral programs or reference

            All are equal we are all in same boat One day we will die what we get at the end.

  • Hello Ravi,

    I have made a clear Graphics on Fresh Graduates and Post Graduates Struggling to get entry. I have been in SAP Job Trails for 3+ years and I have found out the answers also. Now I will share it here.  Graduates and Post Graduates belonging to 2010-2011 have been ignored by SAP Partners of Bangalore.

    Fresh Graduates Post Graduates at SAP Partners.jpgRecently I had to miss out a Job of SAP Partner (NTT Data Bangalore) They have recruited 2013 Passouts for SAP FICO Team Role. Where will 2010 and 2011 Passout will go? Equal Opportunity is Missing Again. When a Fresher is Qualified both in terms of Education and SAP Education, why can't these SAP Partners treat them Equally? What makes them to ignore?

    When there is an Ignorance, automatically these Graduates/Post Graduates will be forced to opt out for Fake experience. This is how Fake CV's fluffs out in Job Portals and they also succeed in getting entry too. And Genuine Candidates are left behind.

    Freshers belonging to 2010,2011,2012 must be given chance. I have jotted out 14 Positive Points which goes on like thisMajor Plus Points in Fresh Talents Graduates and Post Graduates.jpg

    I have said all realities which happened to me and still happening to me.

    Still I have some more to share. Will share it later. Please kindly bear with me and forgive me for bringing too much of bitter reality.



    • Thanks Pramila, I like expression of your pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

      Though, there is a good point in your argument, however, the companies / clients have their own reason in selecting the candidates. Unfortunately, we cannot dictate terms to them. It is their choice whether they want apples or bananas.



      • Hello Ravi,

        Everyone is aware of these 14 points. At the same time there is a Dance of Fakes (Consultancies are trying to target Graduates & Post Graduates, stressing to opt out for Fakes).



    • Additional bitter realities:

      Points 1,8, 11, 12 and 14 are true of anyone who is trained and certified, and not in a SAP role.

      Point 3 and related are weighed by recruiters against the advantage of having someone recently qualified. Given the graphic you have put together, they've clearly already decided that recently qualified outweighs the additional practice on test and demo systems.

  • Dear Ravi,

    Good day and Good Evening,

    Hope you are doing well and usually a routine snack and a tea break ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    I am spell bound to see, what exactly a fresher thinks or usually when it wants to go genuinely professional is the representation of such a wonderful ideology.

    Well there are couple of my friends whom i have seen expressing and thanking and expressing their views, their experiences and to the most.


    I would understand the ideology and the concerns behind your expressions, where you can just make people not only understand, aware or would honestly say much more efforts was regardless seen to boost someone's confidence and those who want to start their career would also help them to clearly and realisticly understand the two sides approach of a coin.

    As a person, it would be easy or difficult to express or to travel another mile to make a wish or address the present issues or concerns to see that there is a possible solution.

    Before that i have few queries to express.

    1. Today most of the ATC's or heads in SAP says that we are going as per the training calendar, if so for few modules the supply is more than the demand, because of which most of the people are queued in expectation of consultant role, what's the ideal solution should be like

    a) Is it people should be refrained from getting trained, if this is going to be such a painful and worrying situation.

    b) At least companies would give a support role to work or a relevant role for consulting should be considered for the existing certified professionals.

    2. This is myself or most of the people would definitely ask, you say that markets move based on various factors, but today i agree to the point where one should have threshold to see they finally get placed anywhere, if so can these queries be answered.

    a) Reality is most of the consultants who were passed out early, say two-three years back still lying on roads or hanging to some part time jobs and eagerly waiting for an interview call, what's the modus operandi of getting placed.

    b) Most of the genuine people around support or say that take up something (some part-time or relevant accounting job)meanwhile and then you can hangout to consultant role soon, i believe this should happen as a part of learn to crouch and roll to the role, but instead people are struggling and hindered with greatest depression and lot other back-pulling factors.

    3. Ravi my big query is based on a till date happening from most of the ATC's, that they are doing their job and striving to get people to us and see we get boarded with a new horizon. If so why are they still lying outside a consultant role.

    a) Big query or worry most of them ask for them, is it for this very disappointing and isolating thing i invested many things which are quite invaluable and irrevocable, which is hard to answer this query

    b) Why don't ATC's strive to get a support role, well the reality is something different. It's quite surprising most of us strangely happen to work outside reality than closely with reality, but still there is some ingredient to be kept on for to understood by mutual parties than being a one-side traffic.

    4. I have been personally recommended and forced to take up non-consulting roles till date and so on until i hit the role or something is in it's way to stuck. but what would have been the ROI that i wasn't able to recoup till date.

    a) Putting aside of the ROI for till date, there are many in the queue mercifully waiting for an opportunity or company to take/absorb for atleast temporary roles to fill the gap.

    b) Well it's more of or would say really unanswerable query or concern, what about the gap-filler before and after certification.

    5. I am unsure of handling this query, but still believe hopefully you would help me to put in more better way.

    a) Most of the people registered with SAP Indian Careers website, could you throw some focus as how to understand this, or how or what should be the approach by "Certified Freshers"

    b) What is the fate of certified fresher, if they were said to either go for fake experience or wait until luck favours to get placed in to a consultant role.

    6. Ravi, i would want to understand if there's a proper gateway, where SAP and it's partners understand the present scenario and who are mercifully waiting in the queue to get placed.

    a). Is there any particular group or concerned team, still give us clarity on this, many are awaiting to get answered from them.

    b). Hmmm, the biggest query is why that SAP isn't encouraging start-up companies to put at least job notifications on their portal which many including me have already registered. ( That should really sound purposeful)

    7. Is that true, most of the ATC's been saying few years and few months that SAP is in it's preparing for it's BIG GO for all those who are awaiting would see that they are absorbed, i mean to ask, IS SAP really tied with it's partners to conduct a wholesome mega job-fair.

    a). most of the ATC's are saying this concern since a long time. don't know whether this will happen or not.

    b). Is there a way for freshers to interact with SAP Partners or how do you see or recommend for them to do so.

    8. At the end of the day, people presently standing in the queue either calling this as worst nightmare.

    a). As you already stated that genuinity always rescues though it's lately boarded for everyone, but ingenuity has to suffer always with something lacking, being genuine has became a really distress to many. Could you offer or borrow some basics to help us understand and proceed further.

    b). Otherwise, people are already on the verge to take the fake and forced to do so, whatever level it is, unfortunate market being is SAP compared to others. If not we have to leave SAP for time being and to do some job to come out of this distress.

    9. Last but not least, patience will definitely bring rewards, but i believe patience will for those who want something has already on it.

    a). Do i have to patiencely wait, if so till what time or is there anything we can do a self-service to get in to a small role and then slowly raise.

    b). Fact is that, my parents wants me to take up some other job to support myself and my family. Although it's a personal call, but this is the thing that's happening.

    10. We do have ideas for people to help many to get in to SAP Consulting role.

    a). Assume if the same thing happens, will people still want to stand on the genuinity.

    b). Answers and answers, but what's the action part that needs to raise people.

    Ravi, it's my kind appeal about the reality that we are in to, also it's the fact that people will not suffer always for the same reason and from as well, but still suffering is something different from struggling for their career.

    SAP, if this three letters are heard to a newbie, he's been in to a myth and it will take time to land in to reality and realize what he/she has lost anything more than valuable time and settlement aspects.

    I believe great things not only starts from suffering/struggle, but also starts from the concept beyond survival, one may still ask why a person wants to stress on being beyond than survival, i mean survival is the inherent and innate concern for few, where their approach is to put a new synergy and completely re-engineer the scenario to get more closer for everyone that SAP is not a myth, but it's a place where reality is recognized along with the recognition of struggle.

    Thanks and Regards

    Karthikeya (SAP FI Certified Application Associate Consultant)

    • Hi Karthikeya,

      The answer for all these questions is too much expectation kept on Certification. SAP FI Certification is one of the most easiest exam and there are few thousands in the market. May be around 10 to 15 years back there used to be some preference for those people with Certification. Now, just certification will not help to get a job. There is definitely something beyond certification to showcase in the interview. In addition to that demand supply also will play a role. Please do not believe in job assistance, there is nothing like that. In my personal opinion, they are just marketing tricks, nothing much. To be honest, SAP / ATC would try to forward your CV to few of their contacts. That's it. If the employer likes your profile, they would give you a call for the interview. Otherwise, then there is a long queue and struggle. Even I had faced this struggle. Struggle is part of life, so nothing much to worry. Keep trying hard and focused I am sure you will get a decent job soon.

      All the best.

      Kind Regards,


  • Dear Ravi,

    I am SAP SD certified consultant, I have a 8+ year experience in sales and marketing and have also done ( MBA-Marketing and  MS-IT ). I have done my certification on 1st of April 2014.

    Please advise me which further module is helpful for me?

    Which is helpful for future growth.

    I have interested in BI and BOBJ.

    Best Regards,

    Rehan A. Butt.

    • Hi Rehan,

      I would suggest you go with CRM as this is more related to your current experience.

      BI and BOBJ is technical, but then it all depends on your interest whether to go for a technical profile from a functional background. There are many people who did that, but then unless you are really interested on these modules, it wont work. If you have real interest, irrespective of job opportunities, you can go. Please also note there are many BI/BOBJ consultants in the market at the same time good market these modules. It is now up to you to decide.

      Kind Regards,


  • Overwhelming pieces for someone that has never experienced at least part of this first-hand, but a great one. I can see the time and effort behind it just to articulate that on the paper (on top of the thinking and planning of course).

    I am just like you - idealistic. Unfortunately nothing is going to change just because we wish so. Which is sad. May you see an improvement that can warm up your heart. We -idealists - need these little things to keep going.

    All the best, Otto

    • Great comments !!!! Thank you Otto.

      It is always a great pleasure try to be perfect in this imperfect world. Nothing is perfect, still it is a great feeling and wish and this world would go to a near perfect. Thanks very much once and your comments, my week end starting with great feeling ๐Ÿ™‚

      Best Regards,


      • Hi Sir, your blog is quite impressive.  I have done my Masters in ERP systems and completed the below modules.

        Enterprise Resource Planning Systems                                                         

        Business Process Engineering

        Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Implementation

        Supply Chain and Logistics Management

        Organization Change Management

        Strategic Use of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

        Planning and Control through ERP systems (PP)

        Business Intelligence Systems (BI)

        Information Systems Research & Writing

        Enterprise e-Commerce

        The Information Systems Professional

        Management of Information Technology

                        Here in US im planning to start working. But since im a fresher, i have very less knowledge in planning my path. Im confused to choose. But im not a very techy person. Can u plz guide me to proceed further with my career ?  That would be of great help to me. Thank you so much.

  • Ravi - Your blog is really good with direction to every one in industry, unfortunately people just forget the lessons learned from this blog or elsewhere and continue the same mistakes again and again.

    • Thanks Vishnu.

      It is true that nothing much happens, but being a blogger, this is just a hope for change.

      The problem is everybody wanted to make a mark by whatever means. Unless there are some strict industry guidelines in the recruitment process, nothing much is going to be changed.

  • Hello Ravi Sir..,

    I want to share my experience with a consultancy...,

    Yesterday I've received a call from one consultancy, first they explained everything about SAP FICO module training (not for certification) and then I said I've already done training now am looking for job as a fresher level in SAP and they replied, OK..., but also our consultancy will provide you interviews in any company but in the fever we will charge 2 months salary after getting job...., (I understood they're indirectly approaching me to make my CV fake) ๐Ÿ˜Ž then I asked some questions..., How is it possible, as a fresher can get interview is scheduled with a company? How you're doing this, first tell me then I'll go for it? and In the job portal there is less opportunities for freshers in SAP if they are experienced in other fields so then suddenly they said, sir I'm sending you my office address if you are interested then come to our office will discuss in details and call disconnected. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    But, I'm not interested in this and I'm happy with my current job (not in SAP but I'm working in Indian software i.e. in Tally) I hope so I'll be in SAP very soon...., ๐Ÿ˜‰ so, now am planning to do distance MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS).



    • Well done Sagar. You have done a good thing. Otherwise, the guilt would be hunting all the time.

      NMIMS is a good institute and I am sure MBA from such Institute would immensely helpful in your long term career. Additionally, it would give you enough confidence and your curriculum looks much brighter. Persistence is the key, keep trying for the best, I am sure you will be in a good path of the career.

      All the best.

      Kind Regards,


  • Hello Ravi,

    I only can say:

    You have hit the bull´s eye

    with your words. I firmly agree with your lines

    I hope/wish that things will become better. ( I am idealistic )

    That things can become better men  need some kind of firing and being encouraged,  in  my opinion your lines will be some ignition to the right way.

    Even the longst way starts with the first step. (Laotse)

    (which means: not so many planning - be brave)

    all the best

    with warm greetings Erwin

    • Thanks Erwin. Much appreciated your comments.

      I strongly believe even 1000 miles starts with single step. Your wonderful quote has further motivated me, thanks for sharing such a nice and wonderful quote.

      We are all aiming for a perfect life in this imperfect world. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Best Regards,


  • Dear Ravi , i like Your posts

    This is my just Hart feeling ...i am  not blaming you

    You presented very Good Manner but You made a mistake as per me

    That is ----You said please stop making Fake CV"S ....Right ok But you also know Fresher openings are very Few ( That is also with ref/ Money ) compare with 3+ Years of exp

    So if not have another change i feel there is nothing wrong because If we have strong knowledge in respect area we can Manage ( I know some problems will come )

    You said Clint is looser ----------- I never agree ,, in this world Tiger will eat Goat--Goat will eat Grass ---same like this

    Do you say Who are working In real time More than 8 years ,wont do Mistakes ?

    Some times Clint will balm PM Also ................

    May be some one joined as Fresher they wont know the pain but who tried a  lot with fake experience  they know the pain behind this


    Am i correct ??

    • To be clear, you are saying

      It's ok to lie on your CV because:

      1. There aren't enough openings for freshers?

      2. A fresher might be able to do the job as well as someone with 3+ years experience

      Even people with 8+ years experience make mistakes, so what does it matter if a newbie makes mistakes?

      Cheating and lying to clients is entirely moral and correct because we live in a dog-eat-dog world.

      Is that a correct understanding of your message?

    • Venu

      This is not the correct approach. I was a fresher in SAP FICO way back in 2006 without job for six months. But the only thing which drove me and till date still was my passion and eagerness to learn. In seven years, I have completed ten projects including 3 end to end projects and a migration for some of the biggest brands in the World

      I strongly believe and it is own my personal opinion that only passion and trust are two things which drive any career. How can one have a conviction to do a job correctly when at the bottom of the heart one knows that at some place he/she is wrong.

      Over the years on SCN, i have seen and intereacted with so many people. Ravi and Ajay are two of the people I have been following for so long and learnt so much in terms of guidance.


      Sanil Bhandari

          • Dear All

            I Have not blamed any one just thing is People out side who are trying with Fake experience

            they will Hurt after reading this post

            Really i have said Only From that angle but ..Ravi logic is also Good 

          • To Venu Gopal, Raman,

            It is just business Assume If project cost is $1000 The Company would say $10,000 to complete the project Dont you think It is wrong.  Dont you think it is lie

            Instead of focusing on small rats why dont you focus on big rats.

            If a person is capable of doing a project There is nothing wrong in lying. Whether he got experience or not. According to me Experience is nothing . knowledge you have is important A person with 10 to 20 years of experience working in Big Companies as Senior Consultants They just have experience but not brain.

          • Priya Gupta wrote:

            If a person is capable of doing a project There is nothing wrong in lying.

            Yes there is. If you lie about your experience, why should I trust you on anything else you say. By lying you show that you cannot be trusted with my systems, my customers' data. Does the word "integrity" mean nothing to you?

            Priya Gupta wrote:

            According to me Experience is nothing . knowledge you have is important

            Utter (self-serving) nonsense. Experience tells you how to apply the knowledge. Knowledge doesn't cover every scenario.

          • I was commenting on your opinion. I entirely disagree with your statement that there is nothing wrong with lying about experience if you have ability, and with your statement that experience is nothing.

            In this context "you" is used in the impersonal sense.

          • I have seen in real life People suicide because of  money and job.

            I have seen a fresher who tried for a job He didnt get a job finally he ended with a suicide note

            I have seen a fresher who kept fake exp and tried for a job He is living happily.

            I agree keeping fake exp is not a right way to do a job that is not the only one way  People keep fake because they dont have anyother alternative.

            Iam not among them  I trust god and i like the right way of doing job

          • The fact that some people have committed suicide (apparently) over work issues is irrelevant to whether it is morally correct to lie on your CV about your experience, and whether experience is worth anything.

          • All the people who are all patiently replying on this blog have started their careers with lot of struggles and empty stomachs, however, they never inclined to dishonest practices.

            Hungry, money, suicides and family problems cannot be a source for faking the CV.

            Satyameva Jayathe (Truth alone Triumphs) - This is what taught to the students in schools and colleges from day one. This is time for us to respect, follow and practice the words preached by our great grand fathers.
          • Hi Ravi,

            Corruption is still there. I have seen companies asking Rs.2 Lakhs of Deposit whether a candidate is Fresher or Working Professional Everyone must and should give Deposits of Rs.2 lakhs. It even applies to those who have done SAP Certification. My Friend who had done SAP Certification in 2012 has now landed in Job by giving Un Dated Check of Rs.2.50 lakhs. He had invested in SAP Training and Certification also gave deposits of Rs.2.50 lakhs. Just calculate how much he has invested to get Job? It comes to Rs.3.75+Rs.2.50=Rs.6.25lakhs. Why Companies must ask such Deposits is my Question?

            I have also come across few people suggesting me to opt for Genuine Fakes. They have said me like this you are going in wrong way. Come to me I will Train up you with Real time Experience for a Fees of Rs.45 k. Go as Experienced Consultant.

          • >Why Companies must ask such Deposits is my Question?

            They don't. They are scamming you. They are playing on candidates desperation and making money out of misery.

            btw- for me to train up a novice consultant in my company costs over $75000/~5 million INR  (training fees, expenses and salary), with no guarantee of recovering any of the investment. You can understand why I don't want to take on a newbie. .

          • On the other side when newbie grows up in your company you can be pretty sure what he/she is. If he/she comes outside neither a newbie nor a well-known profi you need to be very careful checking both the recommendations and experience.

          • According to me Experience is nothing . knowledge you have is important A person with 10 to 20 years of experience working in Big Companies as Senior Consultants They just have experience but not brain.

            From your comments, I could say, you don't have enough experience to justify this statement.  My only question to you is How many experienced people you met in your life and in what way, you concluded they dont have brain?

            Before commenting in a global forum like this, please think twice what you intended to convey to others.

          • To Mathew,

            What you said was right

            To Venu Gopal, Raman,

            It is just business Assume If project cost is $1000 The Company would say $10,000 to complete the project Dont you think It is wrong.  Dont you think it is lie

            Instead of focusing on small rats why dont you focus on big rats.

            If a person is capable of doing a project There is nothing wrong in lying. Whether he got experience or not. According to me Experience is nothing . knowledge you have is important A person with 10 to 20 years of experience working in Big Companies as Senior Consultants They just have experience but not brain.

    • Hi Venu

      Do you really believe you have the knowledge to take on a position that requires 3 years experience? Do you think getting a job is all about the employee and nothing to do with the employer?

      As per me, I worry at the state of some SAP systems out there where people lie about their abilities and create mess. I suspect there a heap of clients out there who claim SAP is terrible because they had the wrong people being allowed access to their systems.

      Who will you learn from if everyone lies on their resume and gets jobs they aren't qualified to do?

      Yes job opportunities for freshers are few and this is a case of welcome to reality with the change in market. This happens in many industries. As the product matures and more people train in it there is  more competition for fewer jobs. It is an important aspect you need to consider before investing in your education and training. This applies to all industries. It does not justify embellishing your resume.

      As per me, someone with 8 years actual experience who makes a mistake is more likely to realise the mistake, why it happened and figure out appropriate resolution steps to rectify and ensure they do not do this again. A freshers who lied on their resume without proper training and experience is less likely to be able to do this and more likely to make the situation worse!

      In my discipline - security - if someone lies on their resume they will be walked same day. I cannot trust a person to be responsible for security and managing access risk if they demonstrate their willingness to put themselves first always (same can be said about being in a position of trust for any SAP job since it is the company's finance system)



  • Dear Friends,

    Consultants/Doctors/Engineers/etc. their solutions are most trusted and the expectations are they should be first self-respected in their own ethics. I have seen now a days shortcut are adopted by many professionals and in my eyes which could lead to risk in future if things goes wrong and ultimately shifting of blame will be just passing the ball on different courts rather than to resolved the damage.

    In my view core business and professional services should not be mixed in the examples. Objective of core business is make profit.

    Also we should think about the scenario like if you are going to operate by a doctor who has faked experience and got the job. He can lead to unrepairable damages / cost life. Similar way if you give an aircraft to a faked pilot, who still can fly aircraft with auto pilot in today's world, but when things get unconditional your real experience will help you.

    I understand everybody's situation and current consulting market, but still I will not adopt fake experiences in My CV.

    I thank Ravi to open this topic for discussion and other members as well who shared their view points, which gave me an opportunity to share my views.

  • Hi Ravi,

    I got to read late nevertheless indeed a nice article.

    I believe its game of supply and demand, but adoption of any unethical means to get/offer a job is unacceptable. Someone either has to close the gate from inside or outside, in case if an employer puts brake with stringent qualifying and background verification process thereby saying big NO to fake CVs or candidates, then all the stake holders in recruitment value chain will be threatened. I think this way HR Agents, outside recruitment agencies malpractices could be curbed and ultimately benefitting the client getting much deserving and talented resource pool.

    These articles not only spread adopting fair practices but also create awareness in job incumbents which is in a way helping society.



  • Kiran B wrote:

    Many consultants were there who are having Fake experience CV and now they are living super cool more than anyone and some vice versa.

    It is not the question how those so called "faked consultants" are living. There might be some thieves living with super luxury, does that means, everybody here should take them as role models?

    Point A to Z: Faking a CV is unethical and unacceptable. That is the end of the story.

    I do not care what the consultant would achieve to the company. Anybody supporting the faking of CV in any form would be more harmful than faking a CV.

    Being a professional, when we are replying on the global forums like this, we should be more responsible in our words. It would not only damage the personal reputation but also reputation of the fellow individuals from your country.

    • Can't agree more Ravi, especially on "...but also reputation of the fellow individuals from your country."  The inhibition threshold for such liars is low and with steeling data one could even make more money. The trustworthy of a whole industry like the outsourced IT services is affected. We are already doing planning considering different countries.

    • I have seen two fake CVs for more than 10 years, one ERP and one BW. Google 'zubr' Cyrillic, you-know-where. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      But of course it is nothing in an ocean of the fake jobs.

  • I have came across Fake SAP jobs, they Ask for deposits. Many candidates went and joined there in a dream to become SAP professionals.. Professionalism comes if we are true to ourselves and based on the behavior. Not by submitting the Fake CV that would always make person to fear about each and every step of his success.

    Being fake in life is going to attract you fake reactions, fake crap, and fake friends. Just be real with yourself and others and things will be fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dear Ravi,
    Its a nice blog which I loved to read and guide others.

    Thanks for this.

  • "my only attempt is to bring honesty and transparency into the SAP recruitment market by all stakeholders"

    Unfortunately this doesn't works in the US.

    I could tell you stories about honesty (in the USA) you wouldn't believe.

    • US is not an exception to rule. Honestly, they have more fake CVs in the market than others.

      Most of the CVs US, particularly in SAP are fabricated, faked and filled with wrong experiences. This is a very common practice there. Most of the agencies would force to fake the CV of their consultants. Many people would try to disagree on this front. But, if they check the ground level situation, every CV in the market is more or less faked. I spoke to number of consultants over there in US, I can understand their caliber. I am always surprised how they are selected as consultants / lead consultants etc. Honestly, they do not even know the ABC of SAP. Painful, but the reality.

      • Embellishing slightly is one thing but (in a big way) not measuring up to the years of experience, you have "been sold for" is completely another thing. And a waste of money for the client.


      • Exception to what rule?

        Everybody creates his own rules and if you want a job you 'have to' follow this different rules.

        When I declined to fake my CV the consultant company lost there interest in me and I lost the interest in this company.

        "But, if they check the ground level situation, every CV in the market is more or less faked.

        And for this reason every company in the US expect faked CV and reduced this fake CV to might 50%.

        If you send a honest CV they still reduce your CV about 50%.

        I am always surprised how they are selected as consultants / lead consultants etc. Honestly, they do not even know the ABC of SAP. Painful, but the reality.

        I still don't get it how the select.

        But the questions shows me that you are right with "they do not even know the ABC of SAP".

        The asked me (> 15 years ABAP developer) if I have any ABAP experience.

        Or questions about "SUB"-Script ๐Ÿ˜•   (SAP Script!!!) ๐Ÿ˜†

        Nevertheless I still don't fake my CV at all!

        • Jurgen,

          If the CV are factored by half (and you know and pretty much are sure that it happens most of the places) then why do you not fake, to compensate the factoring down?


          • TW Typewriter wrote:


            If the CV are factored by half (and you know and pretty much are sure that it happens most of the places) then why do you not fake, to compensate the factoring down?


            @TW Typewriter: It's not my style and I am not raised this way.

            It's very difficult to change this behavior. I am trying for the last 7 years but without success.

            I am too stupid? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

          • If all thinks they are honest Are we not faking to clients for money. A project which can be delivered in 3 months that will be delivered  in 1 year in most of the companies

            dont we think that is right or not

            It is just business

            All that matters is talent whether it is fake or real Till you able to survive in project

          • Priya,

            You don't beat around the bush! ๐Ÿ™‚

            Yes...on one side there are principles and on the other is practicality. And probably somewhere is the middle there is a combination of both.

            It is difficult to find "honesty or candid information". Most of the companies are not in to providing service or in to taking care of its employees...the are interested in $$

            Being a part of this "ecosystem" it is difficult to be on the self-journey of "honesty" for an individual.

            Ofcourse there is always "impurity in honesty"! With 0% honesty...the world and business would collapse!


          • Matthew,

            Ok you are not! There is "chain" of organizations and free lancers who bring the final "product" to the client. Could you say for certain that each one of those entities do not "add a little extra"?

            If some exaggeration is happening by anyone in the chain where you are part of, then is that not duping the client (eventually)?


          • Could you say for certain that each one of those entities do not "add a little extra"?

            Adding "little extra" is absolutely fine and nothing wrong in that because already some substance is there and you are just adding, but adding fake experience in profile is you are pretending the employers as if you know something but you don't know anything.  There is a huge difference between these two.

          • You will add when you know something when you dont know anything how would you expect anyone can add anything

            SAP is an ocean In some cases we wont be able to remember  that we have done in the past During Interview Interviewer expects everything No matter Interviewer knows about the topic or not but he expects everything  Interview process should be changed.

            There are two types of employees in an organization

            Active and Inactive Employees

            Active Employees are those employee who actively participate in projects and they keep on updating their skills No matter they work in an organization or not  Example: Team Members in an organization, Fake Candidates etc

            Inactive Employees are those employees who still work in an organization They neither work, They neither grow  nor they let anybody to grow in an organization Example: Managers, Team Leaders.

            Iam not pointing Managers or Team Leaders Many of them are like that in industry Above are few examples  It all depends on organization whom they want to take? Active or Inactive.

            If we have Talent why do we need experience in big companies All companies should change the style of recruitment?

            They should go ahead with Talent rather than depending on experience.

          • Matthew,

            Ok you are not! There is "chain" of organizations and free lancers who bring the final "product" to the client. Could you say for certain that each one of those entities do not "add a little extra"?

            If some exaggeration is happening by anyone in the chain where you are a part of, then is that not duping the client (eventually)?


          • Hi TW and Priya

            I think you are both starting to deviate from the original intention of this blog. If this is a topic you both believe requires further discussion, then perhaps a new discussion or write your own opinion piece?



  • Hi Ravi,

    Thank you for the great post. I always wonder why people opt shortcut methods to acquire big career. Recently one of my ex-colleague contacted me, she was lucky to get H1B visa and was searching for job since last 6 months. She forwarded me an mail and asked me to attend the technical interview on SAP BO on her behalf, this is absolutely unethical and my reply to her was NO. How can ad where can I report such incident?

    • Thanks Nivedita.

      To be honest 99% of the H1B consultants fake their CVs, as the employers in US does not like the non-US experience, simply they fake their CVs or they are forced to do so. They have no option except to fake the CV to put some US experience. People think getting H1B is the ultimate thing in the world. But, once they land up in US, they see all the difficulties in the world. Some people somehow mange to survive, some people return back.

      You did a good thing by saying NO. If anything goes wrong, you will be under big trouble.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Kind Regards,


      • I'm very uncomfortable with phrases like "forced to" and "no option". Unless someone is threatening you, you are not forced to, and you do have options. You may not like the alternative, but essentially it comes down to decide whether to be honest or a liar. One extra liar among a million other liars is nonetheless a liar. An untrustworthy, dishonest fraud.

        • The reality is most of the H1B Consultants are picked up from India at a lesser salary compared to their counterpart in US. The employer (mostly umbrella type companies) put them in small apartments, until they get a job. The people landed up there and now ready all types exploitation from their employer. The employer would totally change the CV and forward to the clients. Most of the people tend to succumb to the pressure of the employer and accept without any option.

          People think H1B is one of the great program inviting the talented people, but it is completely surrounded by number of dishonest practices. If somebody do a thorough investigation into case by case basis, they would find all 100% candidates are cheating.  Half of the candidates get the H1B visas on fraud documents.

          My intention is not to encourage, but to bring out the reality.

          • Ravi, while I do not disagree with your assessment that H1B visa program has become surrounded by fraud and controversy (it is a modern day indentured servitude, let's be honest), but I would refrain from making statements about "99% of the H1B consultants" unless you have statistics to back them up. It's been a few years since my H1B days, but at least at that time I doubt even a majority of fellow H1Bers were involved in some kind of unsavory activities.

            It's illegal to pay an H1B worker less than equally qualified US worker. Such cases should be reported to the Department of Labor. I believe that the cases you are referring to might have been for L1 visas (they have different requirements).

          • Thanks Jelene for your comments.

            My intention is only to say in majority of the cases of H1B, their CVs are faked. For L1B, there is no much problem they are being transferred by the Company in India and they come back after few years, in these cases may be less manipulation of CVs. Whereas, H1B, particularly in case of freshers and who landed up recently, majority of their CV are duped. Earlier the days where the spouses (dependants) are not eligible to work, they used to somehow process their spouses through H1B and tried to get jobs on fake experience. Even the employers, people in the market honestly know that there are so many faked CVs, however, reluctant to report to any government authority.

            There are few of my friends went to US on H1B program and the employer used to pay less than $1000 per month for their living expenses, when they were on the bench. They used to share the same apartments with other H1B aspirants. This is a common practice prevailing in US particularly with Umbrella type of companies (single person managed). These companies are mostly formed by the H1B Consultants who landed in 90s and early 2000s. Number of such people used to visit India 10-15 years back and conduct interviews in hotels and select the candidates like groceries. Thanks to the new legal legislations in US, I believe these type of companies are now being highly discouraged.

      • Yes, I have heard it many times in Russia, "you only need to find the way to go to the US/UK/Canada/Australia/Germany/Israel and everything will be OK by itself". ๐Ÿ˜†

        Marriage abroad was a dream for many ex-USSR women for a long time. Now almost everybody have Internet access and can read unhappy stories written by those women. Most of them managed to survive, but they never tell "oh, government did everything for me and I only enjoyed my life".

        The same with a job. H1B and Blue Card are not one-way ticket to the rich life.

        • Yes I agree

          Companies need Talent and not piece of paper that show genuine People who got more than 10 years of genuine experience still they dont perform well

          I dont know On what basis they go for selecting the candidate There are people who got talent but still they are jobless.

          • Priya Gupta wrote:

            Yes I agree

            Companies need Talent and not piece of paper that show genuine People who got more than 10 years of genuine experience still they dont perform well

            I dont know On what basis they go for selecting the candidate There are people who got talent but still they are jobless.

            Though I agree with your comments, the probability of having poor knowledge is less with the experienced people compared to the not-much-experienced people. The interviewer has to identify the strengths of the experienced consultants and it should match with the requirements. Nobody is strong in all areas. Experience is a good school, but the fees are very high.

            Regarding the 'piece of paper'....the below quote tells the importance of it.

            "We judge ourselves by what we are capable of doing....but others judge us by what we have already done".

          • Can't really say because there are more bad men and women than good people.

            so you never know if you are talented and upright and do not go for a$$ licking, life is hard but

            to live with pride and head held high is more important than that onsite or increment.

          • I discipline my mind to de-focus from these "perks" (onsite, increments etc.) and keep the focus on learning and client satisfaction. Let us see if I can succeed (in this mindset) for the next 10 years!


      • In a project the manager wanted her number 1 chamcha to go for long time US onsite and that guy was average with 8-9 years in SAP. I saw his resume, and he knew everything Java, J2ee, AS400, SAP ABAP, all modules, HANA and then he was also an architect and what not. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hi Prasenjit,

          Your experience of facing a dumb interviewer, getting rejected , then again joining the same organisation, working with the same dumb interviewer and proving yourself, is a very good example to convey that no matter how much these fake profile take shortcut to achieve good salaried job, a true experience and talent will always get recognised.

          I appreciate your honesty and hardwork.

          I have also come across fake resume, with huge number of technology mentioned in it. I wonder how a person with 6 -8 experience can work on all modules of SAP. Highly Impossible  ๐Ÿ™



  • There is corruption, partially...let us work hard, even after knowing that we might be deserving yet get rejected.

    Let us work hard for the love of discovery in SAP.


  • Great Blog Sir, thank you very much for detailed explanation and reality of the current market.

    just read an understood that Job secured on base of forged & lies can never keep me happy.

    no matter if I struggle for long time to get a Decent Job, will always make sure that I keep my CV Real and Truthful ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Clients multi skilled consultants expecting with lowest billing, Consulting companies expecting lowest paid consultant with experience in all modules, Unemployed guys need a job to feed their families...Nobody is genuine here, Every body has their own agenda to survive in this world. 

    As long you you have enough guts and knowledge to handle the work..Who cares your experience.. Experience is some thing which give the ability to do some thing. If you already have that ability, what's the use of experience..

    • You know that if you apply for a job, an employer may well search for you on this site. I can't say, if I was a hiring manager, that I'd be very impressed with your attitude, especially that you seem to think (and even promote) that all actions, no matter how bad, are justified in the name of survival. If that is your attitude, how can I trust you if I employed you? Well of course I couldn't. And so I wouldn't hire you.

      In answer to your question "If you already have that ability, what's the use of experience", very simply - experience improves ability. That's what the use is. I began working with SAP nearly twenty years ago - I'm much better at it now than I was when I started, and I'm continually learning and improving.

      • My actual CV was modified by MNC's many time to project as a senior consultant to their client for more billing. That's why I am just trying to explaining.

        Like I said, as long as there is something to be completed by someone, Ability is the only criteria. As a resource manager can you hire a consultant with 20 years of experience with out any technical skill? Can you hire a consultant who can write nice emails with out Tech skills?  

        By the way I am not supporting or promoting any act, As a trainer I am explaining the current market trend. I did enough in SAP to project my self.

        As I observed, I don't think there is still trust based employee-employer relations exists. Employers are relieving employees if they found better option, Employee's are switching companies for better hikes.

        We can write sugar coated words here, But reality is different.

        • Yes there are IT companies doing that but again to a point. Like I said you may get a job or project once but to reach the epitome it is skills which count and that comes only with exp. My two cents you take it or leave it experience with right skills is the only benchmark for success nothing else. Faking will never get you anywhere whether in life or in profession plain and simple.



          • What ever you said is true. I am accepting that. I would suggest every body should be like that. You guy's just want to show your innocence here by using my post as a tool. But what ever I said is my observation not my experience.

            Thank You

          • Amar,

            When you come up with bold, un-nuanced (like market trend, MNCs....) people will object and they would be correct.

            I believe all the "malpractices, profit making" activities by all stakeholders...job seekers faking, employers / contractors inflating years and project experiences...there is lot of it in the market especially in India.

            Come to think of it...every entity (living or company) must battle with the good and the bad side (easy money, faking, not working, inflating the number of hours required etc.)

            It is just life.

            Important is that we should collect those incidents (pieces of information) that motivate us to pursue our goals. And then work hard, very hard to give value....lots of value to our customers. When one does that, then customer does not ask about your years of experiences or your proficency in English or.......


          • What you said is correct.

            Now the technologies are rapidly changing. To sustain in the market we should be ready to work on any relevant technology. People are learning and updating CV's with the new skills, Is it wrong??.  At the end talented and hard worker will only survive. I don't think the clients are fools to entertain a dumb guy. They pay for the output only.

            If you work for 20 years on one technology, that does't mean that you know every thing in that.

            I know many guys with 20 years of experience having 10% knowledge on ABAP, I know guys's with 5 years of experience and multi skilled.

            Here few people are trying to show themselves as very innocent and honest. The truth is we are in a chain reaction process. Forget about the ethics in the corporate world. Nobody will pay you once they found that you are not useful for them.

            Few people are not able to digest the truth. 

          • You have got it wrong. One should definitely put in a new skill sets no two questions about that. However the issue is when one does not have the skill set or has not worked on it and still claims as possessing the same or misrepresenting it in resume, than that approach is not correct. I still do not subscribe to your opinion that there is nothing wrong with this approach you spelt out and is used by many.

            Additionally nobody knows everything and all of us are still learning even after considerable no of years and that is why we are probably present in the community.



        • You seem to think the only employers of SAP professionals are bodyshop/consultancies. They are not.

          Also, I've been in the position of taking on consultants from consultancies. Never once did I come across a fake CV. We would have known, because we managed our consultants. Maybe such practices are common in your area of work, but not in mine.

    • It may get you some job first time by chance and if at all. You will not go anywhere will be a burden to any company big or small with your kind of attitude. And if there is a reference background check you will never get a job in IT for sure anywhere.



      • Don't point your words to me, I am explaining the marked trend. By the way clients, employees, employers every body knows the reality. Every body act like they don't know anything.

        I I interviewed more than 200 consultants, Some thing companies taking advantage of immediate joiners and ignoring policies.   Like I said the reason behind this mess is Employee, Employer and client.

    • Who cares your experience.. Experience is some thing which give the ability to do some thing. If you already have that ability, what's the use of experience..

      Interesting and provocative statement! Thank you for that. But I can't help wondering if you apply this reasoning to your own day-to-day life.

      Would you be happy to have a zero-experience mechanic working on your car?

      Or an inexperienced surgeon ("Hi everybody!") operating on your child?

      Unfortunately, you can't trust people to measure their own ability. 85% of drivers consider their skills to be above average.

      Experience, on the other hand, is real, it is a fact. It can be measured and weighed.

      Ability is subjective.

      • Paul,

        You cannot compare a SAP analyst with a surgeon.

        You might make this "mistake" when you have not (recently) been to a hospital / maximum casualty ward...

        Amar is describing the market reality...nothing more. People, companies work based on their selfish motive...which is detrimental to the growth and a trustworthy environment

        Please take it with a grain of salt rather than going all "utopian"


  • What an excellent blog, Ravi. I don't know how I missed this .

    Unfortunately, the situation is still the same if not worse. I am in the US , did my MS in SAP, have 4 years experience in India before that. I haven't got a single call from Jan 2017 . Ofcourse, visa status is a little challenging now. But still there are many ways of finding a job - A. Fake CV B. Even better Fake visa status. Since, I am not OK with both , I am still sitting idle. But my chances are bleak without doing this in this present situation. I have therefore decided to look for jobs in India. I took me a lot to make this decision as it may take a very long time to recover my investment. I felt like a loser almost as I'm unable to take this route to get that job. But after reading this blog , makes me so happy that I am fortunate to be part of that 10 % minority group with the likes of a person like you.

    So glad I read this and also thanks so much for your continued support in always answering any questions I may have.



    • Hi Archana,

      The integrity is very important whatever we do. Whatever you done is definitely not incorrect. If you are focussed and keep learning, opportunities will follow, if not today, surely tomorrow. Please do not loose your heart for not getting the opportunities at this point. Rather you should concentrate on the areas where you are missing / lacking. To be honest, the world economy is uncertain everywhere and many things are not really in our control. Therefore, please do not worry about the things which are not in our control. Just concentrate on this things which you can excel, learn, engage and improve.

      All the best to you. Keep focussed and stay positive.

      Kind Regards,