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Author's profile photo Janos Dezsi

Troubleshooting Guide for GOS

I would like to share with you that I’m currently engaged in one of my personal projects creating the Generic Object Services (GOS) Troubleshooting Guide.

Please check it and update me with your feedback in a direct message on SCN. More information about GOS can be found in the online help documentation.

The GOS FAQ (created in 2009 and updated frequently) can also provide helpful information regarding the most common questions in GOS, but I decided to create this troubleshooting guide to provide step-by-step guides for errors and questions on the behavior in different scenarios.

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      Author's profile photo Uwe Lattschar
      Uwe Lattschar

      Hi Janos, your guide sounds really very good. But I miss one topic. It is a general topic. How can I include a document type e.g. in "Store Business Documents" that I can archive an document. That OAC0, OAC2 and OAC3 has to be customized and "Store Business Document" has to be visible is clear.

      What I mean is really the last steps that I can see the documenttype and can archive a document.

      Author's profile photo Janos Dezsi
      Janos Dezsi
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Uwe! Thank you for your feedback. The Store Business Document service (and the Bar code entry as well) are from another area, which is ArchiveLink (BC-SRV-ARL). ArchiveLink and GOS are two realy very different topic. GOS only acts as an interface for several other services. Some of the services (like Create Attachment, Create Note, etc.) are implemented by GOS (to be more precise with the involvment of the SAPOffice BC-SRV-COM solutions).

      And OAC0 itself belongs to KPro (BC-SRV-KPR-CMS). But of course you can difine a content repo there and later use it at OAC3.

      Please check the ArchiveLink troubleshoting too. It's far not as complete as the GOS, but you can fing the IMG (tr. SPRO) customizing path.

      And please check the GOS FAQ where we mentioned the Store business document inactive state, but if I'll have some spare time, I'll create it here too.

      So the background is that the missing OAC2, OAC3 steps are really belongs to customizing and not to a problem or error mesage, etc. And generaly belongs to another component. But sure, it might worth mention in the GOS troubleshooting too or provide a link to the ArchiveLink Troubleshooting area. Anyways thank you again for the suggestion.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I am facing one is on GOS....

      Please guide if you can....

      I have one Transaction code IBR01 when I tried to create attachment it is not updating the table SRGBTBREL... Do we need any configuration

      Author's profile photo Janos Dezsi
      Janos Dezsi
      Blog Post Author


      From the code I found in SAP Note 1430913 (- IBR01: No object is registered for GOS), I can see that the application publishes GOS with:

      CREATE OBJECT gosmanager
      is_object    = object
      ip_no_commit = 'X'

      ip_no_commit = 'X' means, that the application itself not requesting COMMIT from GOS. In such cases the application is responsible for COMMIT-ing any change, so to update any table, like SRGBTBREL too.

      (You can find more info here:

      So this is really belongs to the responsible application, how to handle such scenarios. I assume, you have to press the Save first. If you experience any issues, then the correct support component would be FS-CD.

      Best regards,