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Run with Purpose Challenge: Run Better

I saw this interesting title when reading articles on portal and that set me thinking. I do have a personal blog but never blogged at an official space. That set the words rolling.

Who am I?

Am Sathish K from Bangalore, India. I have been working with IMS Financials for the past 10years. At a time when I was feeling constrained and restricted in my previous organization I wanted to move on. I joined SAP Labs in 2004 and that thought or feeling has never come up again. IMG_0177.jpg

My run with purpose story

I literally started running marathons 10years ago. That became one of my passions along with other activities of cycling, traveling, backpacking. What does these got to do with work space.

At IMS you work with customers and primary motto becomes to resolve their issues in usage of product or software solution and if there are errors in the product you fix them and there would be some new features that would be required in the product. Every day is a different challenge some times escalations, some times normal priority. But every customer is important and every issue of theirs has to be resolved.

I realized that working with IMS not only brought me closer to customers but also with other colleagues, helping them, mentoring some and building a network. There is so much to learn and share.

When I run to office in the morning it gives me time, time to think of a solution, time to prepare for discussion. The mind is fresh in the morning and there are no other thoughts. Pursuing the passions  makes more space to work smarter and be more efficient. Complex problems become easier to break into. A single line approach is replaced with multiple solutions to a problem.

In a single line, I stopped working harder and started working smarter. This worked for me.

Over the years I have started running better through experience, from learning’s. It has translated in helping customers run better!

Join in on the challenge

To get this challenge started, I am inviting you to join in on the conversation. If you are interested in sharing your stories, please post a blog in the Career Center space here on SCN with “Run with Purpose Challenge” in your blog title and respond back to one of the questions below:

  • My purpose in my work is definitely not ___. I tried ___ out and after this experience I realized it really wasn’t for me, but ___ is. (Give an example of something you tried that may not have worked out, or has helped redirect you to work that has been more enjoyable and rewarding for you.)
  • •What inspires you the most about your work right now?
  • •How do your passions contribute to your work?
  • •How does having purpose/passions in your work allowed for career success or advancement?
  • •How do you think your work create a positive impact for other people or the world?
  • What does it mean to run with purpose and how does it relate to the work you do?

Share a fun fact and photo of yourself along with your blog post, or a photo of your office or country if you’re camera-shy!

Don’t forget to invite a friend or colleague to join in on the conversation!

Enjoy and have fun!

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Satish,

      Good Day!

      Welcome to SCN World!

      I am happy to know that you are from great company "SAP". I wish you great success in SAP & your career. Great People in Great Company !  All the best!

      Have a nice day!


      Hari Suseelan

      Author's profile photo Sathish K
      Sathish K
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you, Hari.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Sathish - I love this! I really love the connection between your passion for running outside of work, and running better to help SAP customers run better 🙂

      It would be great if you tagged one of your colleagues to blog it forward to them so they could share their story on SCN as well!



      Author's profile photo Sathish K
      Sathish K
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Melanie.

      I wasn't sure of other colleagues around me.