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I believe this blog will help all fresher looking for job opportunity in this competitive world. The first step to finding relief from my pain is to understand about fresher pain. I understand about the freshers jobless pain, how it is and what I feel exactly is graduates without work experience are struggling to get jobs in this competitive world and if you want a good job ? Network & employee referral is a must. Let’s all be open and accept it. This is the most common reason some company ever takes on freshers and only they will look for experience candidates. If you think someone is having a heart attack and condition is critical. The doctor who suggests that you have surgery and may refer you to a surgeon with more experience not less. Experience can play an important role in this situation. That’s why freshers are not considered in this example. Fresher was not a Fresher ! Experience was not a Fresher ! They were learning for their career growth. Career was their goal.


Freshers has a new blood to do something different for grow business.

New Blood >> New Thoughts >> New Achievements

Fresher enjoy the work and its great passion for them. They are ready to face new faces & challenges. They have the ability to work in any situation by using latest updates & technologies.  If you have good communication skills, sharp technical skills and great background institution doesn’t matter. The first important thing is contacts that you have in industries that really matters. Primarily, Most of the companies recruit freshers through campus and secondary is through employee references rather than the talent and capabilities.

Fresher are like hunger lion and out of schooling or college ready to face new faces & new challenges. Most of the freshers jobs are recruited on the basis of employee referral or campus interview. Most of the big universities are conducting campus interviews through 500 Fortune MNC companies in this world. Only one thing is required is only talent nothing more than that is required for job. Anybody can train freshers and we can mould them in better way.


1. Build Resume for Latest Technology:

First and foremost, I think everyone should work harder on your profile. There are many ways you can document your profile. I suggest you to find a experience professional or template to do it. First step is to include your technology related skills and keep most proficient technology in the top of the list. Please try to search some good standard resume template samples in the internet and it is very easy to find it. Use bullets & tables to organize your information in professional way. Also list all your certifications and categorize your skills in your profile.

2. Why You Are In ? Why You Are Out?

This is straight forward question from your interviewer. As a fresher, if you convey/satisfy them and the purpose to look for a job. Be positive and don’t give negative presenting about your previous company. This will clearly shows your attitude towards your previous organization which will create very bad impression. Always try to convince the interviewer with positive comments about the previous company. Before attending any interview please do complete company market research like what company is, Company ranking, ISO Levels,What products or process they are doing/following and complete history. Please try to understand complete picture of the company and understand the values by reading its mission statement. Also updates about new products and services the company is providing in the current IT Market. If interviewer ask any question related to their company it is easy to answer and it is big credit to you. The interviewer should realize that you are not looking for a job only you are looking for career. If he/she realize that, it is easy way to enter into large organization. If Interviewer asks Why should we appoint you ? You should reply convincing answer and try to explain your strength & talent. Can you handle the team ? Can you be the team-player? Can you handle pressure?  Again, this should be handle with care and you need to convince the interviewer.

Interviewer expects:

  • Company History
  • Company Profile
  • Achievements
  • Activities
  • Rankings
  • Avoid lies
  • Avoid Jargon Words
  • Avoid Cell phones
  • Avoid Repeated Thanks
  • Avoid Piercings
  • Cover Tattoos
  • Avoid Chewing gum

3. Dress Neatly ! Behave Professionally!

First impression is a best impression. If you want first impression to be great one, I suggest you to go always in formal and avoid Jeans, T-shirt, Casual wear.If you want to make best impression, wear light color long sleeve formal shirt, Dark formal pants, Dark socks, Conservative leather shoes, No jewelry, professional hair style, Belt for male candidates. For female, I suggest you to go in formal dress with light make-up and perfume, clean nails, professional hairstyle. Be happy when you say, “I’m happy to meet you.” Eye contact is very important when you are attending interview in any organization.

As your Freshers’ Week begins on Saturday & Sunday! Keep posting your resume and try for new job opportunities. All the best !

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Hari,

    Good morning !

    Just read your blog. Nicely articulated and good tips for freshers.

    Not only freshers these tips are useful for anyone who are looking for a job.

    Sorry not job who are looking for a career 😉

    I like very much the images which you have pasted.

    Why because general psychology of a person is –

    Brain grasps the images and videos more than the text.

    For example, consider a movie. Everyone will remember each and every scene of a movie if they saw once but the when the same movie is in script think of it once. We can’t remember it at all.


    Sudhir Sadhu

  2. Ahmed Ibrahim

    Hi Multi-talented friend  Suseelan ,

    Really very Nice Blog will help freshers looking for job opportunity , but i feel like the content of the Topic little bit different about it’s address

    Best Regards


  3. Sumeet Gehlot

    Hi Suseelan Hari,

    Very Nice blog , Reading this blog i remember my first day at off-campus 😛 interview and a joining at Wipro with 3 months hardcore sap training and business etiquette as u have clearly explained.

    Thanksss Suseelan …keep posting 🙂 🙂



  4. Rajneesh Saxena

    Hi Suseelan

    You always give an igniting blog to us which is always very practical and valuable for the community as a whole. Just keep it up bro.

    One more point where I want to thank you that you spare a good time for the community out of your busy schedules. I really appreciate your spirit.


    Rajneesh Saxena

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Rajneesh,

      Thanks for your moral support it has been a pleasure journey for me with the support of you people. Highly appreciate it. Thanks.


      Hari Suseelan

  5. Former Member

    Well said….

    As a fresher i remember i have gone through this….

    Yes i definitely agree to your point that our growth in industry is based on the intra and inter personnel skills.



    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Kannan,

      Good Day!

      Thanks for agreeing. I appreciate. I have posted this bog with all types of different skill. I believe you liked it very much.

      I appreciate.


      Hari Suseelan

  6. Former Member Post author

    Hi Nayak,

    If all the freshers and experience implement the tips mentioned in the website. It is easy to move forward.


    Hari Suseelan

  7. Former Member

    Great work Hari,

    It would be nice if you come up with another blog, that would help people face client interviews too….


    Tamilnesan G


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