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Author's profile photo Rahul Desai

SAP CRM BW Delta flow with BDOC

Applies to:

SAP BI NetWeaver 2004s and SAP CRM 5.0


This white paper is meant for SAP BW CRM delta understanding and will help to troubleshoot the delta flow of CRM standard datasources. Also it will help to analyze the changes moving from CRM to BW system.

Author(s):    Rahul Desai

Company:    Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

Created on:  20th Feb 2014

Author Bio:


Rahul Desai works as a SAP BW/BI consultant in Tata Consultancy Services Ltd and having 7 years of experience in SAP BW/BI Implementations and Production support environment.


This document will allow you to understand the role of BDoc messages in BW/BI system, to monitor their flow, and to react effectively to error situations.

Also it will help to troubleshoot the missing or incorrect delta records which is coming from CRM to BW/BI system.

CRM to BW/BI delta flow

The below diagram will help you to understand the data from CRM system to BW system and also you can understand the role of Bdoc and IDoc.


Also in this document we will see the step by step how CRM changes will be flowed to BW system.

Below are the basic transaction used for troubleshoot CRM datasources.

SPRO Configuration Related Settings

SMOEAC Administration console – CRM Middleware

SBDM BDoc Modeler

SMW01 Transaction for Monitoring BDocs

SMW02 Display BDoc Message Summary

SMQ1 Queue RFC Monitor for Outbound queue

SMQ2 Queue RFC Monitor for Inbound queue

BWA1 BW Adapter

BWA5 BW Adapter DataSources

Here in this document we have taken standard datasource 0CRM_SALES_CONTR_I to understand the actual Delta flow.

In each CRM item level data creation or any change will create ITEM_GUID in the system and also it will assign the HEADER_GUID for all header related information.

In this document we will change some item level information of CRM sales contract and we will see how those changes will be captured in Bdoc.

Step by Step CRM contract changes:

First login to the CRM source system and run the transaction CRMD_ORDER. This is the main transaction where you can create CRM order and change any existing CRM order. Here we have taken example of CRM contract “5000002”


After continue you can see on the screen the CRM contract with their respective line items:


After this to create the Delta records for BW we need to change any of the pricing details of the Contract line item. Here we will pick the line item 100 and will make the changes in the price details:

Currently the Price is 500 USD for line item 100 for contract 5000002.


Now go to the condition and change the price of contract to 700 USD and then click on SAVE.


Now before SAVE this transaction if will check the BW delta Queue for datasource “0CRM_SALES_CONTR_I” it will show you ZERO entry.


After SAVE the contract in CRM source system we will check the RSA7 delta queue and Bdoc (SMW01) in the system.

Now RSA7 will display the Delta Entry which we have changed in CRM:


Now we will check the same changes reflected in the BDoc (SMW01). Whenever any changes happened to CRM contract it will create a Bdoc and it will store the data in structural manner in BDoc queue.

During the production support thre are 100 of queue used to be created due to changes and it is difficult to find the Queue for single transaction.

so to make easier we will find the BDoc queue with the help of CRM contract number “5000002”.

See the below screen of SMW01 and also go for “Expand Additional select option”


Once exapand the selection check the Additional select options and you can see the “QUEUE NAME”. Now Queue name consist of CRM order number with some prefix and post fix. so you can search the queue like “*5000002*” so that it will give all the Queue name which consist of change to this CRM contract. and then click on execute.


In below screen you can see the BDoc Queue where your change records exist:


Once select the latest Queue according to Date and time of changes you have made and then click on the button


Now you can see the ITEM changes you have made in this Queue, we will check the PRICING changes which we have made in CRM order ITEM 10.


Also you can check the price changes in this particular contract in that pricing structure:


Now once you verify the change you have made then you can go and start the BW delta load for the datasource “0CRM_SALES_CONTR_I”


Now after running the Delta load you can check the data in PSA if you changes moved correctly or not.

In below scrrenshot of PSA it shows the changes we have made to pricing of contract (700 USD).


After this you can move your changes to BW data target.

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      Author's profile photo CH Raman
      CH Raman

      Hi Rahul,

      Good presentation and sue ful stuff. Thanks for sharing with us.

      To send delta/changed records to RSA7,is there any settings at CRM system or those will be happen automatically as per CRM-BW Adapter settings.

      Actually some times BDocs will be hanged and not sending to RSA7. in this cases how we will move bdocs to rsa7.


      Author's profile photo rahul desai
      rahul desai
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Raman,

      May be you can chck the Queues in below transaction:

      SMQ1 Queue RFC Monitor for Outbound queue

      SMQ2 Queue RFC Monitor for Inbound queue

      and also you need to check the BW CRM services UP and working properly.

      May be your CRM technical person can help you to check CRM services.



      Author's profile photo CH Raman
      CH Raman

      Thank you rahul.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Clarifies a lot of mystery with CRM BW delta Adapter.

      Thanks for sharing...

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice document...

      Clarifies lot of doubt.....

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks a lot for sharing....

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Rahul,

      A well explained and nicely demonstrated document by you.

      Thanks for sharing !! 🙂

      Author's profile photo Kshitij Rameshrao Deshmukh
      Kshitij Rameshrao Deshmukh

      Very useful Document.

      Thanks for sharing.